So much to do so little time

georginachapman-lindy.jpgLike other mag hags, when an event rolls around where you will be photographed for the magazine, there is much work to be done.

From hair appointments to dry cleaning runs, there isn’t much time to attend functions and check emails from the comfort of your work desk. Not that office chairs are ever that comfortable. But how do mag hags get ready for the event of the week?

Here’s a sample check list:

  • Is my hair cut/coloured with every highlight in place?
  • Should I get a blow out during my lunch break?
  • Is it time for a fake bake or am I glowing beautifully already?
  • Should I get a light peel or facial?
  • What about some teeth whitening done?
  • Is my dress mini enough?
  • Are my Payless shoes ok?
  • Oh and do I have enough cab charges in case I want to bar hop?

Of course this isn’t the check list for all mag hags, but ones who do get photographed a bit do tend to worry a little more about their appearances. You have to practice what you preach of course.

Don’t forget, send me any goss you hear about you-know-who.

You know you love me.

2 responses to “So much to do so little time

  1. Are you going to the main party at the gallery or just the after party at that bar on George?

    I think I know who big bird and snuffy are now…

  2. Both. Or just one. I guess it depends on how I feel, after all it is almost a long weekend – perfect for partying.

    Who do you think Big Bird and Snuffy are? Though they are no more… it’s now Big Bird and Miss Muffet, actually Miss Muffet isn’t a Sesame Street character, so I’ll have to go with Miss Piggy.

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