Spot the mistakes and faux pas

As i said in an earlier post, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is coming up and they threw a pre-fashion week dinner for the fashion types to kiss and dress up to taste the new Rosemount O sparkling wine.

While I would like to ponder where my invite was, when a darling reader emailed me this gallery link, I just burst out laughing.

There are a few interesting fashion choices by some of the Australian publishing world’s upper-masthead names. Either that or the photographer had a problem spelling people’s names.

So can you name all the fashion faux pas or the caption mistakes?

My sub editing is appalling to say the least, but even I found at least 4 caption mistakes and 2 fashion faux pas.

P.S. If you look carefully, Harper’s Bazaar’s new Editor is pictured schmoozing with some big wigs.

42 responses to “Spot the mistakes and faux pas

  1. fashion faux pas – Sarah Wilson looking like she is moon walking… and, well, that is hardly the only one.

    I think that there is one spelling mistake per photo for the first 5 photos – that is appalling!

  2. kiralle johnson!?! haha how funny. btw I’ve tagged you, check my blog for details 🙂

  3. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh wow mag hag.!! u made me spit my sandwich out!! oh thats so hilarious
    Catherine Rodwell – looks as if she has some serious facial problems
    Jamie Huckbody- is he really that short( and why did alison all him a fashionmister??)
    Dan Hill- looks really un happy kissing that girl

    thats all for today


    PS mag hag u are so awesome

  4. Oh dear lord.. the spelling mistakes in that gallery link were terrible!

    And Sarah Wilson – what were you thinking?
    Anyone tried the new Rosemount O ? Is it any good?

    Love your work maghag

  5. Err.. Kristy Clemins?

    Kiralle Johnson?

    Sarah Wilson works for magazines? Surely not in that outfit!

    And that’s not even Danielle from STYD

    Good God Collette – lay off the Botox dear

    Nicole- BOYNTHOR Hines?

    Seriously who did the captions for this gallery? That’s just ridiculous!

  6. Just like a Chinese restaurant menu those spelling mistakes are ‘cracking-me-up’.

    Yes Imelda wondered the same thing re my invite, but one wonders how many despots can you fit under one roof!

  7. angelaseesangelablogs

    AHAHAHHA ok this is sorta irrelavant but mag hag ahve u read the new harper’s bazaar’s thing on bottega veneta?? it said the model was carmen kass!! but it was flavia de oliviera

    -shock face-

  8. angelaseesangelablogs – you really are an idiot, aren’t you?

  9. Angela, I understand that you’re 14 and trying to make a mark in fashion etc. and that is excellent and admirable. It is impressive that you take the time to comment on this blog so often. However, if you see yourself with a future in magazines, then I suggest you rise above your peers and start using correct grammar and spelling and even whole and real words.

  10. angelaseesangelablogs

    i dont see my self with a future magazine. i hate writing.

  11. angelaseesangelablogs

    “angelaseesangelablogs – you really are an idiot, aren’t you?” qoute

    oh why yes i am thats why i go to mac.rob yeah?

    maybe you should google it.

  12. The pathetic banter on this blog makes me so glad I don’t work for ACP anymore 🙂

  13. Sorry precious

    Ooh you go to a smart school. At the end of the day, you’re still 14. How about leaving the grown-ups to talk and you go back to writing your running commentary of catching the train.

    (or at least ease up on the comments…sorry, but you look silly)

  14. Angela, the school you went to matters little in the real world. However, in saying that I remember it mattering a lot when I was 14. Try not to have so much attitude and take on board what people are saying to you here. You made the sweeping statement that you’d be happy shining shoes as an intern but right now, you’re sounding exactly like the kind of little upstart all these mag people are talking about. I wouldn’t know though, I work in finance. Made it in the big, big world even though I didn’t go to ‘mac.rob’ as you call it.

  15. Now let’s all be honest….mac rob might be a smart school but it isn’t a provate school and that is really what matters when it comes to schools in Melbourne…..and someone that parades the school that they go around like Angela has I’ve found generally feels put out that they aren’t at/didn’t go to one of the more elite private schools.

    And kiddo I hate to say it but which school you go to/went to in Melbourne always matters. I’m in my 30’s and the school I went to still opens doors for me.

  16. Man has this commentary taken a turn for the worse, or what…

    I guess this is what breeds the attitude of those young ones today. “It matters where you go to school”; a private one at that? Talk about attitude from the get go.

    I went to a public school, and sure it’s not the best, but then again, really, is any other school? I hear the crying from private schools for the lack of funding, while the public schools, which mind you don’t have pretentious parents that put down so much money for their kids to obtain enrolment in the first place, go with out.

    Sounds like interns are born and bred in private school, or as some of you would like to put it within ‘elite schooling’. I guess you really haven’t experienced doing it rough, so you expect work to be the same?

