Oh dear!

We’ve regained access to the site again after we were taken over temporarily.

Stay tuned for more…

101 responses to “Oh dear!

  1. Love your work ...

    Awesome! You can’t keep a mag hag down for long. You have our support. Looking forward to your next update.

  2. What on earth happened? I only just found this blog and love it! I hope you haven’t lost everything 😦 Looking forward to new Mag Hag posts!

  3. angelaseesangelablogs

    omg YAY!! LOVE U mag hag

  4. get cracking!
    we need more updates!
    thank god you’re back.

  5. damn, i thought i’d get porn

  6. Dammit, too late to see what all the fuss was about…

  7. Whoever hacked didn’t realise what favours they are really doing for you. You’ve been the talk of the office all day and so your popularity grows.

    Keep it coming MagHag.

  8. good to see u’ve taken back control hehe… 🙂

  9. sandrabollocks

    Yay Mah Hag!! We all missed you!

  10. Yay welcome back , I was going into withdrawal symptoms today.

    The bastards that did this took away my entertainment, they deserve to be named and shamed

  11. Hoorah! So glad you’re back! Don’t let the hackers get you down!

  12. Love your work ...

    Btw, MagHag, please pre-record any radio interviews. I was so nervous for you when I heard you were going to phone Nova this morning and then the site was hacked!

  13. sandrabollocks

    Don’t reveal yr voice- or get someone to do it for you. We can’t have you exposed and outed!! I’m still laughing when i think of that comment re the porn “but they’re not wearing 4 inch high heels”. LOL

  14. Nova?? I missed it….
    Welcome back….
    Smells like someone with a case of Tall Poppy Syndrome trying to bring you down….

  15. Love your work ...

    MagHag’s voice was going to be disguised on Nova. JoniWho, I don’t think MagHag called Nova.

  16. I still can’t believe that in the midst of all of this I got rick rolled whilst on a porn site!

  17. How funny was the porn-hack! Geez. Love to know who did it.

  18. ..ooh, you have touched a raw nerve. Someone wanted the site shreaded and off the http://www…but who?

    keep it coming MH, we’re all behind you.

  19. Yay!! Only just found out about this blog..and then i see porn haha! Cant wait to read your blog MagHag!!

  20. The boys at Ralph got together with the Cosmo crew and voila, lots of porno action!

  21. Great to see you back on! Keep up with the good work =)

  22. SO glad to see you’re back. I just found this blog (from the Tele article which was emailed to me by a friend still in Sydney) and I would hate it to be taken away.

    However, my conscience dictates that I say the following:
    If they really are on your trail, and you really did have a sick day on the day specified, it won’t be too long ’til they’re breathing down your neck. I would hate to see you lose out here over something as minor as a blog. I LOVE reading your words, but for me it’s entertainment — what you could lose is much more important. A selfish part of me wants you to continue, but you need to think of yourself, your livelihood and your reputation, and what the loss of these could mean. OK, sermon over. I await more goss with eager anticipation.

  23. 3 letter publishing company staff will be reading from home now, since it is now a blocked site.

  24. On my high horse…

    Actually come to think of it AussieUpOver is right. I never really thought it through, thinking that this blog is a hobby. But…

    According to a couple of links from news.com.au, seems as though MagHag, doesn’t really care if she’s caught, nor if she loses her job. Fair enough. But have any of you really thought of the ramifications of her actions on this blog will result in?

    I mean seriously, exposing the truth of any office, of any organisation, of anything really, can have serious detriments to the “whistleblower”. I mean look at the career prospects to come in the future. If this were to blow up, and I mean seriously blow up, i.e. major witch hunt, name exposed, in the media, yada yada, would you be willing to take on an employee that that has the potential to expose everything? I mean sure, everyone has it in them, but with a public track record, trust is going to be an issue.

    But in saying that, I like reading the blog, and love the comments made by readers, no matter how inane, and frustrating they may be; an opinion, is worth hearing, if the time has been taken for it to be made. But to be honest, it’s just entertainment for me, and for pretty much everyone else. I’m sure they don’t care if there’s a possibility that MagHag can’t find a job in the future, based on trust issues and whistleblowing, because you know what? We’re humans, and selfish by nature.

    Am I saying that whistleblowing is not on? Far from it; it’s a commendable act. But you gotta think about the consequences. And that in itself is selfish. So it’s really a lose lose situation. But again, entertainment for everyone else.

    So keep it going strong?

    I’m off my high horse now…

  25. Welcome back. Thank god that god awful hacker is gone… the blonde was hideous and yes, she wasn’t even in heels. Keep up the great work!

