We’re the answer to The Devil Wears Prada?

devilwearsprada-emilygisele.jpgShoe fan let us know we’ve been picked up by Sydney Confidential in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

How can they assume what company I work for and which people I’m targeting? I do have friends at various publishing houses whose lives are often quite similar to mine.

It is also a big shame they couldn’t get my web address correct.

So what did the Telegraph say?

Poison pen at work in publishing

It’s Sydney publishing’s answer to The Devil Wears Prada – a poison pen, writing an anonymous blog, has the local fashion scene, and the ACP executives it’s targeting with nasty nicknames, buzzing.

A witch-hunt is under way to out the author of www4inchheelsonly.wordpress.com, which has exposed some of the magazine stable’s market-sensitive manoeuvrings and shamed (but not) named its personnel.

While corporate secrets are cause for concern to management, it’s the bitchy asides exposing the freebies and fussing that’s done by the mag’s mavens which has many of them sweating fake tan.

As TV’s Gossip Girl would say, you know you love me.


19 responses to “We’re the answer to The Devil Wears Prada?

  1. i hope you don’t get taken down, brisbane had its own gossip girl blog and it disappeared after news broke out. you’re providing a very entertaining insight into the world of magazines!

  2. Kudos! It sure as hell opens debate on freedom of speech, and whether that concept exists.

  3. Hey did you see? I got in the paper too!! Was a little crazy last night!

    Will fill you in when I’ve had some coffee, I only just woke up not long ago… 😉

  4. ooh i hope you don’t get taken down either, i love your blog 🙂

  5. There are SO many people in the publishing industry, so many ages, sexes, jobs, people…. its funny how they have just presumed who or what you work for.

    The fact that they got your website wrong as well is just absurd.

  6. As you point out I think your blog is more Gossip Girl than DWP. If only we could get the instant messaging.

    There’s nothing confidential about Sydney Confidential. They only wish they could be as juicy as your lovely self.

  7. Re “It is also a big shame they couldn’t get my web address correct”: Blame it on the sub. Everyone else does.
    Re Everything else: Everyone hopes you’re posting out of Park Street after the Kerry Packer’s Whores Facebook group got shut down. Hope you keep this going.

  8. Definitely don’t let “them” take you down. I love this blog, the Tele are making you out to be heaps bitchier and meaner than you really are.

  9. I find it very interesting that all of your comments are so gushing and positive. Been doing some editing? Or, should that be, been doing some commenting?

  10. I don’t need to falsify comments Jess my dear. There have been a fair share of “haters” commenting too.

  11. They say any press is good press. I hope you can keep your identity a secret :*

  12. are you worried about loosing your job and the lecture you will get when they find you?

    or do u hate your job so much that you dont care if you get fired?

    keep up the good work 🙂 xx

  13. I wouldn’t worry, no-one lost jobs over the facebook thing. You might even be lucky enough to get promoted if you get found out.

  14. keep up the good work. DON’T let them take this down, its too good, bringing abit of the devil 2 AUS


  15. Just out of curiosity, as a casual browser of this site, I’m surprised why you have to filter the comments, as in, why you have to approve all comments, before they get posted.

    I mean, if this site is an advocate for freedom of speech, imposing restrictions on comments, seems quite hypocritical. Though that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy reading this juicy blog.

    As one of the few males in the office, with the very few approving looks that I get from the hags in the office, I find it quite refreshing to hear that not everything in the office is so clean and dry for the other sex.

    Keep it up… as they say.

  16. Bismuth: I have the approval of comments activated because then people can contact me with the “comments” on the contact page without the comments appearing to everyone. Unfortunately I can’t specify where the comments should be allowed, and where they shouldn’t so they all have to be approved.

  17. Pic of the pope in red prada shoes today. Or is Dorothy is disguise?

  18. What a diva the beauty editor from ok magazine is!

  19. I hope Zoe Fosters name is not mentioned in bad context on this website. Zoe is just lovely!

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