A guessing game for you all on this sunny Wednesday afternoon

misssexty-callista.jpgWe mentioned in our Masthead shake ups Vol. 1 that Shop Til You Drop’s Editor, Kerrie McCallum is off to head up InStyle in April. So of course the question on everyone’s super glossed up lips is “who will replace the curly haired blonde?”

And it seems the game has started, who who’s the first batter up?

Anon commented with her two stilettos worth:

We hear there is some jostling going on for the STYD ed’s position… who will come out of the muddle wrestle with the trophy? Will the big ego win or will it be the hard worker who gets the gig?

While another Anon (we love all Anon’s here) said:

Speaking of the big ego at STYD – we hear she’s on shaky ground with her current gig at the mag anyways so won’t be a real contender for the ed’s gig. The company see her slap happy ways and burning desire for credit of absolutely everything as a big turn off.

Can you tell me who the Big Ego and the Hard Worker is? Clues are of course welcome, as most of us should be able to guess with a few extra tidbits.

Prize for guessing correctly could be big or just the inner joy of outing the deserving and undeserving.

19 responses to “A guessing game for you all on this sunny Wednesday afternoon

  1. Oh I love this blog! Keep up the good work! Finally someone is brave enough to be brutally honest about the cut throat world of magazines. I have a fair idea about the two contenders for STYD position, but would be interested to hear what other sugestions are… 🙂

  2. The hard worker would def have to be their current deputy ed, no?
    The big ego, well, there’s a few of those around that’s for sure, hmmm… any guesses?

  3. We all know who has the biggest ego on that mag… a certain editorial cum beauty cum editorial type… it’s bigger than the heels she struts in.

  4. But Anon, wasn’t the Dep Ed a former beauty person? Oh I’m confused, who is the Big Ego then? Who is their main beauty person now days, Amy Starr? Speaking of which I saw her with her new Paltrow-esque haircut as the Mag Hag mentioned.

  5. Let’s check the masthead shall we – STYD’s deputy is Danielle de Gail and their beauty director is Justine Cullen. Are these the characters referred to as the big ego and the hard worker? My money is on them. BTW, you do have to give it to Amy Starr – in this case she’s not the follower, she’s actually been sporting this do since the beginning of the year.

  6. Word in the halls is that the big ego going for the styd role isn’t a current staffer at all but another deputy on the same floor who told her departing editor she’d been offered the job to get some leverage (read: security) when the new editor (reportedly not a fan of said deputy) arrived. Clever player or just a fantasist?
    The hard worker could be referring to any of the other suspects – the talent who manages styd’s successful little sister titles so cleverly, or the sweetheart who has done all but the editor’s letter since Kerry went on maternity leave?

  7. Then perhaps it’s the deputy at Cleo… after all she’s about to have Sarah Oakes slot in above her right?

  8. Hi my little four inch wench,

    I just wanted to make sure we were still ok for our contract signing appointment today. As discussed, you’ve given me your soul for a little bit of a notoriety on this blog, (what a shame you can never reveal who you are! It all seems like such a waste!) And I’ve insured that you will never have to worry about stupid things like happiness and peace of mind again.

    I’ll be the one in red lycra carrying a pitchfork, surrounded by wailing, miserable souls like yourself. Hey and make sure you wear your Rexona, it’s hot down here baby.


  9. I must say this is the most addictive blog I have come across – and thanks to Th Daily Telegraph you will get numerous new readers.

    As someone who would love to get into the magazine publishing buisness – this is great.

    Refering to a comment above: Is Nedahl Stelio leaving the ed’s position in CLEO?

  10. The current deputy of Cleo to get the ed’s job at STYD? That’s even more WTF than the ex-Dolly ed (who slaughtered that mag) getting the Cosmo gig. The Cleo deputy on a fashion magalogue, I don’t think so… the current STYD deputy deserves it, she’s been doing the job anyway, but I don’t know if she is ACP (ie. cutthroat bitch) enough.

  11. There’s a new Despot in town and I like her…I sold my soul for infamy and shoes, I hope you got a good deal for yours!

  12. I officially love your blog. I don’t know if you read your comments, but I hope you read mine – because I’m adding you to my blogroll.
    Like someone said: it’s great to finally have an Australian source for all the juicy insider gossip of the magazine world. I’ve never read Shop Til You Drop, so I can’t relate to this particular thread of goss, but I can garuantee you, I’ll be back and ready to share my opinion on anything I can.

  13. Miss represent

    Yes, is Nedahl leaving or as suggested by the terms ‘moving to another part of the business’, being pushed? and what’s the goss on the new ed, Sarah? and where is Nedahl going? didn’t cleo post a big decline in readership in the latest figures?

  14. She is either going to New York or to hell, depending on who you talk to.

  15. and what about Grazia? anyone know who’s who there

  16. OMG what a shitty arse, effed up, material, catty world you chicks live in. When your lives end and God asks you what you did with your lives, What the hell are you gonna tell him?? think about it chicks. The world is in such a mess because of people like you who are more worried about how the next chick dresses than the disadvantaged people of the world. Go to hell all of you, but I guess that’s where you’ll all end up anyway….

  17. and yet here you are melissa, reading it and wasting your time by commenting on it to. when God asks you if you spent your time living positively or negatively.. well… lets say you’ll just end up where the rest of us are! next time practice what u preach 🙂

  18. And…………..the bait was taken….lol……….sucker!!!!!

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