  26. That blonde chick looks like that former Big Brother housemate…eeeeeww.

    I raced over here as soon as I read the article on the Daily Telegraph….ahh sucked in to them, they’ll have to retract that article now that you’re back – thank goodness.

  27. Glad you back! I’ll hire you if you get fired.

    Love Merrick & Rosso’s comments after your friend hung up.

    “Mia Freedman would stab her with her heels”

    then… “Yeah after she pays her $7.5 an hour”


  28. merlot_mistress

    Thank god your back !!! I love reading your daily blogs and was disappointed that you had been interrupted yesterday with that awful blonde slut

  29. Phew! I was missing you! Have told all my friends about you, both in the business and out. Look forward see reading more juice soon…


  30. Helen Lee could you really be MagHag? The only nice comment by MagHag on the whole site was attributed to you……

  31. No it’s not Helen, I was the one chatting to Merrick & Rosso this morning and trust me, my friend is still sitting pretty in her seat at work.

    And she’s been nice to plenty of girls. Not a bad word said about many girls if I may recall.

  32. OH MY GOD!!! I’ve missed so much this week…I’ve been away and have come back to this.

    A witchhunt!! They must really be in such a tizz…. get those GHD’s out girls!!

    MH, if taking a sickie may lead them down the path towards finding you, why don’t you just post a few random sickies to throw them off the scent…

    Love your blog. Keep up the great work!!

  33. Hackers = Losers!

    Glad to see you back maghag! Wherever you go, wordpress, blogger, LJ – we’ll all follow you!

  34. haha the site is now blocked by ACP because of the porn on here yesterday. How the bitches at the mags can’t keep track of what we’re saying about them 😉

  35. Oh no! I want to read all the blog entries but where are the archives?! Did all the entries get lost? Please no!

  36. Thank goodness you’re back!

  37. I love your site
    I’m glad your back.

    I’m sad I missed the Merrick & Rosso interview.

  38. OMG !! What have they done, this time ? Tried to take away the one bit of exposure to the real world, ey ? Well, well, well. They can’t take away our MagHag !! Go MagHAg, number 1 🙂 Keep it up, we will follow you wherever you go 🙂

  39. Nova posted it up on their site, here’s the file:


  40. Interview is up on Nova969.com.au!

  41. Nice, you’re still here.

  42. Thanks for the link!

  43. they so live together! ‘when we woke up’ and then tries to cover it up by saying she lives in a different state…..

  44. I hope you don’t give this up Maghag….

    Might be an idea to get some ad links going in here, just incase you need some extra $$$


  45. I thought they lived together too. But I don’t think they’re together like Merrick tried to make it sound like.

    We need a list of all mag hags with female flatmates.

  46. DAMN those fucking hackers! I opened 4inch heels at school and the teacher narrowly missed seeing it. But there were some girls who said:
    “OMG angela WTF?”
    I was shocked then i said:
    “it didn’t use to be like this”
    the response was:
    “yeah right”
    now im the girl who was looking at GIRL PORN

  47. lol,
    oh no Anglea!!

    I wonder how many people would have got caught out!

  48. That the real mag hag actually has a covetable job at ACP. But she’s bored and wanting to do the blogging thing like Zoe Foster. Obviously her true personality came through on the site…

    Watch for this comment to get deleted ASAP… 😉

  49. Helen Lee wrote a post on her own site about the reports she is Mag Hag. I don’t believe she is mag hag, after all what mag experience has she really had? And all the gossip is focused more on ACP than whatever company she worked at so you would think the gossip girl would be from ACP.

    Just my two cents worth. Now if only she would tell us if she has any girl flatmates!

    Read her post here:

    I do wonder why Syd Con picked her out though

  50. Quote:

    http://angelaseeangelablog.wordpress.com said,

    April 24, 2008 @ 2:19 pm

    DAMN those fucking hackers! I opened 4inch heels at school and the teacher narrowly missed seeing it. But there were some girls who said:
    “OMG angela WTF?”
    I was shocked then i said:
    “it didn’t use to be like this”
    the response was:
    “yeah right”
    now im the girl who was looking at GIRL PORN

    End Quote

    The truths out! Hahhaa, classic situation.

    Oh, and Leslie, I’m still convinced that this is all a Marketing / PR stunt, for both this site, Sydney Confidential, now Nova, and anyone else who wants to join the bandwagon. You can smell it a mile away…. Cahoots!

  51. If you want to know the truth, it can be found in Cubicle One.

    Just ask the girls at that iconic magazine – the title of which starts with C.

