A step up for certain staffers

I’ve enough about talking about Vogue, let’s see if they can improve their mag and site before their circulation drops even further so that Grazia does better numbers in the next mag audit.

Word is as soon as the axe “officially” fell at New Woman (an action many in the team were just waiting for) the phones starting ringing for certain staffers who are now on their way to a bigger and better opportunity in the form of Vogue’s upcoming competition.

An additional tidbit was also sent in about this incident:

And the reason that these poor girls had to wait until after the magazine they knew was closing for about 3 months carked it before finding out what was instore for their future? The mighty ad dollar of course. If these prime gals had left any earlier, so would the cash. What a nice way to treat your valuable staff hey?

So which girls are going to Grazia? I don’t know, you tell me.

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P.S. Did you hear that Kristen Rawson, former Shop Til You Drop Fashion Editor in Aus, before leaving the country to work at US Bazaar and Teen Vogue, is back in the States. Is she back there for good and put her plans to open a shop in Sydney on the back burner?

And did anyone else have a fabulous time at Cosmo’s Look Good… Feel Better cancer charity Elizabeth Bay party last week? It was for charity, which might explain a few things about the outfits there.

39 responses to “A step up for certain staffers

  1. angelaseesangelablogs

    well well. we’ll have to wait and see don’t we. I’m kidna over AUS vogue. Grazia would be too mature for me. lovely post


  2. Angela, Grazia is fantastic. I love the British version. It’s like NW in a sense but all about fashion, fashionable celebs, and beauty. Shame it is weekly though, I never buy weeklies because paying about $5 a week on a mag you throw out in 2 days is so not worth it.

  3. The press release about New Woman’s demise was very interesting. It said the mag had declined 40 per cent in the last 18 months and that’s exactly when the last ed went on maternity leave. The staff all loved her and the mag did well, then the new Ed came in and mag went downhill fast. People should seriously be asking questions about some decisions…

  4. Grazia is great, it is actually quite young and funky and I’m in my early 20s and still enjoy it 🙂

  5. I can’t find the latest Syd Con comment on this blog on their website. The one about the spelling mistake? Can anyone provide the link or tell me what it said?

  6. Nobody, do you mean the one on Saturday?

    “Still on sledgers, the stiletto-shod side-swiper behind the bitchy blog, fourinchheelsonly, continues to trip herself up. While writing off Vogue Australia’s new website, she wrote this: “consumer opions (sic) should matter you know”. So should spelling when you’re serving up criticism over attention to detail. A case of pot, kettle, black, perhaps, or rather, mirror, look, loser.”

    Page 28, Daily Telegraph, Sat April 5 08.

    It’s funny, I’ve become a regular reader of this blog thanks to Sydney Confidential. It’s great to know what mags are worth actually supporting with my hard earned money, and which aren’t worth the time. So I say thanks to Sydney Confidential, and thanks to the mag hag!

  7. Where is New Woman’s beauty ed Sigorney going?
    Does anyone know?
    I always thought she wanted to get into television.
    She is beautiful, but it’s a shame her voice is about 5 octaves too high to be bearable..

  8. angelaseesangelablogs

    to mag hag-

    really? but ive never really been interested in celebrity gossip, only model gossip(not naomi, elle, gisele). Where do u get the british version??
    borders?? i’ve never seen or heard of it.

    but i don’t want it to get too commercial, when it gets really commercial and kids bring it to school it equals trashy.

    wat do yah think??

    xx ange

  9. Dear fashion noob,

    I similarly picked up the spelling errors contained within this lovely blog, but refrained from pointing out the irony.

    The fact that Sydney Confidential believes that it’s necessary to write about this blog site again, speaks volumes above any thing coming out of New Woman’s beauty editor Sigorney’s mouth. Reow!

    This makes me think that the Mag Hag, and the writers of Sydney Confidential are in bed together. Can any body smell a marketing stunt? Oh no, that’s the smell of my boss’ rotten banana coming from her top drawer. I’d wish she’d throw it out already!

    And Grazia is so passe. Get into the here and now.

  10. bismuth, please enlighten us as to why Grazia is passe already? It hasn’t even launched here yet.

  11. Grazia is passe? Its only, like, changed the entire British monthlies market and will likely do the same here. Good to see you know what you’re talking about bismuth. Get a life.

  12. Spelling mistakes are the biggest thing they can pick at to criticise about this blog? Puh-leese. This is a one-woman blog people, not a magazine with sub editor’s and an entire editorial team. Mag Hag probably rushes to write all of this in her lunch break or something; give her a break.
    Keep up the good gossip!

  13. its passe already?? abit early to judge hey?

    ur blog (and its ‘lovely comments’) are so addictive im on it at school. see? u’ve currupted my mind. And i love it

    XX angela

  14. I too am really tired of the spelling criticisms.

    I think, Mag Hag, you really do need to spell check everything before you publish it – in the end, it’ll only give you more credibility – but if spelling is the only criticism Syd Con has…. then it’s really just sour grapes.

