Masthead shake ups – Volume 1

claudiaciuti-giglio.jpgWell some of these movers and shakers in the land of magazines has been a long time coming. Some of these moves you may have heard about, some may be new news and all you must hear about because I said so.

So where have the dice landed for some lucky mag hags this time around?

  • Natalie Shukur has been named as the new Editor of RUSSH, stepping up from being their Fashion News & Features Editor.
  • Former Cosmopolitan editor, Sarah Wilson, is just about to start a new social/trend column in The Daily Telegraph (or was it the Sunday Tele?) as well her fabulous freelance writing work.
  • Former Total Girl editor, Sarah Cornish moves up to be Girlfriend’s new Editor while Amanda Taylor fills her shoes at TG. This is all because former GF ed, Sarah Oakes is moving on to be EIC of Cleo.
  • Notebook finally has a new editor in the form of former Australian Women’s Weekly managing editor, Caroline Roessler (their first editor left mid last year, while their second editor never even set foot in their office!), while Suzanne Wangmann is their new Beauty Director after the mag went months without any experienced beauty editors.
  • Speaking of the flower covered women’s lifestyle magazine (think AWW but with less ads), their founder, Michael McHugh just launched his new title, Mindfood, with his own publishing company based in Auckland and Sydney.

And of course to state the obvious:

  • Kerrie McCallum is leaving her editorship of Shop Til You Drop to move to InStyle (former Ed, Nicky Briger is now at Who).
  • Alison Veness-McGourty is leaving the doing-better-than-Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, to be EIC of the soon-to-be-launched Grazia Australia, while Jamie Huckbody, the former Bazaar European Fashion New Director, will take over.
  • Oh yeah, Kerry Parnell, executive editor of Marie Claire, is suspected of moving on to head the soon-to-be-launched Australian Glamour. Which gives me hope for the title.

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16 responses to “Masthead shake ups – Volume 1

  1. wow that’s one major shakeup! i’d be interested to see how shop til you drop will turn out with a new editor

  2. So who will step into the ed’s shoes at STYD?

  3. Do you know where Nedahl from Cleo is going?

  4. Donna Hay was quietly pleased her ex-bff Vanessa Holden never made it to Notebook, after the most unpleasant split a few years ago she wasn’t so keen to have to sit opposite her at management meetings.
    Now if only they could fill the editors spot that has been empty for a year at donna hay magazine….

  5. I think anyone doesn’t want to work under Donna… too many horror stories have come out of that mag alone.

  6. would love to see a post on those horror stories

  7. Rumours of closure:

    New Woman!

    Already closed:

    Dazed & Confused…. shame really….

  8. We hear there is some jostling going on for the STYD ed’s position… who will come out of the muddle wrestle with the trophy? Will the big ego win or will it be the hard worker who gets the gig?

  9. dhm horror stories? put it this way, the only prada that devil was going wear was a handbag, didn’t stop her trying to wobble in 4 inch heels

  10. funny – because it’s true.

  11. What I find so funny about DH is that almost everything is a rip off (a lot from Nigella). But they do say there’s no new ideas (especially in the tired old world of magazines)… What’s funnier is that some of the recipes leave out crucial ingredients, making them a disaster when you try to cook them. I tried a certain caramel layer cake three times (and each time it wasn’t right) and then one day found the identical recipe (plus one more ingredient) in a Nigella cook book. The Nigella one worked perfectly!

  12. Speaking of the big ego at STYD – we hear she’s on shaky ground with her current gig at the mag anyways so won’t be a real contender for the ed’s gig. The company see her slap happy ways and burning desire for credit of absolutely everything as a big turn off.

  13. LOVE this blog; I wish we had a New Zealand equivalent!

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  15. it helps to actually have editorial staff to proof your recipes, dhm has been running short staffed for a long time, that way when donna stuffs up then she can blame her lack of staff not her poor judgement

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