  52. angelaseesangelablogs

    i really doubt that helen is mag hag.

  53. I want to know the truth – can someone say where cubicle one is, and is it on lvl 5 or lvl 7?

  54. Damn, where’s my porn? :p. Good to see the site taken back 🙂

  55. woohoo! can’t wait!

  56. angelaseesangelablogs

    i dont think it’ll take maghag that long since there are so many of us supporting

  57. Mag hag, ten bucks at GoDaddy.com secures you a domain name, and $60 a year at 5dollarhosting.com secures you the space. It’s pretty easy to install wordpress and get your site up on your own site in a few days – and you can be way more secure that way 🙂

    Drop me a line if you need a hand 🙂

  58. Alice In La-La Land

    get your own domain. godaddy.com is good. i bought my domain for $10/year + $7/month to keep up. (that $7 will go up or down depending on how much space you want.) if you want help, i’ll gladly fund your domain.
    let me know.

  59. Maghag – did you ever intend for the site to get this big or notorious? When it first started it seemed like a laugh, alluding to people by humorous monikers and never really naming names (or even where you worked). Almost overnight it has turned into this giant witch-hunt whistleblowing fiasco.

  60. This site was simply a window onto a rather superficial but fun world. How silly that it has became important. Look in the bookshops for exposes, this was nothing more and in fact rather benign in many ways. I am frankly dismayed at the lack of humour in the Australian press, and also the lack of self confidence…..Time to grow up for all involved.

  61. Anon, in one word – no. As I told the Sunday Tele it was suppose to be something fun and loosely based on what attracts people to chick lit and mag based movies.Obviously I hit too close to few people’s nerves and they didn’t like that their industries dark side was coming out. Truth hurts ladies. I just feel for the people being fingered as starting this blog, I hope they don’t lose their jobs over my blog.

  62. Mag hag, it IS FUN. Outside of the magazine world, our friends outside in ‘normal’ jobs all think it is GLAMOUR, but we know it is sometimes boring, sometimes very silly, and sometimes great fun.

    Let them all sweat. Maybe they have to be judged by the real world, heavens above.

  63. Personally I think it’s good that ACP have blocked this site.
    ALthough the gossip might not stop, noone can complain anymore that the site is a distraction for staff, and maybe allow those who wish to comment in that building to take a step back and comment in their own time. It might help take the focus and witch hunt off Mag Hag because the website is not accessible for some in work hours. So perhaps those that wish to post bitchy comments, wont be bothered if they know they have to wait till they get home to do so.
    Might sound silly and trivial, but could be what Mag Hag needs!!

  64. That says rather a lot about working for ACP… Time to be judged by the real world as I said before. Time for healthy discussion above board between staff members it seems…good on you mag hag for opening the debate.

  65. Oh I nearly had to go to blog rehab after that very nasty incident. I’m not talking about the porn, I’m talking about the lack of gossip! I’ve been checking this blog 50 times a day and get very disappointed if there are no new comments.

    I am very glad you are continuing to expose the shenanigans that occur in magazine land – I deal with magazine people in my job all the time and the ones I deal with are lovely but they tell me the most horrendous stories about their editor – and I cant believe she gets away with it!

    I’d love to tell more, but don’t want to get them in trouble (or mag hag either – if you are one of the girls I already talk to!). Can people who want to trace you, find out where we send our comments from? If not, I might post a few titbits…

  66. Quote:
    Comment by the mag hag — April 24, 2008 @ 10:03 pm

    Truth hurts ladies. I just feel for the people being fingered as starting this blog, I hope they don’t lose their jobs over my blog.

    End Quote

    I find this statement quite hilarious. For some reason I can’t seem to find any sincerity in this. I mean you say the truth hurts? Well, then how can you expect no fallout? And by your doing to?

    Fair enough you’re “exposing” the fashion magazine industry, but to step back, and say that you didn’t expect anything to come from it, now that’s pretty naive and negligent on your behalf. If you’re going to expose people, you’re going to have to take credit / responsibility for what you’ve done. Stand up, and take it. Or are you just like the others?

    Is is like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them?

  67. Did you ever read this blog from the start bismuth? Its people like us that make this site interesting 😉

  68. I must admit, I’m a poser, that just jumped on, when it started to get a bit more press. Caught red handed!!! ;-).

    But you’re right, the comments are the life of the site, with all due respect to MagHag. I think more comes out of the comments than anything else, to be honest. I mean, case in point; the current post is about the site being reinstated with control, but there’s 68 (by my current count) comments. You gotta love that type of support right?

