Some posts restored

Even more old posts will be restored soon.

Everyone seems to be having fun discussing whether this blog is a publicity stunt.

Perhaps the media have been a little obsessed with this blog – which is why I deleted my 4 Inch Heels Only email account, I don’t need to court the media. But who needs to pay publicists when they talk about it to other publicists for free, same goes for mag hags and wanna-be mag hags 😉

If you want to know why I started this, read the piece the journalist (a real life award winning one – she was the young journalist of the year for 2006) wrote for the Sunday Telegraph.

59 responses to “Some posts restored

  1. just wanted to say hi and am wishing you don’t get caught – just yet – exposing princess editors and editorial staff for ‘morally’ questionable acts is vital.
    posting a ‘expose’ about mia freedman asking a work experience girl to get a banana for her son ? that’s not news girls ?! so what ? i mean you see a line of work experience girls lining up getting their editors their de-caf- soy chino’s every morning – least she’s feeding her son something healthy ! I’ve witnessed so much worse at ACP and I’m sure you can expose the same type of behavour if you dig a little darker than a banana. Any goss on Grazia – cough it up I’ve already heard bad stuff…..

  2. oh and – a link to the article you mentioned covered why you started this blog ? would love to read it –

  3. The banana gossip, Kelsea, was from left by a anon commenter. Mag Hag never said it.

  4. Here’s a link to the article Kelsea.,22049,23567315-5014114,00.html

    And if you want to read Leigh Campbell’s comment about how she would swap lipstick for rent, check out the blog post about the Perils of the Freebies. Plus read ALL the comments. They’re gossip GOLD.

    Maghag, you should have a press clippings page just so we can keep track of everywhere you’re mentioned!

  5. Hi,

    I figure its about time I comment on this site. I remember when I was an intern at Cosmo. The editorial team member once told me it was like the devil wears prada but we don’t get any prada.

    I guess I learnt one thing about an internship. It doesn’t equal a job or even a look in for a job… I did everything they asked of me… photocopied, coffees, running down to pitt st… etc… I just got dishearten when a position finally came up and an 18 year old girl who had done no work experience or an internship was given it because as I was lead to believe she knew someone… eg her mum knew someone! Gets worse… I was in the editors office and I overheard the editor say to the deputy could she explain to the 18 year old how to write something… as she was tired of explaining it to her… WHY NOT HIRE THE WORKIE WHO HAD A DEGREE AND DIDN’T EVEN GET AN INTERVIEW!

    I’m not bitter… I got a job in another industry because of the experience I had gained and the contacts I had made. So I say do an internship just don’t expect ACP to hire you… there are too many girls that want a job and not enough to go around..

    So far as mia… I never really saw her and the only thing I would say is she at least started at the bottom… she would have worked her butt off and I still think thats pretty special!

  6. I’m the same as you Ally, did the workie thing, got oooover it because I could never get a job there because they kept hiring OTHER people.

    With Mia, didn’t someone mention she had contacts from her family or something? Ok so she started off as a editorial assistant like them all, but family connections help you get the job in the first place right?

  7. angelaseesangelablogs

    HAHA! I just read that article (thanks anon) Glamorous(thats what they called the editors)? My goodness the lady in the picture looked like a down right bogan who just rolled out of bed after a night with Mr and Mrs Peroxide.

    Good work maghag

    XXXX ange

  8. As for that iconic magazine starting with C … recent departures have brought about sweeping changes in Cubicle One. (Some may have already noticed.)

    All will be revealed when the last flush takes place!

    The ultimate fate of cubicle one is in John’s hands (usually first thing in the morning)… how much longer will he stick around?

  9. I work in the meedja, for a “booty” mag, albeit, the lowly (rough) trade side of publishing. I still take issue with these booty editors calling themselves journalists. Regurgitating press releases, being seen at product launches and all that “I’m loving this or that product” is hardly investigative or hard-hitting. It’s not even true reporting. It’s basically a free plug or advertorial (for we are all puppets to the mighty advertisers, after all).

    And guess what? It ain’t gonna save the planet!

    These women with overblown egos (and too much time on their hands, obviously) need a strong dose of humility and perspective – swallowed hard!

    Kudos to you, Mag Hag, for sticking one up ’em.

