Question of the week

Interesting question was posed to me this week…

What was with all the hats at Nedahl Stelio’s farewell party at Bar Pacifica? Are all the Cleo girl suffering from cold heads or are ugly hats back in?

Sorry my dear, I don’t know what was with the hats.

I was wondering the same thing when I saw a few girls parading them around as if they looked good in them. At least the girls are practicing what they preach in the magazine I guess, even though loose wool hats were cool early-mid last year thanks to Kirsten Dunst, and not now.

Now if anyone has pictures from the night, do share with a link in the comments because I never thought to pull out my digital camera. Shame.

16 responses to “Question of the week

  1. I’m not a big fan of the headwear on women normally, but there was this one bird that sported a white number that laced around the back, and I found that quite an interesting look. Chic, even.

    But all in all, someone must have run over some stray cats, and put them on their heads. I guess that bag those eds keep suggesting that I wear over my head when I walk in the office in the morning, can be worn over their ridiculous hats; stupid cows.

  2. Do you really expect everyone to believe you were actually invited to the party?

    P.S. The theme was Gossip Girl. Ironic considering you also try to emulate that theme with your blog.

  3. I was there too. Even though the theme was Gossip Girl, you would think 20 – 30 year olds wouldn’t want to dress like teenagers. Or do they?

  4. Funny that mag hag is acting like a teenager then too, anon.

  5. Gossip Girl theme?? Err ok then.

  6. ‘fancy hats’ look awful enough at the races let alone a night out

  7. Spanky McSpank

    Look John – maybe you should lay off Cubicle One. Just a tip.

  8. Call me crazy, and I’m just reading between the lines here, but I don’t think John’s all too keen on the Mag Hag.

    Funny though, judging by his behaviour, I don’t think that the Mag Hag is the only teenager?

  9. All for 4 inch heels

    Grow up and bugger off John!! If you don’t like what’s written, here’s a tip for you….don’t read it!!

  10. angelaseesangelablogs

    so john. u were never a teenager??? ahh u were born a middle aged prematurely balding virgin.

    AHHHHH that makes sooooo much more sense

    lovely post mag hag.

  11. You know, John may not be so keen on the Mag Hag, but seriously – we’re not so keen on John’s “work” in Cubicle One.

  12. MAG HAG – Keep on Keepin on!

    Espose these snotty little fashion twits in all their glory. I also work with these girls and am delighted you are finally exposing their wretched little selves.

    The more brutal you can be – the better!

  13. PLUS!

    Everyone knows that Nedahl was born ugly and needed extensive facial surgery to take her from a 4 to a 5 ( out of ten). Even in her social snaps she still exudes an ugly girl awkwardness.

  14. iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer

    sounds like John had a SAVAGE time in cubicle one. good times might kick off in cubicle one, but predictably end very differently.

    good luck.

    ps – love the blog, who would have thought it such a great idea!

  15. Is it just me, or is Nedahl smoking in one of these pics? Surely that’s not too great for the old image?

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