Model like Vogue’s Kirstie Clements???

Perhaps I should be watching Australia’s Next Top Model instead of writing this blog.

I just got told about this HILARIOUS comment former wife of James Packer and Tigerlily founder, Jodhi Meares, reportedly says about a model looking like Vogue Australia’s EIC, Kirstier Clements.

While I could have regurgitated the story, the SMH says it a lot better….

Vogue magazine staffers will be tittering behind their double-shot skinny lattes next week after the first episode on Tuesday of the new series of Foxtel’s beauty contest Australia’s Next Top Model.

In the episode, the host, Jodhi Meares, compares one young contestant, Alamela Rowan, to Vogue’s editor, Kirstie Clements. While SiT struggled to see the similarity between the 17-year-old high school student from Byron Bay and the fashion maven at the series launch in Sydney on Wednesday, Meares disagreed. “They do, they have the same look!” the model said.

Alamela told SiT she found the comparison “very flattering”, although Clements, who had yet to see the first episode, was a little taken aback. “No, that had never occurred to me,” she said, laughing.

Clements said she enjoyed her role in the show as a confessed “ogre” – a character no doubt inspired by Meryl Streep’s turn as the US Vogue editor Anna Wintour in the film The Devil Wears Prada. “In one of the episodes I say to one of the girls, ‘Have you put on weight?”‘ Clements said. “After that episode, I am going to be Kirstie ‘Have You Put on Weight?’ Clements.”

She has a sense of humour for the public to see after all… Shame I have more important things to spend my money on than Foxtel.

37 responses to “Model like Vogue’s Kirstie Clements???

  1. I just read the article on SMH and I started reminiscing about my year 10 work experience at a teen mag. I spent the morning collecting mail from the mail room and helping open it only to realise that many other staff spent their mornings laughing at the questions addressed to the medical advice section. Then, at lunchtime, I was asked to do a lunch run for the office. I was instructed to get three 2-litre bottles of water and four packets of blue Extra. Nice. I went home at the end of the day absolutely ashamed and decided to spend the rest of the week working with my mum who is a goals coach and spends her days EMPOWERING women. The next day I called in to say I wasn’t coming back and a rather shirty young lady said that I had disappointed them, thousands of girls wanted to do work experience there and I had ruined their opportunity. She said, no-one from my school would ever be accepted to do work experience for them again. I sincerely hope they stood by their promise. Even at 14 I could see how appalling, incredible and insincere a place it was to work. If my mum hadn’t been a goals coach I may have been turned off journalism for life!

  2. If you have time maghag you can hit up YouTube to watch the series. It usually takes a few days before it’s uploaded on the site.

  3. AHHAHA!! seriously Kirsty need to sort her wardrobe first. Did you see what she wore in a current affair?

    But i don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking like kirsty

  4. Is there anyone over 15 actually reading and writing on this blog?

  5. I dunno WHO, how old are you?

  6. Foxtel? Just download it like everyone else. :p

  7. Interesting. should show you the rest of the series 🙂

  8. who would have thought the day-to-day life of the fashion magazine industy in australia could be so interesting? Oh…

  9. by the sounds of your blog it seems the magazeine industry is quite like my school at the moment.
    bitch bitch gossip gossip
    except we have teachers who tend to get involved and try and make everyone friends again.
    aren’t you scared that if your iddentity is revealed that you will lose your job and life and you won’t be able to be a journalist anymore because all the editors won’t let you into their magazeines?
    in fact i’m scared for you because i know what it feels like to be rejeected and all that.

  10. sandrabollocks

    Dear Mag Hag,
    I have read yr blog from the beginning (including all the comments) and may I say that I think you are one brave woman, maybe even a stuoid one if you lose your job. However you have accomplished your mission- to expose the pampered and out of touch women who work at these mags who know the right ppl to get them where they want rather than relying on talent ( which few of them have).

    I work with a whole bunch of women as well, although they’re not a fashipnable bunch and it too is a bitchy world. I would like to see some more salacious gossip on here from other girls who have walked the hallowed halls of ACP.

  11. sandrabollocks

    sorry my proof reading isn’t the best today!!

  12. MagHag Is THE BEST.

    MagHag, you are gold. Pure, shiny, glorious GOLD.

    Leigh Campbell? You are a fool. Your pathetic whining is embarrassing, and you should never have said anything in the first place – your stupidity is now there for the rest of us to see and I feel nothing but pity for YOU. Yes, you may work long hours, and yes, you may not be earning a six-figure salary – welcome to the real world, where the majority of us are and get over it. Oh, and please be sure to tell your friend ‘Bronwyn’ that she has RUINED ‘Cosmopolitan’.

    Oh, and thank goodness somebody else mentioned ‘Mama Mia’ – I used to think Mia Freedman was magnificent but that website is appalling. Regurgitated, boring and old. But I guess without talented staff at her aid and without Carrie Bradshaw in her life (did anybody else ever notice that the only good columns in Mia’s book were blatant rip-offs of Carrie’s columns in ‘SATC’ and that her idea for a book was also another blatant Carrie rip-off?), she’s run out of ideas.