  10. thanks a mill – anon, will print out and read tonight, like to savour a good read

    and apologies for mis-understanding whence the banana comments came from.

    p.s workies ‘- you guys dont lose heart, i know it must suck big time when you see nothing comes of your hard work, but that don’t happen in all publishing houses, and there are still fab women in high positions at ACP, they’re usually the one’s that don’t look in the mirrors while in the lifts EVERY SINGLE TIME – what is it with that?. find a role model and get her coffee, not the one’s that you know you don’t respect.
    mag hag – do not get caught – you must survive. and hey if someone does do something that puts their position in question – name names – why not ? if someones wronged you why should you keep their dirty little secrets to lunch time & corridor chats – post it here for all to see they’re names up in lights.

  11. angelaseesangelablogs

    im going 2 be a workie soon…..

  12. All of you complaining about being a workie/intern at ACP and not getting anywhere, get over it. I did several stints of work exp there while I was at uni and loved every minute of it. I didn’t just do ‘everything they asked of me’, I was genuinely happy to do it and didn’t have your sense of entitlement. I was excited to learn what the industry was really like, and would have personally put my hand up to grow Mia’s bananas in India for a year if it meant I would be first in line for a position there. Instead of whingeing about how no one noticed you, why not get creative, work hard and find a different way for them to want to employ you – prove that you are actually worth it. Bah, Gen Y (insert rant here).

  13. Aren’t YOU in Gen Y “Em”? (aged approx between 14 – 30)

    As I said in a comment in a different post….

    “Question is, how much integrity does a girl have if she is willing to be a slave for some power hungry editor/mag girl?? It’s one thing to file her files, do some research for her and photocopy, but it’s another thing to feed their kids and wash their pets.

    It’s a fine line baby”

  14. P.S. You seem to have gotten a job out of being a slave, many girls did not. They’re not happy jan.

  15. Dear Em
    are you insane ? have you not seen how some workie’s get treated ? Perhaps you think it’s fair game – you want a job, then grovel and polish my shoes – and don’t forget to smile – is that your motto?
    I think everyone would agree that there must be a line that no person can cross when it comes to exactly what ‘chores’ one dishes out to a work experience candidate. A young person comes into an industry who has her own talents, formed or not yet, and wants to know – should I commit my time to a career here ? don’t you think they deserve fantastic treatment when they step into the office ? They are there to LEARN FOR FREE. Getting coffee’s and washing pets aint learning shit but losing respect for one’s self and the idiot you asked them to do demeaning tasks they simply don’t want to do. and before you even think ‘im a dis-gruntled ex-workie – I have actually never done any work experience but am angry at how some young girls are treated around me, like go fetch this and that – woof!

    you wouldn’t think your view would be so acceptable if it came from a politician regarding his interns – so it’s no more ‘lowly’ an opinion to have of a workie.

    I hope you don’t have a workie under you – god bless their sore little hands from doing all your dirty tasks

  16. Just wanted to say, good on you Mag hag. I love reading all of this gossip.
    I also hope that you dont get found out! But who cares if you do, you will probably gain alot more fame then you would working for your magazine. Maybe a better job somewhere else.

    I am also so over the beauty sections in magazines. Clearly these “writers” have no idea what they are talking about. I honestly think that I could do just as good a job (however I do love the Fruity Beauty website).
    They deserve to have low salaries if they keep getting all of these freebies.

  17. Glad to see you back maghag!

    Em, did you get first in line for any position during your work experience? The opportunity is on offer if you prove to them you’re a slave but in a lot of jobs not in media, not always guaranteed.

  18. So, so curious.

    Can someone PLEASE anonymously explain Cubicle One? I work in the building, and i know which level 5 mag your talking about…but still don’t get it.

    And who’s John and what does he do first thing in the morning?

  19. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh Em i have to agree. I’m going to be a workie and im only in year 9. I have no idea how they are going to treat me. But i will be happy doing anything they ask me. Because i know its all going to be worth it.

  20. Angela, I thought you would’ve figure out how they may treat you after reading this blog??

    Once you grow older you’ll start to realise the menial tasks mean just that…menial.

  21. in·tern·ship
    2. the period during which a person serves as an intern.

