Welcome to my world

cavalli-pump-netaport.jpgWelcome to my world.

Let me tell you, working in a magazine is not pretty. People can be down right bitches, your best friend often hardly see’s you because you’re either chained to your desk, off attending launches, lunches and lounges for the magazine (outside of working hours), and sometimes you find yourself talking in magazine captions.

  • “Black is so over”
  • “It’s all about the red lip”
  • “Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie/Mischa Barton/Sienna Miller/Kate Moss/Gisele Bundchen are wearing, it’s so hot right now”
  • “The maxi dress is so hot right now”
  • “That bag is luscious”
  • “Those pumps are to die for”

And of course, there is that damn rule at my magazine – if you’re not wearing 4 inch heels, you’re banished to your desk for the rest of the day in case Les Editor sees you.

This is my way to get everything out there, life’s too short to keep it all in. In the words of Hilary Duff, whatever I say here will be so yesterday by the time I click publish.


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