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sergiorossi-roundplatpump.jpgRecently I’ve noticed a lot of magazine girls moving from print on to the world of weblogging. Obviously there is some allure to the web – need I mention the lack of a 3 month delay due to the little thing called a print cycle? Info can be published practically as it lands in your pretty little hands (or on your new Mac Book Air like yours truly). While I know of a few print-to-blogging chicks, there had to be more, after a bit of searching, here’s what I’ve found out so far:

Please note this list does not count blogs run on a magazine’s official website. They don’t count in my friend Mia’s* eyes, thus nor do they count in mine.

  • Former Cosmopolitan (now Bazaar’s) Beauty Director, Zoe Foster tried her hand at blogging with the launch of Fruity Beauty a year or so ago and she seems to be loving the world of the web that she is reportedly moving to do it full time (as you may have read right here). I wonder if her blog wasn’t mentioned in a slew of ACP women’s mags, if it would get a decent amount of traffic. Somehow Foster manages to mix beauty news/tips with an air of fun and don’t-take-me-too-seriously-I’m-just-like-you.
  • Beauty chicka and former Shop Til You Drop Deputy Editor and Beauty Director, Katrina Lawrence, came back from her year-long freelancing stint in New York and landed a gig back at ACP with as well as launching her own site It’s a cute site full of beauty tips and commentary but it’s very pink and fluffy. I wonder what her traffic is like.
  • Girlfriend’s former Deputy Editor, Erica Bartle, has now gone freelance but finds the time to blog about, what else, magazines, at Girl with a Satchel. I love her magazine reviews. Honest and insightful, I find it amazing that she somehow finds the time to flick through ALL the magazines every month when I barely have time to flick through the one I’m working for.
  • Australian fashion journalist (and WWD Australasia correspondent), Patty Huntington, joined the blogging community by blogging for Australian news outlets with her fashion blog first on Fairfax’s before moving over to with Fully Chic mid last year. Her posts are rather long for blog posts, but they do offer great insight into the international fashion world and she always gives you her honest thoughts and opinions and how they relate.
  • A web/mag girl, who seems to be blogging the longest (at least according to the archives and a piece in the SMH), is Helen Lee, formally a Notebook lackey, with her fashion and beauty news blog, She’s much quicker on the keyboard with fashion news and gossip than most fashion news sources – strange she hasn’t been snapped up by another mainstream media outlet looking to move online.
  • Former EIC of Cosmo, Cleo and Dolly before becoming a TV girl for Channel 9 for a little while, Mia Freedman runs her own social commentary blog The media maven runs a rather cool social commentary/musings blog, I’m glad to see she’s still “around” and within easy access of my RSS reader for days when I just don’t pick up the Sunday paper to read her column. It’s strange to see her not in mags anymore, since she was such a big part of the mags I read when I was growing up.
  • The only person who is not blogging is Shop Til You Drop’s Web Editor (also New Woman’s ex Web Ed), Kate McKibbin, is running A daily email newsletter thing about the most drop dead gorgeous things around. Should be interesting as this niche is popularized by the likes of America’s Daily Candy, Melbourne’s own, and the newly launched and much prettier,

Since we’re talking non-blogging mag girls, there is Emily Barclay, Cleo’s Photo editor moving to the position of Web editor after being with Cleo for over 3 years. She took over the position from Joanna Barry who is now the mag’s Lifestyle editor after moving up from being editor of street rag, Fashion Journal, to the web.

Does Marguerite Kramer, former Managing Editor of US Bazaar who helped launch the Aus Bazaar site (as well as Madison’s and Shops’) count as a web girl? No sign of a site run personally by the American, but she is a web wiz from all reports (she even did time in Silcone Valley, well San Francisco during the dot-com boom). And there is Fiona Milne, who now writes the weekly email, the Fifi report.

Did I miss anyone?

31 responses to “Mag girls on the web

  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

  2. I think a little love from ACP can’t hurt your stat’s! What’s more interesting is that it’s taken them so long realize what’s going down online!

  3. Did you read this morning’s Confidential?

  4. I recently discovered how (most likely) most of the people on women’s gossip mags get their scoops by finding a blog whose celebrity scoops will appear on any one of the women’s goss magazines next week – I think it will save me 15 dollars a week on Woman’s Day, New Idea, New Weekly and Famous

  5. DropDeadGorgeous is not loading? Is it dead?
    Loving all those blogs, especially the beauty one by Ms. Foster. I wish I can stay at home all day and read mags like Erica B does. FullyChic is just mindnumbingly boring.

  6. You’re so right Anastasia, why spend the money on “scoops” in the weekly mags when you can get it all at the touch of your fingertips on the internet.

    I also just read today’s paper. 6″ Heels Only? Please. Obviously I’m not the only one with nothing better to do.

  7. Can someone fill me in- what was said in the paper?

  8. Read for yourself at:,22049,23442431-5012964,00.html

    I’ve been accused of shameless self-promoting. But do they know who exactly is being promoted here? Not I.

  9. Daily Addict is a blatant rip-off of in Sydney in Melbourne and in Brisvegas.

  10. Another blog is Wee Birdy (by former Bride to Be and Cosmo Bride editor, Rebecca Lowrey)

  11. Mag Hag, I can’t get over how Confidential gets the links wrong. I had a time trying to find that 6 inch heels blog on WordPress, and still haven’t managed to do it – my net connection has been up and down all day).

  12. i heard it was some joyeless person behind 6 inches.

  13. Anastasia, the website was here: but it has since been deleted.

  14. Joyless? Wow, you really take yourself too seriously don’t you anon. I know who did it, and trust me, they all had plenty over giggles over it.
    Joyless…. i don’t think so.

  15. I thought as much, because it was driving me a bit mental getting the wordpress log in screen with every combo of the link.

    Maybe they didn’t want to repeat the Facebook fiasco lol

  16. Magette – I’m wondering if anon was trying to be cryptic with ‘joyeless’.

    Or perhaps they just can’t spell.

  17. i can’t believe i have to point out that yes, i was being cryptic…..

  18. Question: Do other editors actually work or is it normal to make personal phone calls or read a novel under the desk all day?

  19. beetle: that’s if they are actually AT their desk. 1 in particular i know seems to have a work day of 10 – 3 with a 2 hour lunch.

  20. Can someone please fill me in on the ‘Facebook fiasco’?

  21. Hahahaha…now that’s why they blocked us off from Facebook.

    It’s stupid really, we can still access it at 12-1pm…that’s not gonna stop us from creating another group like that.

  22. How funny that the person behind drop dead gorgeous daily is from Shop. I am addicted to both SHOP and drop dead gorgeous… now I know why!

  23. How did you know who did drop dead gorgeous Mag hag? I was trying to figure it out and they are a bit cryptic on the site.

  24. Not Angelina, check out the Media Kit. The name’s right there.

  25. Did P Joye create 6 inch heels only?

  26. I have to agree on Fruity Beauty. While I don’t mind her mag pages, the website would have died a swift death if it weren’t for her stablemates kind words in their magazines.

    She becomes apoplectic when people start making comments that she does not like.

    Case in point:

    Such is life sweetie. It’s the joy of having a blog, allow comments at your own peril.

  27. Two words: Traffic Acquisition.

    For those not in the know – money can buy you love. And with a good Traffic Acquisition guy, it can buy you LOTS of it.

  28. You can pay for love, but it could be bullsh!t traffic like from people clicking for points like Email Cash. So not worth it, but even mags sites do it to appear as if loads of people are visiting their sites. Lame!

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