SPOTTED: Blue Chloe Edith bag

nanettelepore-badgirl.jpgI was wondering around some leafy streets today I noticed a girl carrying two large bags.

One was a Chloe Edith in blue.

Can you guess who I spotted?

Now, on to other matters. Who totes around a Chloe Edith anymore? Especially in BLUE. While it’s still a decent looking designer bag, it was pretty much O-V-E-R after Ms R Wayman discussed (at length) her Paris purchase of the Chloe Edith in various issues of Shop Til You Drop sometime last year or the year before last.

One response to “SPOTTED: Blue Chloe Edith bag

  1. was it a Harpers/ Shop Intern? 😉

    I sometimes laugh that interns carry (read: return) the luxe goods that most of ACP covet (and most can’t afford)… too bad it is usually 17 at one time and they have to schlep it up long city blocks.

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