The morning after, always a trechorious affair

mj-multipatentgold2.jpgDo you often wake up and think, oh crap, what did I do last night/this morning?

Well I didn’t, but I’m sure one of my fellow party attendees last night did. According to an anonymous comment a young starlet had a big night last night.

Spotted: The boys may have provided the eye-candy but one half of an Australian pop duo provided the entertainment when they were spotted fervently pashing a MTV VJ up against the wall at Ivy last night.

What and who?!?! Now was it girl on boy, boy on boy or girl on girl?
While I had a big night, I spent the night drinking and partying with my girls instead of keeping my eyes peeled. Bad gossip girl I know. But what I did see and hear will be coming soon.

You would think I did something horrendous last night with all that I drunk, but it was what I did this morning that nearly could have had me in hot water.

No I didn’t blurt out to my bosses that I ran this blog, but I almost wore flip flops into the office. A rather big no-no when one works at a company which says NO to rubber thongs and YES to 4 Inch Heels.

Good thing I realised my mistake before I left the house.

P.S. Dear Mee, thanks for pointing out my typo. I haven’t heard much on the internship front, but ask around. Magazine offices always need a (free) helping hand just so we have time to attend events to kiss up while our features are being picked for us out of the pages of last month’s overseas magazines. Much like this story.

2 responses to “The morning after, always a trechorious affair

  1. Apparently the two pashing at the Ivy were Ruby Rose (mtv host) and Jess from the Veronicas

  2. why do the Veronicas dress up as school girls when they are in their mid 20s?

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