  13. That’s really sad. I personally think you should have stuck with it for the rest of the week just because you don’t know what some petty little woman will do when you meet back up with them in the industry.

  14. MagHag is the Best you are right on the money by mentioning Bronwyn ruining Cosmo. I found this month’s issue of Cosmo boring and uninspiring. She recycled 2 articles from OK! magazine a few months back – Tyra Banks talking about her weight and Miranda Kerr’s NY apartment. Word for word and the same photos! I couldn’t believe I paid money to read something I read before FOR FREE.

    maghag I think this is the start of something good for you even if you get exposed and lose your current job. I got your back, at least you’re not taking young girls for ride when they try and get work experience at a magazine house. Before I came across your blog, I thought the world of magazines was glamourous and fun…

  15. I find it hilarious ACP is on a ‘witch hunt’ for mag hag. Surely they should be sacking Leigh Campbell instead for writing such arrogant and, frankly, imbecilic drivel and putting her (and their company’s) name to it?

  16. angelaseesangelablogs

    witch hunt?? lovely. I’m sure mag hag isn’t a witch

  17. I love the fact you’re exposing the unglamorous world of magazines, dishing out the dirt on beauty and fashion editors in particular.

    When I was interning at a popular teen mag at the 3 letter company, you wouldn’t believe how the style editor was chucking a tantrum for 10 minutes to me because she couldn’t find an item of clothing, then she rang up her boyfriend for that exact same thing. Around 20 minutes later, she found her item of clothing and rang up her boyfriend to apologise for her little episode earlier on.

    Not only that, they kept on gazing at the mirror…30 times in just one day. Talk about being so vain.

    Interning there gave me an insight into the world of gloss, it was both fun and bitchy at the same time. Any industry you go into will have people who have nothing better to do then bitch about others. But hey, c’est la vie.

  18. Lol.. speaking of this months’ Cosmo – pretty boring! They also recycled a 3-page feature on fashion bloggers from UK Grazia.

  19. haha just think Larek, Cosmo won’t be able to recycle content like that when Grazia launches in Aus. Then they might have to compile and interview their own choice of bloggers – or the same ones again.

  20. angelaseesangelablogs

    dear nix
    You think your school is bad right now? Try being in my place (selective school, all girls and test results just came out).

  21. Thank you for:-

    a. Pointing out what an annoying pratt Mia Freedman has always been; and

    b. The regurgitation of articles that’s been going on for years and is the main reason I haven’t bought Cleo or Cosmo for many years. The articles border on juvenile, mind-numbing stupidity.

    Also, whatever happened to the days when the covers were graced by elegant models with different looks, now it’s the same…boring…celebs…over and over.

  22. In a strange way Alamela does look like Kirstie Clements. The angular face, thin lips, scathing glare that borders on creepy…..

  23. hahaha… scathing glare too true. That blogger who is suppose to be “big” (Bryan Boy – I don’t get his appeal) says she suppose to be lovely.

    Yeah when she thinks this “popular” guy could cut her to bits. For once she is smiling and wearing some sort of designer clothes instead of the slub she wears around the News Mags building on a good day. Looks like she had her hair done too.

  24. Kirstie Clements is an ugly fat bitch.. I am so amused someone like her managed to be at the helm of Vogue. Hilarious!

  25. =) Kirstie is neither fat nor ugly, she just doesn’t look like a model or a skanky “A-lister” but then being able to edit a magazine isn’t just about *gasp* being skinny and blonde.

  26. I wish ‘flutter’ was right. Unfortunately the look of an editor is taken into consideration especially at women’s lifestyle and fashion titles. They are the face of the magazine. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. Unfortunately in some cases attractiveness comes before talent. They are often old beauty editors promoted up to editor too – as they know how to look after the all important advertisers.

    Kirstie must be an awesome editor if she is not of that mould. Or she must know the right people.

  27. angelaseesangelablogs

    it’s just society.

  28. Why is everyone wasting their time talking about Kirstie?

    I’ve heard she’s tough but a really good boss. I’ve also heard it’s actually one of her staff you should all be bitching about. Any guesses?

  29. anon, but then Kirstie disproves that, as do other editors at news. APC isn’t the only publisher in town.

  30. duh, obviously ACP, having a, hah, blonde moment, avoiding a deadline.

  31. Kirstie use to be a beauty girl once a upon a time or something. She was the only left at Vogue after half the staff left to launch Bazaar and the UK woman who was heading up Aus Vogue was booted out.

  32. Hey anon. Nice name! And nice guess.

  33. T’is true that Kirstie is neither fat nor ugly and even if she was it wouldn’t nor shouldn’t make any difference in her ability to successfully edit a magazine, even if it is a prestigious title like as Vogue. And no, I don’t work at Vogue….

  34. Clare Press is an idiot.

    Who is big bird?

  35. Clare Press is indeed an idiot. One with a giant ego.

  36. You have really have made a good effort. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

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