So many tidbits, where do I start?

dior-shieldpump.jpgWell haven’t you all have been busy whispering juicy gossip in my ear!

And since we’re all such a caring and sharing bunch, here are some of the juiciest so far. Some tidbits are tweaked to keep a few secrets up our sleeves, but you’re welcome to tell us who you think it is:

Wardrobe inspector

When I worked at the nastiest of all, LABELS on the back of outfits were routinely checked. I MEAN IT! You were gabbed as you walked by, with women exclaiming: “Oh my God! I had David Lawrence once, but I was so embarrassed, I ripped out the tags and sewed in a more acceptable brand.”

When I dared to bring a plain salad sandwich, the foodies among them lamented at my lack of culture – salad being soooo pedestrian compared to dining out and chardying your nut off.

Where was this?

Lacking people skills

How can you call this writer/editor/mag hag fabulous? She become quite familiar with HR because of her lack of people skills and let’s not mention the record number (in the double digits) of resignations during her time at the magazine.

Who am I?

I’m a transsssssexual darling

At one magazine I worked at there was the biggest office bully (yes even in the cuddly world of magazines/fashion). But one memorable moment came when she found out the arrogant loaf of an ex was getting married to someone else. Bets that she was, in fact, a man in drag are ongoing.

Where was i?

Gosh this was a nasty round up of “can you guess this?”. No doubt I’ll be hearing from you all.

15 responses to “So many tidbits, where do I start?

  1. people check tags??? oh thats just mean. i cut my tags, i hate TAGS! even on my expensive clothes i cut the tag off. what are they going to say to that??

  2. The second one might be Sarah Wilson? Lots of staff movement at Cosmo when she was ed. That said, she seemed nice enough whenever I saw her.

  3. Hmm, only one person’s been described as ‘fabuluos’ so far on this blog… run the word through the search window at the bottom!

  4. Tyranny is a dieing art-form, bravo Ladies! Imelda is most pleased with the label nazis, invading a co-workers personal space and then using lazy and unimaginative passive/aggressive put-downs! Where do I sign-up???

  5. get-on-with-it

    c’mon 4 inch heels – if you are going to spill the beans and don’t get the comments to answer your questions, then SPILL THE BEANS. there’s only so long you can keep an audience if you promise but don’t deliver. So tell us – who are the culprits to your questions? and if so many tidbits have been sent, why only 3 – you’ve got to go for it or not do it at all. And any comment on 6 inch heels? who was it and where has it gone?

  6. David Lawrence is not acceptable? Since when? Good Lord! Only if you’re working in a shallow business, me thinks.

  7. ha! the last one is soooooooo completely obvious…. she used to be a dolly but now she’s more cosmoplitan.

  8. I have to agree – that was pretty boring goss. The comments reveal better tid bits than you 4-inch. Come on, let it all out. What’s the point of your site otherwise. You need to shock and create a stir. So far I don’t know what the fuss is about, this site hasn’t really revealed anything. Give people something juicy…

  9. Anon would like to comment…

  10. HA yes I think you are right Seenthelite
    She does look like a man doesnt she

  11. I’m loving the gossip and posts, half the fun is that you get to post such stuff without revealing names and we get to guess. That way I think you get to be more honest in your posts without getting into trouble.

    Keep up the good work, its good to see that all the bitchiness a lot of us have endured in the sydney magazine world is not a one off and we are not crazy. Its time we finally baught this information to light

  12. “lacking people skills” – surely a certain Vogue staffer who is a notorious nightmare?

  13. I love your site and if you don’t work on those mags it is soooo not boring. Noone hears about my ed (she keeps a low profile) but to those who know her – all agree she is what I like to call the turtle torturer. (The pain she causes isn’t obvious at first but when it hits you it is unbearable) I have to pretend every day I love her. That’s the hardest part of my job. I’m keeping a diary and it is great reading. When I leave the industry I will submit it!

  14. Hey there girl Go Get em, The world is an oyster. Now if you had a partner with a similarbitchy profile you may be able to rip it up the senseless interviews some of the mags have with the derros amongst us that seek fame and fortune from their tell all experiences ,some of which many of us need not to know nor wish to part with parking meter money to read about. You know the ones I mean. Being of the male variety it shits me no end to read again and again of the “bad boy I am sorry” vomitous, well rehersed sad sack stories issued for the sake of more fame and glory. Well that does not fool everyone.the media on the other hand are fools unto themselves because these are stories thatcan be wrung out tillthe very end.Indeed even beyond the end.First the story of how good I am,my wife supports me even though I am a complete arsehole, my brilliant? career, how ruined I am, let down my fans right down to the boring details of the will etc. You know the stuff. when I am in the express checkout some women look at me as the headlines are screaming, The drugs/booze made me do it. You never hear, I was an arsehole from day dot and she should have listened to her Mum. When I reply to these women. What a Prick! They just smile knowingly and move on with their unfamed task of normality. Go get em. These Eds have a lot to answer to. NB. Oh theres more. Sooo much more, but I’ve had my whinge for the day.

  15. hehehehe this is great…………
    I am a male working at a university in Melbourne.
    Do not believe that petty, small-minded, shallow thinking only exists in the fashion biz. hehe
    It is alive and well in a major university also.
    Pretension and pretence rule here…………..

    I have witnessed the worst bullying, back-stabbing, brown-nosing and bull-sh*tting I have ever seen in this office. hehehe
    Senior management here are totally clueless in terms of how to stop it. Their solution is to live in their fool’s paradise and pretend it does not exist heheheh.

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