The question on every ones lips is…

giuseppezanotti-ebossed.jpgWhere is “Nads” (or Neds) going?

No, I am not talking about the brand of waxing gels and depilatory cream.

Someone shed some light for my must-be-in-the-know colleagues please, I have only heard rumours that simply can not be substantiated.

P.S. Word on the street is that the Vogue Australia website is finally getting a new layout – after about 2 years of it being rumoured. Though hands up if you’re one of the few people that actually visit the site for it’s content and not the chatter of their forum’s “Voguettes”? Do they even have original content besides just runway images from Conde Nast and the odd event coverage?

21 responses to “The question on every ones lips is…

  1. I go to the Vogue forums (ie, I’m a Voguette), and yet I can honestly say I have NEVER looked at the content of the website :S

  2. I’m a Voguette and I never visit the rest of the site. Just go straight to the forum, without passing Go. Think sometimes Vogue Team have a few screws loose.

  3. I have to agree with Voguette, the site is such a hot mess I’m in it for the chatter as opposed to the actual content. You’re best to read the hard copy magazine for the latest trends than the webpage.

  4. I think the website clearly shows how organised Vogue Australia is at the moment. Go figure, it took them two years to realise their website is a big mess.

    It’s a common scenario, the little people seeing the problems way before management does. Though, if you’re not involved in the journo front for a long time, you just don’t realise how out of touch you are til’ someone hits you with an axe.

  5. No-one Important

    Her nickname is ‘Neds’ not ‘Nads’…or were you just being mean?

  6. The chatter on that forum does wonders in terms of generating organic search results from the likes of Yahoo! and Google. The rest of the site is a bit meh. If they can bring the rest of the site up to speed, and exploit the synergies between editorial content and Voguette chatter, then their ad revenue will skyrocket. A redesign will be money well spent.

  7. You have a point there Emdash, after some consultation with a friendly web geek, I found out that while forum chatter is good for organic search results, chatter on forums don’t rank quite as highly as an actual news (or even blog news) piece about the particular item. Which makes sense because you don’t have to sift through pages and pages of “ohhhh I can’t wait to buy that mag/dress/bag/shoe”. Google things like “Kiera Knightley green atonement dress” or “christian louboutin david lynch fetish heels” and you won’t find any VA results in the first few pages for sure.

  8. From the office

    About Vogue the website a PR friend said you can just email them stuff and the web girls just upload it all on to their website. They hardly write anything themselves besides the odd 2 liner. So any content you’re reading is just PR stuff. BOOOORING.

  9. Indeed, news should rank more highly than forum threads in organic search results, but user-generated chatter (sorry, “content”) is cheaper to produce than news. The reward for effort ratio is generous. 😉

    While in very specific searches the Vogue forums don’t rank highly, when more generic terms are paired with trade marks (and search results are limited to Australian domains) I’m pretty sure the forums still feature prominently. Mind you, I haven’t tested this theory recently, and may may have been caught out as a bullshit artist in a recent interview at a women’s interest magazine. (I still feel slighted by them not getting back to me about that job, hence my interest in your blog. I’m really hoping to find out what happened there.)

    Oh, and if Neds has an interest in trade magazines as much as tradies, we apparently have a senior editorial vacancy. Unfortunately, the contra is shit.

  10. Vogue forum threads do come up in Google searches, that’s basically how I became a “voguette” – there’s no way I would ever go on the actual Vogue site, the content is SO. BORING.

  11. emdash – do tell.

  12. Oh, there’s nothing to really tell, Hummer. I’m merely a bit player in this little industry. Alas, I have very little gossip to share. Or rather the gossip I do have is very specific to me and my workplace, and as such it probably isn’t a good idea to divulge it here. 😉

  13. From the office is correct – through my work I have written a great amount of copy for the website. I am neither in PR nor have any amount of skill for writing but there it is, up there on the Vogue website, boring everyone.

    (I submitted my comment in the wrong section)

  14. the AUS vogue forum SUCKS! like its so boring. TFS and even is better.

  15. yes the vogue site sucks, but the harpers website seems to be almost as stagnant (well the homepage at least)

  16. I wanna know – where is Neds going?

    Am not particularly impressed with her record so far.

    4inch – have you seen Girlfriend’s new May cover? Tacky tackorama!

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  18. Oh good.

    Now everyone’s an expert online.

    Of course.

    My only question is this – why have so many great titles trailed so far behind with their sites? Most mags sites are crap – with fresh-out interns manning them.

  19. Disgruntled Mag Man

    Maybe she’s being demoted to her original fash assist job? I wonder…

  20. Disgruntled Mag Man

    Maybe she’s being demoted to her original fash assist job? I wonder…

  21. angelaseesangelablogs

    To Anon:

    I agree the girlfriend cover is tacky. But then again all the teen mags are. What do you expect? a bunch of (average)teenagers read them who would bother making them avant garde or wear haute couture in them? (i amuse my self by using long words).

    Even though at my age i should be pouring my self over girlfriend and dolly i don’t.

    They are full of not so juicy(therefor dry?) gossip and wrong advice(you should have seen my face after trying a honey and egg mask :-o)

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