New Woman Australia put to bed

newwoman-cover.jpgACP have closed their newly acquired Emap Australia magazine, New Woman. As of April 9, it will be no more.


  • ACP already publishes: Cosmpolitan, Shop Til You Drop, Cleo, Madison, Harper’s Bazaar, NW, Woman’s Day, The Australian Woman’s Weekly and soon Grazia. There are only so many markets you can target before titles start to compete.
  • The mag was basically a mix of Cosmo, Cleo, and Shop without doing it any better or doing anything differently.
  • There was also the circulation demise (40% in 18 months), as well as the closure of its counterpart in the UK.
  • And Pat Ingram being quoted by The Australian as saying that New Woman “did not have a natural home” at ACP. That on its own probably killed the title (I wonder if that was the plan all along when ACP acquired Emap).

Can you think of any other reasons? Will you miss New Woman? And where will all the staff go?

19 responses to “New Woman Australia put to bed

  1. I wont miss it, I’ve never bought it before

  2. but i do feel for the people who will lose their jobs

  3. I liked NW a few years ago. It was well balanced- there wasn’t as much fluff as other mags and it seemed to have some depth. I canceled the sub though when it started repeating itself, having ditzy articles and heading down the usual womens magazine route. Am sad that it is going to be no more but can understand it.

  4. I see your in Sydney Confidential again.

  5. I can confirm that when negotiations were underway for ACP to purchase EMAP it was made quite clear that New Woman would probably not survive…

  6. I won’t miss New Woman. It just didn’t have any roots, and it was a mish-mash of Cleo and Cosmo. No amount of free ‘designer’ freebies (if you call crappy umbrellas, beach bags, etc ‘designer’) can shift a magazine that is an imitator instead of an innovator.

  7. I like New Woman… it’s funny and intelligent, and less pretentious than the other mags. And all Australian mags repeat themselves anyway.

  8. Well I better go and cancel my subscription then, thankfully I only paid $17 every 3 months so no big loss…I hope.

  9. Aw no, I love NW! Sad 😦

  10. yodaahh, if you contact ACP’s subcriptions people I’m sure they’ll let you transfer your subscription to another ACP mag or refund your money.

  11. thanks for the tip! 😀 keep up the good work

  12. I’m actually really disappointed. New Woman was so much less trashy and “cheap” than Cleo and Cosmo and had a lot more depth than Shop. I like that the magazine contained clothes I can actually afford (unlike Vogue – I won’t torture myself by buying it) and was more fashion forward that Cleo and Cosmo. I just felt it was a little more grown up. Aimed toward women of my age (late 20’s).

    Now my only regular purchase will be Madison. I might have to start picking up In Style or Harpers.

  13. I concur with Anonymoose. A few years back, they were producing original articles without conforming to Cosmo or Cleo.

    Ever since they started changing it (blame it on the editor), it’s been going down hill ever since with typical sex articles. I mean, if I wanted that, I’ll get a copy of Cosmo instead.

  14. The UK one has folded, so I’m sure that had a knock on effect – no syndication…LLGxx

  15. I have to say i bought the final issue as a last hurrah.

    It certainly has changed even more since I dropped the subscription.

    Oh well- free lipgloss!

  16. I will! It is the least pretentious and most real mag out there.

  17. Since Claire Isaac and Kim Wilson left the magazine became worse and worse. Clincher came when they DROPPED the freelance rate to less than 25c per word and tried to get me to write articles for FREE by saying “it will look great on your resume!”. Horrendous. Then discovered they had stolen my pitches and got staffers to write them for free. Haven’t written for them for four years but just discovered other freelancers have been burnt by them in the same way. Karma Kramer.

  18. so what will Sigourney Gray do now ? she was great!
    anyone knows ?

  19. I miss NW was a great magazine

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