“I need more money”

louboutin-graffiti.jpgA mag hag and I were chatting today and she came up with the age old magazine staffer complaint “I need more money, I can’t afford to buy some of life’s small indulgences… like clothes and etc.”

Well my dear, that is the way the cookie crumbles, hence why girls are quite happy to live off the freebies they get in the office. If you work a lifestyle magazine (one that does food, home and garden as well as beauty and fashion) you’re set. Sure you have to share with the other staffers, but you get enough to go around.

And if you work at a mag that is mainly beauty and fashion… well there is always eBay – just sell something before it has been released, or get caught doing it if you choose to go down that path. We’ve all heard about the story of a NY based beauty assistant who was selling half the not-yet-released-to-the-public-media-only items on eBay and got caught and then fired right?

Otherwise get a second job. Anyone want to start teaching yoga, painting or open market stalls?

P.S. I think I need a new pretty shoe image for this blog (see the collated one above). What do you think I should put there?

One response to ““I need more money”

  1. this crazy pair of shoes I shot the other night. totally amazing with the harsh strap. slaves for fashion and height!

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