Back to work again

mbymj-pink-eluxury.jpg It’s officially another year. Another dollar, another drama.

Not that there has been much yet. It’s all been catching up and gushy talks about people’s holidays (mostly to somewhere beachy and sunny) and tans (both real and fake). I’m sort of snipping on the inside that the ones with real tans will have real wrinkly skin on their décolletage.

A bitch, moi? Non.

P.S. Australia’s biggest magazine publishing company will see the launch of the Australian version of Grazia, while Australia’s third biggest magazine publishing company is working on a launch for a women’s magazine. Like we need another one. Who will spend the big bucks getting the best staff (i.e. moi) and the biggest and best promotion for their launch title? Only time will tell!

One response to “Back to work again

  1. what a beautifull pair !! lovin this

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