Secret lists

juicycouture-luxe.jpgI wonder… if there is a secret list in at the Alphabet* publishing house.

And I’m taking about the kind of list where you either get black banned for life for positions at said company, or you get put in a category where you will get never stay in a position long enough because you’re being promoted every few months.

On the flip side, you get those girls who just stay on the masthead in the same position for the last 3 years (like a Photo Editor I use to be ‘friends’ with). Perhaps you just have to fit their ideal magazine girl look, or you have to be willing to work till midnight 3 – 4 times a week to win the praises. But some of us want to live our lives outside of the magazine.

Of course, this is just a musing of mine. I wonder if it’s true.

* Don’t you love when I talk in code?

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