Can you guess the answers to these tips you sent in?

giuseppezanotti-sandals.jpgHere are some tips I’ve gotten recently.

One or two of these have me scratching my head too.

  1. And the hint for an upcoming cover… another Oscar winner. Theme: not of today’s time either.
  2. Jamie Huckbody at Bazaar is not the only change afoot… heard a rumbling about a certain beauty-type-person moving ‘online’.” – now is that moving “online” like starting a beauty blog like a Bazaar staffer did, or moving online like a former Shop Til You Drop, current Madison freelancer did with her website and beauty blog (on the Madison website)?
  3. And what Aus women’s mag could have a question mark hanging over it after it’s overseas sister version shut it’s doors recently. Anon hopes it isn’t so, but with the upcoming launched of Grazia and Glamour, the market could become very busy.

As a side note, are you keeping up to date on what is happening over at New Idea over the Prince Harry in Iraq debacle?

Here’s the latest news as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Insiders claim the mag’s art director Paul Maddox left on Friday, allegedly after a clash with new editor-in-chief Mirella Cestaro’s fiance, who is also the magazine’s picture editor Kevin Anstey.

Maddox is understood to have resigned before but last week’s falling out with the boss’s partner only hastened his departure from Pacific Magazines.


3 responses to “Can you guess the answers to these tips you sent in?

  1. The beauty person moving “online” IS from Bazaar. Stepping off from her print pedestal and dipping her toes into a new beauty portal set to be launched in a few months. This should be interesting because the company she’s coming from also runs – perhaps they’re just not doing it right? I wonder what this new beauty portal is offering her. Besides the chance to work out in an industrial area.

  2. March 7 B&T has all the answers. IDM has a new project…

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