    And lay off of Angela, if she really is 14. Kids will always be kids, wanting to act like grown ups. I mean there are some grown ups around here in this office, still acting like kids…

  17. No-one Important

    I can’t believe the negative attitude shown towards interns and work experience girls in the discussion on this blog. They are working for free, doing the jobs we don’t have time for- apart from the few that behave like Diva’s, they are a god send!

  18. angelaseesangelablogs

    its not a private school…

  19. I like Angela! It’s great to have a 14-year-olds view on all things magazine. At least she seems like a nice person… unlike some of the comments above.

    Ali, you have to move on from your school… it was over 12 years ago! No one cares and if they do – man, they are not worth knowing!

    And Bismuth you are making some blinkered statements about private school kids. It doesn’t matter what school you go to – you can still be an a*hole – and just because you go to private school doesn’t make you a horrible person. I went to both, where do you place me?

    And about the intern thing – look I know editors (not just interns) that have a bad attitude. And some of them haven’t worked hard to get where they are, they just know the right people or had the right image.

  20. you go gail!

  21. Ali, maybe your *private school* is the only thing that you have going for you because it’s sad that it should still matter at this day and age.

    And Angela, take on board what they’re saying. You’re a good kid and it’s good that you’re starting early and reading magazines because it’s obvious you really like your fashion. You still have a lot of maturing to do but start with writing full sentences first, no u’s or 2’s then people would start appreciating your thoughts more. 🙂

  22. angelaseesangelablogs

    Thanks for the advise guys!
    I really appreciate it.

  23. Dear Gail,

    I guess it’s my fault for not stating my point clearly enough. I was not bagging out private school kids, actually more about their parents ;-). Kidding.

    What I really meant by my remarks is that people seem to uphold private school kids, and private schooling, as the bread and butter of education. Why can’t someone attain the same education from a public schooling system? And from my experience, why do those that attend private schools, generally look down upon, those that don’t or haven’t gone to them? That’s what I really was trying to convey.

    But let’s broaden it a bit. It seems as though Angela didn’t go to a private school, but for some reason, she has the feeling of elitism about her education, or at least some smugness about it.

    Was I using an incorrect analogy and looking for the wrong cause, to depict the way people see themselves amongst others; most likely. But it still raises the issue of equality, in any form; whether if it’s an education, the colour of your skin, the size of your jeans, or even the attitude of an intern / editor.

    As for your schooling, I don’t like to place anyone anywhere; or at least try not to intentionally (I guess I mucked up in my last post, but hey, I’m a guy, I make mistakes. No offense to other males, unless you want to be offended…). So my question to you is, where do you place yourself? And which schooling do you rate better, since you’ve been on both sides?


    P.S. As you can tell, I have too much time on my hands; anyone want to take it off me?

  24. I know Annette Sharp of S magazine in the Sun Herald was furious when a certain fashion editor ( now moved on) conspired to get rid of her favoured photographer who was doing these gallery shots and delivering her fantastic scoop photos and gossip stories for her social page. The fashion editor claimed he was getting captions wrong-he claimed he got them right and the sub-editors were to blame and he could prove he was right with his photo-shop printouts. Put it all down to the new sloppy standards at Fairfax which is affecting every part of their newspapers.

  25. Ali, the width you open your legs is probably the only thing that opens doors for you.

  26. Guy Pearce – LOL!!!

  27. Guy Pearce made me laugh the most – tee hee!!! Great blog – just found it today – sorry am behind the times! Keep up the good work.

  28. The Guy ( Grant) Pearce one is a real hoot but as Vogue editor Kirsty Clements-or Clemins as she appears at the Rosemount dinner pics in the SH received quite a bit of publicity about the proposed 14 year old model at Fashion Week ( in the SMH) surely the editor must have enough pride to correct the on-pine version after all this time. But no, it’s still there and checking my paper version that’s how it went out in print. Shame.
    angelaseesangelablogs -you are a star ! great blog !

  29. The kids all write like that these days. It;s not their fault…poor dears. I am from Melbourne but lived in the UK for eight years. I remember having a conversation with someone from Sydney who said Melbourne was really obsessed with schools and she had a hard time getting a job. I really thought things had moved on from that. I have a girlfriend who was a high-flyer in finance in Paris and London and has had a hell of a time getting an equivalent job in Melbourne after a few years out having a baby. After living in London you realise how provincial Australia is…but Melbourne is a great city and I wouldn’t raise my baby anywhere else.

    For the record, I went to a pretty no-descript catholic girls’ school…but I made it into RMIT Journalism and jobs in the media nepotism-free! It can be done.