    –noun Also, interne.
    3. a person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience, and sometimes also to satisfy legal or other requirements for being licensed or accepted professionally.

    It seems as though that these ‘internships’ that you guys are partaking in, aren’t really internships. I mean, I don’t mind grabbing coffee for everyone in the office, but I do that of my own volition; since I’m getting my coffee anyhow.

    But grabbing coffee, and doing menial tasks like ‘fetching bananas’ seems like slave labour to me. Actually it’s worse than slave labour; you’re not even getting paid!!! I haven’t listed on my resume under practical experience, or professional skills a bullet point of ‘Fetching bananas’ Sounds more like um… a zoo keeper? (I guess you could, since you’re fetching the bananas for the “gorillas” ;-))

  22. Yeah, I don’t get the cube 1 reference either?

  23. I think cubicle one is about level 7, not level 5 – there was something about an ‘iconic’ magazine starting with c, and that must be cleo not cosmo?

  24. MagHag, have you been attending fashion week??? You must spill all the goss to us all RIGHT NOW. Who wore what, who missed their front row seat because they were too busy being camels at the watering hole and etc….

  25. I did an internship a few years ago. Everyone starts from the bottom, and i think the whole point of having interns is showing them that their job is not going to be all “going to fashion shows” and attending glamorous events. The ones who stick around after the internship, are the ones who are genuinely interested in working in the industry.
    The whole issue of the girl who got Mia the Banana, i think has been blown completely out of proportion. It is the same in every industry, the youngest and least experienced get sent to get lunches or milk or whatever. I don’t think this was meant as a form of “abuse” on an intern, It was just something that needed to be done.

    Maghag, LOVE reading this blog, can’t wait for your next


  26. Theres seems to be quite a lot of interesting news coming out of Fashion Week this year 🙂

  27. I’m sure it’s not abuse. Mia must have lost the function of her legs….

  28. Someone should start up a blog about the perils of PR… bags not it!

  29. angelaseesangelablogs

    HMMM maghag please post new entries!!!

  30. why, i could tell you many many many things about the ugly ( and sweaty) world of PR.

    there is one in particular who is gaining a bit of a reputation – case in point was the Sunday tele gossip column this past week. . .

  31. ok seriously this is the last time i am going to read this drivel. It’s not mag hag that bugs me, she doesn’t do much, it’s all the idiots who post their stupid high-horsed opinions.
    The first one is Angela, honey, if you are going to come on here and bag out magazines (and call Paula Joye a bogan, one of the most powerful women in publishing) i suggest you do not even step foot in the ACP building. You have your pic and name on your posts, you will never get a job in this industry now. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that was just plain dumb!

    And everyone else on your bloody “workies equal slave labour” thing, jeez, get over it. It happens, and guess what, half the stuff the workies have to do, is the same stuff the junior members of staff have to do as well, which is the job they are trailing. Hell, if you could do work experience as one of the senior members of staff, who wouldn’t want to be a working! And yes big egos suck, but thats the nature of the beast. If you don’t like it, don’t do it, but stop bloody whingeing about it, it’s not going to change, no one has raised any new points, get over it! grrr… you’re all giving me a migraine.

    And last but not least.. you want to know what happens at fashion week? Not a lot actually. It’s kinda really dull. You spend half the day lining up for shows that are running late (they are always late!) and then its all over in 10 minutes and on to the next one. Celebs come in and out, stopping only for photos ops along the way. And although i doubt mag hag was down there (although i’m sure she’d like to say she was), it wouldn’t surprise me, as this year everyone was so bored by the whole event people were lending out their passes to anyone who would take it (workies included), so it’s not really the exclusive event people make it out to be. But none of them are, unless your into being drunk during the day (i’ve been to a few OS FWs and its all the same).

    Anyway, rant over. Enjoy all your bitchy commenting. I hope you all come back as ants in your next life!

  32. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^^ who said i wanted to work in the mag industry -frowns-

  33. Just to rile you up even more…

    aaaaaaaah! // April 30, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    ok seriously this is the last time i am going to read this drivel. It’s not mag hag that bugs me, she doesn’t do much, it’s all the idiots who post their stupid high-horsed opinions.