    Cheerios (with milk) 🙂

  69. come on admit it-you did it yourself. You must have been in the business long enough to learn some great promotional tricks and this was a beauty. Well done ! Come back soon-I’m missing you already and I only just found you a week ago.

  70. angelaseesangelablogs

    i had withdrawn symptoms.

  71. MagHag you are a selfish bitch. People are being accused of writing this blog. This is a serious situation. You need to come clean or stop. You are going to ruin lives with your petty blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us think you’re just a faker anyway. If you really did work with us then you would know the dates and venues for functions. Your details are incorrect. LOSER. I can’t wait till you get caught. It’s just a matter of time. Do you have any idea who you’re messing with? Good luck with it once you’re caught!!!

  72. I wouldn’t worry if you get fired. I’m sure your story will be worth some $$ for a movie deal! ;0)


  73. Just getting back to the Mia thing, I find it interesting that not one single person has jumped to her defence. That speaks volumes! I alway thought she ‘looked’ nice (whatever that means).

  74. Leigh Campbell, is that you posing as Felicity???

  75. Come on, hurry up and post something!!

  76. The shoes, the shoes. Where are the shoes?!!!! We’ve been robbed. Bugger the porn (no pun intended). I WANT THE SHOES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. angelaseesangelablogs

    felicity you know you love it.

  78. I’m glad you’re back darling!! So uncool what happened ❤

  79. quote – “MagHag you are a selfish bitch. People are being accused of writing this blog. This is a serious situation. You need to come clean or stop. You are going to ruin lives with your petty blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us think you’re just a faker anyway. If you really did work with us then you would know the dates and venues for functions. Your details are incorrect. LOSER. I can’t wait till you get caught. It’s just a matter of time. Do you have any idea who you’re messing with? Good luck with it once you’re caught!!!” end quote

    Do you have any idea who you’re messing with is similar to the line Don’t you know who I am?

    What can they do? Really. So they can get rid of you once they locate you, but how could they. As long as you don’t login from work or visit the site at work, there is no way they can trace you. Unlike the facebook dram where those girls used their own email addresses at work, you will remain anonymous.

    I guess this is the same person that posted in that post about freebies – that beauty editor – the one who intelligently said something like swapping lip gloss for more time with kids.

    I think it’s hilarious and somewhat ironic that a company like ACP has a problem with this blog,when they mass produce a few fabulous literary titles of their own which blatantly fabricate stories based on rumour and heresay from other media outlets. Though I think it is merely a few editors and a few other fabulous somebodies who are getting their noses out of joint as they may have forgotten what reality is like.

    NW, Womans Day – the stuff they put on the covers is almost scandalous sometimes.

    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. And as for Mia Freedman – yes, it does speak volumes when not one word has been said in her defense.

    But, lets just remember on this day of remembrance, that this is only about magazines and teams of people working in the art of smoke and mirrors. There are more important issues in the world.

    That said, keep the dirt coming.

  80. lip gloss for more time with your kids makes me LAUGH. erm, why not move out of sydney and live somewhere less expensive? these bimbos are truly hilarious.

  81. Take no notice of the knockers-the fashion world needs you desperately. Having just returned from the catastrophe that was the DJ’s Racing Day at Randwick with the lovely Miranda Kerr with the diminutive Orlando Bloom. DJ’s fashion PR’s need a kick up the backside as well. Miranda is a delight but why did they choose her if she was going to bring her boyfriend who was a pain in the neck and throroughly pissed off every single member of the press-refusing photos and interviews. As he wasn’t being paid that’s understandable but DJ’s should have known that would be the case and the ensuing bunfight wasn’t a pretty sight. Orlando certainly enjoyed himself-quaffing champagne-getting quite plastered, and winning on race after race, but he had some mean and nasty minders who glared menacingly at any guest who inadvertantly wandered within a cooee of him. All in all it wasn’t a good look and the public relations were like a bunch of scatter brains. Most guests chose to move onto the much more charming Emirates marquee where the ever so friendly Hugh Jckman chatted to one and all along with the entire Underbelly cast. Fashion Week looks set to be even worse at this rate.

  82. Mag hag,

    You are a true genuis. Let me congratulate you for being daring and bringing down the fake tanned, botox filled, blonde bimbo, c-grade celebrity thrash that we see in these mags. Their silicon plastic drivel dished out day in day out is sickening to ordinary people who do an honest and often difficult job trying to make ends meet. These women on low-paid jobs in trashy fashion magazines with maxed out credit cards will lick the dirt from a muddy shoe of an aging and wrinkled man at the races or clean the vomit from the ground at a botox clinic just to be photographed for the social pages of B-grade tabloids. I find this disgusting. We are sick of the same old damn blonde fake tanned, air brushed silicon breasted filth published in these gossip tabloids. I salute you Mag Hag, you are a hero for the common man and woman.