  30. Oh no she didn’t!

  31. Kristy – that made me laugh.

  32. Dear Bismuth,
    In my experience, private was better. Not for the education, just for the people. I was a poor kid from a rough area and it was enlightening to find people with ambition and drive to do well out of life – and you never had the sense that they didn’t have to work for it. Public school was just who could be the funniest and most rebellious. I can see why my parents went without to get me there as it changed my outlook on the possibilities available in life. Education wise they were the same. Bill wise they were a world apart!

  33. How much Rosemount did the caption writer(s) have when writing these??????

  34. Love your blog, finally discovered it! Yes, those typos are tragic. How is it possible to get names so wrong? Surely it takes 5 seconds to either check a mag or Google the names. The papers are getting too slack. I now read everything in the paper with 100 grains of salt, especially as a friend recently was written up in the paper and every single quote they attributed to him was completely fabricated! It made him look like such an arty farty little tosser. Oh well. What can you do?!

  35. Kristy // April 20, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Ali, the width you open your legs is probably the only thing that opens doors for you.

    That is the most abhorrent thing I have ever heard an adult say. All ass and no class I’d imagine…

    You should be ashamed of yourself – as should all of the people on this blog who have belittled a 14 year old girl.

  36. Public school students are always jealous of private school students but not vice versa – doesnt that answer the question??

  37. “mac rob might be a smart school but it isn’t a provate school ”

    “I’m in my 30’s and the school I went to still opens doors for me.”

    The funniest and most pathetic thing I’ve read all day. Ha ha.

    You bloody idiot. Mainly for taking time out of your day to make a 14 year old feel like crap.

    But also for pointing out that Mac Rob is a “smart school” not a private school. Mac Rob students are all intelligent and work under an intensive and challenging curriculum.
    And they have been selected to attend the elite school.

    Their parents haven’t paid for a spot in a “oh-so-private-and-oh-so-posh-and-superior-and-dont-forget-PRIVATE” school.

    So lets all take a moment to bask in the greatness and poshness of Ali’s private school education.

  38. angelaseesangelablogs

    MacRob is a smart school yes…
    Not to brag or anything but we have beaten private schools in melbourne(MLC, MGC, MGG) in the VCE(the vic version of HSC) for eight or nine years and first in six of those years.
    Thats only becaus each year students sit a test, MacRob and its brother school Melb High selects the cream of the crop. Therefor the two schools usually end up with an enter score average of 96 or 97
    But I have nothing against private schools, it’s just that some people think they’re ‘payin their way’ through education while the public/selective schools ‘work’ through it

    just my two cents

  39. Ali, your pathetic, absolutely friggin pathetic,
    You have got to be joking??????
    Fighting with a 14 year old online????\
    ohhhhhhh dear!!!

  40. Ali // April 18, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    I’m in my 30’s and the school I went to still opens doors for me.

    Enough said. In your 30’s and trying your hardest to put a 14 year old girl down?! Get a life. You pathetic person.

  41. If the school you went to matters so much in Melbourne, then I’m glad I’m a Sydney girl… only the most pathetic worry about that kind of thing in the real world, particularly when in their 30’s…cough*Ali*cough.

    Don’t pay any attention Angela! Be proud of where you come from. People who are petty enough to try and belittle a 14 year old (not just Ali, there are others!) clearly have issues.

  42. I randomly came across this blog, and I was appalled at the attack on Angela.

    I went to a private school, and in year 8 I reluctantly took the Mac.Rob entrance test to please my parents. I was accepted, and my parents were so elated that I decided to change schools.

    Mac.Rob ended up being an amazing experience. They taught us to believe we can excel at anything, no matter what situation we’re put in, no matter what gender we are. If we want it enough, we work hard and we can achieve it.

    How many schools, all-girls or coed, public or private, can say they that these are the primary morals they instil in their students?

    Some of my old mates from the private school are living off their parents’ money. Good for them. Others are stuck in courses or jobs they don’t even like. At least I can say Mac.Rob gave me options.

    Angela, good on you for sticking up for yourself. After you leave Mac.Rob, you’ll find that people define you by the school you went to. If they’ve never heard of it, they won’t care. But because of Mac.Rob’s reputation as a top school, there will be people who judge you and think they know what you’re like (smart, nerdy, conceited, socially inept, self righteous, the list goes on).

    Mac.Rob doesn’t spit out clones. It spits out students with different opinions, and go on to do different, but nevertheless great things. Don’t let your school define who you are. You define who you are.

    I can understand how rare and shocking it is to be called an idiot, and I can see how your first thought might’ve been “But I’m a Mac.Rob girl!”

    Maybe next time though, don’t be so quick to use going to Mac.Rob as evidence of your intelligence, because people tend to think you’re being up yourself. If you want to prove you’re not an idiot, do it through opinions not reputation.

    Having said that, don’t be ashamed of Mac Rob either 🙂

    And Ali: Angela is 14. Give her a break. She has plenty of time to mature. You’re over 30. You have a negative amount of time to mature.

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