    As for the beauty/fashion magazine girls – i think they’re all quietly shitting themselves that their diva-like behaviour is finally getting aired in public.

    i am tired of seeing them parade around the Sydney social scene like quasi-celebrities. They are half-rate writers at best. About six of them are proper journalists, the rest are just freebie whores pimping themselves out to the highest bidder — either advertisers or publicists.

    End Rant.

  15. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^^^ oh you’re hilarious.


    (that was not sarcasm i swear)

  16. Seems to me that everyone loves following the trend. You assume that since Grazia, ‘like, changed the entire British monthlies market’, you assume that it will do the same here?

    No offense, but do I see a Lemming?

    My comment on Grazia, was my own opinion. You might not agree, actually you might not be even in the same mindset, as I, but it’s my opinion. Deal with it.

    But you’re right, I should get a life, instead of leaving comments on this blog…. oh wait….

  17. totally agree maxie! love the rant! finally their tiresome, and totally unwarranted diva-like behaviour will be outed. i’m so sick of sydney wannabes thinking they’re anna wintour. puh-lease. keep it up mag hag.


  18. hmmm well comments like that bismuth make me realise why people like you are sitting around smelling your bosses rotting bananas instead of being the boss yourself. good luck with that.

    and let’s just see how grazia goes shall we before we call it, what was it, passe?

  19. angelaseesangelablogs

    a. ‘past’; worn out; out of date; antiquated. ” as qouted http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/dictionaries/difficultwords/data/d0009682.html

    incase u didn’t know

  20. o·pin·ion
    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

    And plus, I guess it’s human nature to assume, but it’s very insular to think that I couldn’t subscribe, regrettably, to the UK Grazia. Oh wait… international transactions and the internet don’t exist do they?

  21. oh gee. you probably should have really been in on those board meetings at ACP when they were trying to piece together a strategy to bring one of the most ground-breaking magazine formats to Australia. i bet they could have used someone with such special international internet-ing skills. sigh.

  22. angelaseesangelablogs – How old are you??

  23. I love Grazia to bits and can’t wait for the launch. But I wouldn’t be willing to pay AU$300+ a year for the privilege of reading a UK weekly, sometimes weeks after it’s come out over there.

  24. Yeah Bunny, retrospectively I feel the same way. I guess being a male with too much (in)disposable income, can make you do stupid things. Oh wait, that’s just the male sex in general.

    Oh and Anon, to be honest, I don’t think they came up with all that much in the board meeting, by the sounds of things. I bet they’re just going to emulate the UK version, page for page…

    And with respect, I bow to you. I admire your ‘take no gruff from no one’ attitude. Good to know you stand up for what you believe, unlike some staff I know. Plus, I love how subtle your sarcasm is; I can’t compete with that. Truce?

  25. angelaseesangelablogs

    im 14? why? is that a problem??

  26. Wait for Grazia to come out before you judge it, the UK market is very different to Aus so the products will be very different.

  27. Oh Bismuth, I was so enjoying your position of devil’s advocate on everything. Please don’t back down and call a truce. You’re almost as good as the Mag Hag. Almost….

  28. Truce bismuth, I like your style…


  29. Hhhmmm… no matter what anyone says, I wont be judging the Aussie Grazia till it comes out. I’m sure it will contain new Australian content, so you can’t really judge something till it has actually been released. Are you possibly from a rival magazine bismuth? by the sound of your negativity towards a magazine that hasn’t even been released yet you must have some kind of reason to be so ‘psychic’ towards it being an absolute replica of the british grazia… right?

  30. Ah, there is some love in this world! Group hug!

    And Rachel, quite possibly…? That, or I just secretly go against the grain, because I sell my soul during work, just to look like I fit in. My metrosexuality, just isn’t working anymore…

  31. Who thinks anon might be working on the relaunch of Grazia…..? Just a hunch but i think she might…

  32. Bella, I’m in TOTAL agreement with you.

  33. Someone employed on Grazia is a fake. Had so many jobs before where she couldn’t deliver but due to knowing the right people keeps getting jobs. Must have worn the right shoes to the interview. Time will tell though and coworkers on the mag (and her yet to be employed assistants) will be sorry.

  34. FYI I’m not actually working on Grazia at all, I’m just a huge fan of the UK edition and I like the way it’s changed the UK market. I think it’s a bold launch and I’m pretty certain (in my opinion) it will do incredibly well…

  35. Hahaha, gotta love your style anon! You made me warm and fuzzy inside, and then I smiled.

  36. Love Grazia. I bought it every week when I lived in the UK. Hopefully the AUS version will be as good…though Aussie mags are necer as good as their US/UK counterparts.

  37. i can feel the love bismuth, i can feel the love 🙂 xx

  38. russeltheluvmussle

    So many opinions, so few brains! What a bunch of talentless people knocking others & hiding behind anons. Get a life girls and remember, maybe there is such a thing as karma.

  39. I predict Grazia will close any week now. It has a very low circulation, and its SUCH an expensive mag to produce. The Cleo will fold- shame too, there are some very sweet girls who work on that mag.
    And guess what bitches, Vogue is back on top- highest circ for an australian womens fashion title. Oooh, sorry harpers!
    And yes, Sigourney’s voice is out of control. She is quite sweet though.

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