Introducing Andie and Alexis/Alex

mbymj-glitterpump.jpgI promised this post last week, so it here it goes…. the story of Andie and Alexis/Alex.

There once was a girl named Andie, lovely girl she was. Friendly, loved and was good at her job, loved her friends and work and she was always working hard to further her career even though various circumstances beyond her control at Les Company kept occurring. Her department was ever changing you see, as was the revolving door when it came to staff members. In and out they would go, mostly out to better and brighter things.

One day she Alexis/Alex came in those very revolving doors.

She was blonde and seemed friendly enough, but as we all found out she was just keeping up appearances. She would suck up to those who she thought mattered, and was just a down right cold sore to those she didn’t think did (little did she know a whole magazine team now would do voodoo on her if they could). No matter how much Daniel Meade, Mrs Meade, ANDIE tried to connect with her boss to improve her job, she was met with a cold shoulder. Perhaps Alexis/Alex didn’t like her? Perhaps she didn’t understand her work (though she never tried to). Either way Andie was determined make something of her job.

Bless her dear cotton socks. That’s my friend Andie for you, always trying to look on the bright side when things are really quite bleak. We’ll look into a few of her stories soon. Perhaps a drama shall unfold next week. It is coming up to Christmas and I’m sure the Sesame Street gang (Big Bird and Snuffalufagus) will want to engage Andie’s talents.

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