  83. Just thought I’d let you know of an editor I did freelance for in magazines – she couldn’t dial her own phone – had to get the editorial coordinator to ring people for her, including her friends, and then put them through!

    I think this is why this site exists…

  84. Spare a thought (but only one, any more would be a complete waste of time) for IMG/Rosemount Fashion Week’s Catherine Rodwell who as reported earlier has”serious facial problems”. Perhaps this is due in part to frustration with her 2 year ” relationship” going nowehere. And fast! The married man who is a wannabe-nobody is even too embarrassed to introduce her to his family and friends let alone live with her! Ms. Rodwell’s delusions of making it big in New York “Sex In The City” style are just as painful as the sneakers she wears on the bus to work before changing into her NineWest sensible heels.

  85. angelaseesangelablogs

    eww i hate it when people wear nice clothes with hidious jogging shoes and then get changed. Why don’t they invest in a nice pair of ‘sensible’ looking flats?

  86. Quote:
    angelaseesangelablogs said,

    April 27, 2008 @ 10:24 am

    eww i hate it when people wear nice clothes with hidious jogging shoes and then get changed. Why don’t they invest in a nice pair of ’sensible’ looking flats?
    End Quote

    Because there’s no such thing…

  87. Slightly off-topic but 4 Inch Heels Only deserves scoops. Latest mail is that Sun Herald gossip writer, whose motto is to never write a bad word about a living soul on the planet is to appear as regular on Seven’s Morning Show with Kylies Gillies and the man whose had more risings than Lazarus, Larry Emdur. Shelly will present (tame) gossip and fashion tips which will be odd as she is has only ever been seen about town in a dozen variations of Leona Edmiston frocks. This has come has a terrible shock to Sydney Confidential writer Holly Byrnes who reigned supreme as Fashion Editor at the SH and was expecting the gig. Byrnes left the SH thinking she would do likewise at the Telegraph, little realising she about to tangle with all powerful Melissa Hoyer who can spot an upstart a mile off. Annette Sharp, who Horton is filling in for is to take the place of right wing maniac Miranda Devine. You heard it here first.

  88. I just have to say so glad your back. As an ex three letter staffer nothing gives me more laughs than this site and the comments everyone posts! Good, bad and ugly. I love em all! Its nice to see that nothing really changes in the charming world of mag publishing! The titles may but the names never do!
    Keep up the good work!

  89. This blog is gold. I’m glad I didn’t go down this path. I realised this wasn’t for me when I used to ‘volunteer’ at a now defunct mag.
    Keep up the juicy gossip!

  90. Fashion Week should be a real hoot. The truly lovely Miranda Kerr-she is genuinley a nice girl-kept pleading with the assembled media along with assorted David Jone’s PR flunkies at Randwick yesterday that they shouldn’t keep requesting the appearance of Orlando Bloom as it was a “DJ’s event and he was just a private visitor so please “concentrate on Miranda!”. But lo and behold-what do the Sunday papers reveal-a myriad of posed pictures of the lovely twosome plus set-up shots of the two barracking as the horses came into the winning posts. In the background can clearly be seen as one newspaper mole tells me, is plenty of David Jone’s logos carefully placed for the pics. Difficult to really work out what DJ’s are up to here but then delving into the mind of a fashion PR would require the patience and expertise of a Sigmund Freud.

  91. I read in the paper today that we should be looking out for a designer this fashion week who just had cheek implants, very odd if you ask me

  92. what a shame, jenny.

  93. Seriously Angela, you’re getting quite a reputation for being an annoying 14-year old who can’t write properly. Don’t think that you’re old enough to play with the grown-ups dear. Even at Fashionspot, you’re annoying. Go and study or something and sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to post something completely inane.

  94. Mira – get a life! Geez-us. The girl is fourteen.

  95. angelaseesangelablogs

    inane? you mean insane right?

  96. sandrabollocks

    Angela, there is a difference between inane and insane. Mira has used the correct word here..

  97. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh my bad then. But still Mira, does making me feel bad make you feel superb?

  98. I still keep looking for these sensible looking flats, but I’m coming up straws… Though I don’t think the females that I’m asking, ‘Do you think those flats look sensible?’ are all that appreciative? Maybe it’s the tone of my voice?

  99. angelaseesangelablogs

    someone posted our comments on their myspace(or whatever it’s called) profile. Are they really that desperate?

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