It’s still all about Vogue

sergiorossi-elasticstrapsan.jpgOnly days after we all slag off the Vogue Australia website (because we can – consumer opinions should matter you know) news arrives in yesterday’s Australian newspaper that they’re actually investing money on staff who has the writing credentials. Not just some chick who was a part timer for Marie Claire’s old website or a former book publishing chick.

Here’s what the Australian had to say:

Change is also in the air at Australian Vogue, with the news Damien Woolnough (a former contributor to The Australian) has been appointed the magazine’s online editor, in a bid to improve its popular website Australian Vogue also has a new fashion news editor, Georgie McCourt, who previously worked at Harper’s Bazaar in Dubai. The most anticipated appointment, however, is British fashion journalist Tim Blanks, who is joining the editorial team as an international fashion columnist. Based in Britain, Blanks is a contributing editor at and writes regularly for the various international editions of Vogue and GQ, as well as Arena, Homme Plus, Interview and Fantastic Man.

The question now is, what happen to Natasha Inchley? She went off on maternity leave (not long after the plagiarism scandal) where Woolnough was brought in to be a temp cover, but is she coming back at all???

As for the rest of the news in that piece, VA will never be like British of US Vogue, but at least it’s trying. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Now if only they would come up with some original covers.

Not sick of this VA talk? Check out the comments about “Why is Vogue Australia so bad” over at The Fashion Spot – the only fabulous fashion forum. With the forums open again for new resgitrations, you can spend your lunch break bitching – or reading up on the latest trends and checking out the latest overseas mag covers like me..

33 responses to “It’s still all about Vogue

  1. damn! i dont feel speacial anymore. TFS(the fashionspot) is not invite only. it was so cool when it was invite only. oh well.

    im still one of the youngest if not the youngest there.but they do have lovely juicy goss

    XX ange

  2. You have got to be joking. The April 2008 issue of Vogue featured a stunning cover, one of the most beautiful covers I have come across in a very long time (and believe me I buy nearly every issue of nearly every magazine available). Completely original, and from what I’ve heard possibly even sought after by international Vogue editorials. Enough of this never ending tall poppy syndrome! There’s no justification for it.

  3. I’m so glad Natasha Inchley’s gone.

  4. anon 10.31am – “completely original”? Except that it was used on the cover of Vogue China March 2008

  5. *cough* that’s the may issue silly. Enough with the vogue trashing already. Vogue gives us the vogue forums and I don’t know how I’d live without them.

  6. Anonymous – that would be the current May issue. I believe anon is talking about the amazing Catherine McNeil April issue and original Vogue Australia production.

    Vogue Australia cover re-use bitching is so last year. It’s a fact of life so get used to it. And it’s not like other Australian fashion title covers are all exclusive.

    If you want to whinge about re-use of covers, how about Madison’s habit of using old Vogue US covers.

  7. Just thought I’d mention – all the pro Vogue comments are 99% coming from News Ltd/Mags (Vogue’s publisher).

    And I can definitely live without the Vogue forums. TFS is more international and worldly.

  8. Unfortunately Mag Hag you’re completely wrong! I have no affiliations with any editorial (thank god!). Wouldn’t be good for the soul.

  9. I’m a Voguette (I suppose… I don’t really identify with a lot of the girls on there… but I do post on the forums) but that doesn’t mean I care for the magazine. Just look at the forum on there dedicated to the magazine itself… it’s pretty damn quiet. A lot of voguettes admit to never buying the magazine. I wonder if any one from over there has read this site and tried to make a post about it on the vogue forums and had it deleted by the “VFP”? They don’t like dissent in the ranks very much

  10. I swear to god Inchley was drunk in the media room at RAFW last year… reading her “reviews” just proved it. I’ve had work experience girls with better grammar, hell, I’ve BEEN a work experience girl with better grammar.

  11. rarr and im back again.

    i agree with mag hag vogue forums is SOOOOOOO boring. there is no gossip and most of them are just bored ladies at work. TFS is much more interesting and yes INTERNATIONAL. not that im unaustralian…

    xx angela

  12. Hey mag hag, work at Madison much?

  13. Doh Angela. That’s cos the Vogue Forums are mostly for Australian users. If you want international then stick to TFS.

    By the way, maghag – TFS is still not open to new users, there’s a verification thing to pass through. Anyone know what’s that’s all about?

    and P.S. did you know that whatever you post in here always gets into Girl with a Satchel’s blog (maybe a couple of hours later) but she doesn’t really credit you… hmmm.. give credit where gossip is due!

  14. angelaseesangelablogs

    its Duh not Doh. Doh is what homer says.

    anywho, yeah TFS closed the open registering because it was never meant to be on…

    BTW is it just me or does it take AGES for vogue AUS forums to approve ur posts when u first register?

