Hello ladies

mcqueen-sandals-n.jpgI see you.

Yes you. I saw you reading my little blog at work today. I was desperate to say something, but I can’t reveal my identity after all.

But if you want to get in touch with some anonymous gossip, do feel free to contact me.

Though did you hear that Jo Ferguson has been promoted from Fashion Director of Cleo to Fashion Director of Woman’s Day and NW. Interesting.

I wonder what the creative industry are saying about this.

6 responses to “Hello ladies

  1. Hey sweetpea! Thanks for the link. Great blog! I’ve reciprocated LLG xx

  2. I’d love to do a review of your site on my own blog, a bit of a ‘Who is 4 Inch Heels Only?’ but obviously without revealing your true identity… would you be cool with that?

  3. bored by blogging bitches

    As much fun as we’ve all been having correcting your terrible grammar and mindless ranting over the last few weeks (and no we don’t love when you talk in code), here’s a little warning. This kind of stuff can get you fired. And word on the street is that you are being investigated as we speak. Burning your bridges by bitchy blogging is really quite done ‘sweety’, so why don’t you keep your bitter little comments to yourself before you get fired. We’ve all loved watching this car wreck unfold, but you’ve had your 5 minutes, now its time to sign out!

  4. – Can you explain the point of Ugly Beccy to me? It’s not funny at all, it’s just entertaining because it’s so… bizarre.
    – Why all the staff changes at HB?
    – Post more!

  5. Fantastic blog, i am a big fan. I just discovered it today and already i am reading post after post. I find your writing very entertaining and SO honest, which is great.

    I hope you keep up the great work.

    I have actually created a brief review of your blog on my blog under the post “my favourite things” hope I can guide people to your fab blog 😉

  6. So , who’s the new Fashion Ed at Cleo now, and with the recent dropping of NW what does that mean for Jo ?
    ps, just found your blog today, nice to read up on what is going on back home

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