miumiu-naplakpatch.jpgA beauty ed (who only properly landed her job around mid this year at a big women’s lifestyle mag) who boasted about the Muse when she first purchased it has been seen around toting another large bag.

This one is more gaudy than the last. Can you name the bag and the beauty editor?

She’s super sweet really, but it just seems like she’s a little too into the gaudy in your face designer bags when she works for a mag which relishes designer inspired ones.

P.S. I caught up with a friend today for a bitch session. She loathes her darling colleagues… and she’s great for inside goss. Like how the magazine editor actually hate a present Prada sent her a few months ago.

2 responses to “SPOTTED!

  1. Is it Zoe Foster from Harper’s Bazaar?

  2. Too easy! Leigh Campbell

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