    Anyway, rant over. Enjoy all your bitchy commenting. I hope you all come back as ants in your next life!
    End Quote

    Very hypocritical / ironic don’t you think? Where do you class your rant? I wonder if you’ll join us in the ant farm…? 😉

  34. So aaaaaah, why do you even bother reading the comments then?

    And I have been at fashion week, I’ve been given shitty seats every time but it’s better than being General Admin I suppose. I’m really over it and just dying to have a good dinner out with friend instead of watching girls waltz in with their stupid designer bags and the likes of Paula Joye air kissing everyone left right and centre.

    So airy-fairy.

    P.S. Should I mention the Aaaah comment was made by someone who used their 3 lettered publishing company computer to be nasty?

  35. I have jsut discovered your blog but i think that you can write about whatever you feel like, that is what a blog is for.
    And this one is great, by the way

  36. c’mon mag hag. get yer act together old girl… roll with all the promotion and buzz you’re getting and POST SOME MORE! otherwise you might lose a bit of momentum. just saying.

  37. Yeah i agree with anon..hurry up mag hag

  38. Number 23, do tell! They certainly seem to make their way into most conversations, one way or another

  39. I agree with anon – what happened to Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang??

  40. merlot_mistress

    Welcom back Mag Hag. Just keep doing what you do best….. best day’s read ever

  41. I agree! Why bother being at fashion week if you’re not even bothering to report anything?

  42. Errr do you guys know how much time you have to get away at fashion week? It’s back to back shows from god knows what time in the morning to way past 10pm. It’s such a nightmare, I’m so glad I skipped it this year. I like that I’m sleeping, eating and relaxing unlike all the fashionistas at fashion week

  43. I’m glad you’re back 🙂

  44. there is a point being at fashion week reporting abiout it or not. Seeing it with your eyes are better than watching the coverage else where.

  45. to: ahhhhhh! not surprised to read you using an ACP computer. Funny you let it get to you so much! – have the comments hit a nerve! Wouldn’t think you would get so fired up if there is no substance to what people are saying…

  46. fashion noob

    Angela, in a previous post you said “you were going to be a workie soon”. Taken in context, it definitely seemed like you were talking about the magazine industry.

  47. merlot_mistress

    Welcome back MagHag

  48. Thought everyone might like to read this article about gen Y, which seems to me to be what the real intern argument comes down to…. 😉,23599,23625926-5007146,00.html

  49. angelaseesangelablogs

    why can’t i be a workie come where else?
    workie meaning work experience.

    oh come on not all the Gen Yers are like that.
    -rolls eyes-
    in that article they are discribing ‘muzzas’

  50. Kelsea just reminded me, I did inter work for a Federal politian – I did important research for the MP in question to do with the Federal Budget during budget week. I went on to an advanced politics class beyond my years… and well… you can guess the rest 🙂

    I wonder how motivating and inspiring feeding a banana to a child is in the magazine industry… Ahh wait… don’t tell me. I can see for myself 🙂

  51. Check out this Babes in Business blog from Brisbane Times online about generation Y… some very interesting comments and good points about lack of business etiquette in this generation.

    And even on Babes in Business – the same writer talks about Gen Y….

  52. What the hell are muzzas?

    Angel i think was Fashion Noob was trying to say was in the conversation thread on Magazine/Journalism work experience, you said that you were going to be doing that soon… and then said why would you want to work in magazines.. so you might have confused some people.

  53. To be fair, I think it confused more than some. I guess everything needs to be written in context. It’s like, ‘I’m going to Paris!’, but in the next decade or so…

  54. russeltheluvmussle

    So many opinions, so few brains! What a bunch of talentless people knocking others & hiding behind anons. Get a life girls and remember, maybe there is such a thing as karma.

  55. angelaseesangelablogs


    oh ok to make it clear im doing work experience at a modeling agency not a magazine. 😉

  56. If there is karma, most of the magazine industry is screwed…

  57. Who would have thought your little blog would push so many buttons and get everyones panties in such a twist. I wish someone had the balls [and knowledge] to do the same for US magazines.

  58. modelizier, there’s heaps of blogs out there – you might have liked view from the fourth row, as it was exactly that.

  59. All I really want to know is where are those shoes from – the ones attached to the April 29th post…


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