Not the same dress as Miranda Otto!!

sergiorossi-beadembel.jpgShock horror, a magazine editor wearing the same dress as the actress on the cover.

A tidbit from my favorite page inside today’s Australian newspaper:

Picture bylines in magazines are a whole different story to those in newspapers. While newspaper reporters are shoved against a wall in the corridor for their snap, magazine editors have hair, make-up and a proper photo shoot to capture their essence as editors. The editor of Sunday Magazine, which appears in the Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Telegraph, is Sara Mulcahy. Mulcahy had a new “fab” byline picture done recently that her entire office was raving about. But last week disaster struck. Mulcahy had to have a whole thing re-shot, complete with professional hair and make-up, because she was wearing the same dress as actor Miranda Otto on the cover.

Now on the subject of dresses, the party of the season next week is set to be hot hot hot. Full of “eligible” bachelors and the requisite mag hags at Sydney’s new hottest bar (located on George St where the queues on the weekend are insane), but what should I wear? I’ve already picked up a pair of Jimmy Choos from their new Sydney boutique, but should I just wear a jersey (or synthetic) mini dress like half the attendees, or something fabulous and luscious?

I want to splurge on a dress, but I’m about to purchase my bag of the winter season. If only I could decide between the Balenciaga Moon Bag, the Chloe Saskia bag, or go for the more classic Mulberry Bayswater bag in patent purple leather.

Perhaps I’ll see some of my lovely readers there. Look out for my new bag around town 😉


3 responses to “Not the same dress as Miranda Otto!!

  1. I’m more a bag addict then a shoe addict, so i will definatly be looking out for a hot new bag 😀

  2. Are you going to the Cleo Bachelors?!!!! I hope you get your bag before then so we can try and spot you

  3. I’ll see you there darling, you know where to find me – hanging off the hottest of the hots there 😉
    I have no idea what to wear either! Something glam to stand out from all those wannabes in the crowd! Especially THOSE girls, you know who I mean! Remind me to tell you the latest on what is going around the grapevine over on my side of business … something is in the air!

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