Bazaar decamping to Grazia

Joining Alison Veness-McGourty at Grazia Australia is:

Mark Vassallo: Fashion Director
Edwina McCann: Fashion Features Director

Vassallo will move over from a similar position at Bazaar, while McCann leaves behind her fashion editor position at The Australia.

Shame, I love reading The Australian for up-to-the-minute fashion news pieces. Not pieces that are written to please the PR people who forked out thousands to send the mag hag to all parts of the world.

4 responses to “Bazaar decamping to Grazia

  1. A possible connection between favourable article in The Australian on Harper’s birthday issue (,25197,23128715-5010800,00.html) and McCann getting the job at Grazia?

  2. I really like Mark Vassallo’s styling, he can create quite ‘out there’ styling sometimes, so it will be interesting to see how he pushed the current Grazia style.

  3. “I think (Australian designers) have stopped worrying about trying to look like Versace or someone else,” she explains. “Instead, they are inspired by and look at their lives and surroundings

    Same thing here:

  4. What A load of rubbish, obviously the contributors have a lot of time on their hands

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