I love blind items

celine-stripesling.jpgI just love reading blind items. Not that I can ever guess them. So I know how it must feel to be a 4 Inch Heels Only reader. Yes I feel for you.

The latest one on Fashionista, Crash and Learn, is a classic.

I wonder how these tidbits get out and Fashionista can get away with posting them. I suppose you couldn’t guess it unless you worked for the magazine or company they’re talking about.

P.S. Did everyone who attended the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival have fun? I read it was a blast. Defamer had their picture taken by NW, with the site saying “it took us until approximately 3pm this afternoon to recover from this even vague degree of separation from “Amy & The NW-ettes”.

Err ok then, someone doesn’t like NW. But can you blame them?

5 responses to “I love blind items

  1. I love blind items as well, I always think I might know who it is, but I am probably 100% wrong. I love the tacky blind items in the back of those sunday newspapers such as the telegraph 🙂

  2. Defamer Australia is a pile of crap.
    I was excited when it started here – thinking i’d get a good dose of local gossip, like a daily Sydney Confidential, but it’s just an unfunny rehash of stories already on other news sites, and some old You Tube clips that are weeks old.
    So amateur.

  3. Couldn’t agree with more about defamer. And when they’ve got the readership NW has, maybe then they can start slagging it off.

  4. Not to mention, Amy Sinclair isn’t even the editor of NW any more!

  5. i went 2 fashion week. sat a the back. jumped out of my skin when i saw doutzen. me and my friend though the show was bull**** but we did get a picture with model Doutzen Kroes and spied on Kristie Hinz who looked umm very… BOTOXED!

    PS. no one knew who doutzen, she was quiet excited when she realised she had fans, but u doubt she knew i was 14.

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