  15. anon, I’m with you on the Vogue forums. There’s loads of useful tips and recommendations in there for online shopping, beauty products, salons, you name it! Best local information source by far, you don’t wait a month, and its recommendations are from sources who weren’t jushed up with a goody bag and a cocktail at a PR event

  16. Ah, sorry to burst your misinformed bubble anon, but Girl with a Satchel generally only posts about official masthead movements (slanderous gossip really ain’t her thang). Plus, as an avid reader of both blogs, I’m pretty sure GWAS posted about Kerrie’s deflection to InStyle, Sarah’s leap to Cleo and and whispers of Glamour before 4 Inch. x

  17. It’s not just you, it takes ages. There was a thread about that very thing just a little while ago.

    Read the bitchy comment about your spelling mistake in this blog (“opions”) in syd confidential. The publicity you’re getting from them is awesome!

  18. lol.. girl with a satchel posting as satchellover. priceless!

  19. Good on GWAS for standing up for herself.

  20. Err… notice Maghag said nothing about GWAS. What exactly is she standing up for when the commenter was just a GWAS fan (or lover)??

  21. angelaseesangelablogs

    “Read the bitchy comment about your spelling mistake in this blog (”opions”) in syd confidential. The publicity you’re getting from them is awesome!”

    was that refering to me??

  22. GWAS SQUASH. Can we talk about a more interesting person please? She’s boring.

    And gurrrls I pretty much gave up on the Vogue Forums after they won’t approve my posts. TFS is still the best.

  23. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^^ i know URHH!! its been 2 months and they still haven’t approved of my posts

  24. Natasha Spreigh-Tan

    Two questions.

    Whatever happened to Natasha Inchley?

    And one for Leigh Campbell as she’s so keen to defend her corner. Does your magazine participate in the practice of singling out beauty products for mention in columns, on the basis of the advertsing taken out, and is this arrangde by the advertising department?

    Pretty straightforward question for someone claiming to be keen for the truth about her mag to be know.

    Nat S-T

  25. Natasha Spreigh-Tan

    And now without the typos…

    Two questions.

    Whatever happened to Natasha Inchley?

    And one for Leigh Campbell as she’s so keen to defend her corner. Does your magazine participate in the practice of singling out beauty products for mention in columns, on the basis of the advertising taken out, and is this arranged by the advertising department?

    Pretty straightforward question for someone claiming to be keen for the truth about her mag to be known.

    Nat S-T

  26. My goodness, how small are your worlds?

    You bitch over the most irrelevant issues.

    I think MAG HAG needs a little cuddle and tea sppon of cement so she can harden the F@#k up.

    Seriously, are you so ull of self hate that you feel the need to inject so much hatred into yours and others worlds?

    If you had a serious point of criticism thats one things, but you dont, your like the old men at the end of the muppets except you look older and wear a dress. is the most popular womans website and as Robbie Williams Says you cant argue with popularity You can’t argue with popularity, well you could ,But you’d be wrong.

  27. Thing wrote: serious point of criticism

    Uhh…I think the Natasha Inchley plagiarism scandal is pretty dam serious. From looking at that media watch link you can see she copied so many articles. That is disgusting. No wonder I don’t read magazines.

  28. Rachael, maghag hardly broke this story, its older than her lingerie collection. This story was cracked by far more experienced and respected journo’s than “miss super sensitive”.
    She has already admitted to looking at other magazine websites for stories herself so she is not exactly miss shining beacon of journalistic light.

    And if you read the delightful Kirstie Clements comments you will notice is was handled, case closed and replaced with some of the foremost fashion commentators. What a little win for readers!!!

    Like all things Rachael, its easy to criticize and thats what MAG HAG does so well, as opposed to achieving any recognition as a fashion/beauty writer, she seems like she doesnt fit in to any group other than the sad and sorry crowd.
    Rumor has it she has really bad feet with the bunions of a 70 year old, thats why she cant wear heels.
    Poor thing.

  29. My goodness, some people really need to get over themselves….

    thing if you are familiar with the world of fashion then you know that nastiness is par for the course…..and I personally think having a blog that allows people to vent their spleen is not necessarily a bad thing. Take it all with the pinch of salt it deserves – and as you so eloquently said to our gorgeous mag hag….. harden the f*ck up!!

  30. God listen to all you idiots, people are starving, homeless, children abused and you idiots are arguing about REALLY SERIOUS ISSUES NOT. GET A LIFE AND A EDUCATION. TRY SWITCHING ON CNN NEWS. SAD VERY SAD

  31. Anna – are you saying that life is all about serious issues? And are you suggesting that just because someone likes fashion and gossip then there’s no way they could care about “serious issues”? That’s a little cliche don’t you think? I think a lot of people here also probably read the Guardian online and as well. And perhaps exposing an entire industry which poses as glamourous for the sham it truly is could also be considered a “serious issue”. Just a thought…

  32. Natasha Spreigh-Tan

    Leigh Campbell… still waiting to hear your answer?

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