Magazine covers, to spill or not to spill

jimmychoo-elizasandals.jpgVictoria Beckham on the cover of British Vogue. Who would have thought that would happen? Well she is now a British Expat and is featured in mag US mags now days, and there was a rumour back in January that Posh would get the cover.

Which got me thinking, overseas magazines are ok with cover leaks. At least ok with the leaked info getting out because the extra publicity and anticipation of whether it is true is great, and free.

So why don’t we get cover leaks in Australia?

Because any one who did would probably get lynched (I’ve heard stories about work experience girls spilling – big no no if you want a job there – and them getting lynched). Or perhaps they are reprints of overseas covers so the thrill isn’t there?

It would have been great to hear rumours of Nicole Kidman shooting a cover for the 10th Anniversary edition of Australia Bazaar (not a carefully placed leak like one blogger hinted at), or that Catherine McNeil was landing the current issue of Australian Vogue. Instead if there are whispers, it is shut down immediately.

Unless they’re Vogue Australia’s guest edited edition, which people actually anticipate. Think the issues guest edited by Karl Lagerfeld, Gemma Ward and Kylie Minogue. People would have been itching to get their hands on them.

Cover rumours on fashion magazines keep me, and a lot of people who talk about their favourite mags interested. Because by the end of the 2nd or 3rd week of the current issue being on stands, the thrill is over. It’s on to the next mag which was released just this week. Why not keep the hype going?

Which reminds me, I read something about Nicole Kidman shooting a possible cover for American Vogue with Annie Lebovitz on a re-modeled set of Australian, one of her soon-to-be-released-movies.

This should be an amazing cover, since Annie photographed Nicole for the Moulin Rogue Vogue cover. Gorgeous. I want to know, and see it, now.

This whole post said and done, what do people think of the current Vogue Australia cover with Catherine McNeil? It’s very colourful isn’t it? I can’t say it’s enticing me to pick it up in a newsagent though. Too many colours perhaps.

5 responses to “Magazine covers, to spill or not to spill

  1. Do you get the sense that the Australian magazines that have big sisters or big brothers in the UK, US or elsewhere are so reliant on their international cohorts for content (and celebrity interviews/fashion week photos/fashion goss) that they’ll do just about anything to stay in their good books, even if it means avoiding cover leaks? I always felt that the Aussie magazines were bullied into submissiveness by their international families…?

  2. I agree, i haven’t picked up a copy of the new aussie vogue either, maybe the colours?

  3. True about US Vogue. They flew into Australia early Feb for the photos and interview.

  4. Meanwhile, I really can’t stand Patty Huntington.

    US Vogue have already got a couple of other covers done so the Nicole Kidman won’t be anytime soon. And the hint for an upcoming cover… another Oscar winner. Theme: not of today’s time either.

  5. Disagree about Patty H.

    She’s one of the only fashion journalists who can actually legitimately refer to herself as a “journalist.”

    She doesn’t write faffy crap about Black being the new black” or winter being “all about” anything… she actually does research and relates everything back to either economics or sociology.

    People in the magazine biz are glorified copywriters. I know because I’ve been there, done that.

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