Ganging up on Andie

chloepatentchunky.jpgToday the most infuriating thing happened, Big Bird and Alex/Alexis ganged up on Andie. She’s been rather stressed of late working on a new product Alex/Alexis dumped on her – a job that would normally have required a contractor to come in and spend all day for a week working on. To add to that stress, Big Bird is demanding all her fluff work be promoted. This is because she promised so much to the people that sent her free stuff that she had to come through with something.

It’s a sick and twist world in magazines where sucking up is key and if you boss doesn’t like you she’s a two faced bitch.

As another side note, word on the street a magazine’s fashion editor has just purchased these Chloe heels which are not quite 4″ (left), oh wait, they actually looked more like the copies from Witchery.

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