A man to helm Australian Harper’s Bazaar

gucci-interlockloafers.jpgAustralian Harper’s Bazaar has a new editor, in the form of a man, his name is Jamie Huckbody.

The Telegraph is reporting that “he is renowned for his no nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach when it comes to commenting and photographing local and international designers. Hang on in there sweeties, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

The fashion industry better treat him better than they did Huckbody’s fellow Brit, Marion Hume when she headed up Australian Vogue with her no nonsense and truthful reporting of Australian designers in the mid-late 1990s.

Huckbody previously served as Bazaar’s European fashion features director for 3 years, based in Sydney and London, as well as writing features for many reputable newspapers overseas. He will take over the reigns from Alison Veness-McGourty as she goes on to helm Australian Grazia.

I’m excited. I love his features and bought so many new and fresh ideas to Bazaar when he first joined. It no longer seemed like a distant cousin to the US edition of Bazaar, but a fully fledged cousin with it’s own identity.

4 responses to “A man to helm Australian Harper’s Bazaar

  1. Not the only change afoot…heard a rumbling about a certain beauty-type-person moving “online”.

  2. do you work at harpers?

  3. can you shed any light on the rumour that New Woman has been axed?

  4. I love Jamie – his features were always my favourite. But he’s the new ed, does this mean he won’t be writing anymore?
    I don’t suppose you do link-exchanges?

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