Fashion week observations

Since you’re all begging for updates and the fashion week schedule has died down somewhat I’ve finally been able to put together a musing for you all. Since beauty editors have had their time in the sun, let’s look at the fashion pack in their jungle, aka Fashion Week.

Now let it be known in this little rant will not delve into fashion trends for spring 2008/09 and which D-List celebrity snagged a front row seat at Alex Perry. You can read those kinds of facts in the gossip pages online or in the Sunday tabloids because I spent my time observing the crowds of people (which is absolutely not part of my job description 😉 ).

I love people watching, just watching the fashion pack is always amusing especially when you know which magazine they work for, there for how they rank in the fashion world. They’re an entirely different bunch to the beauty girls because they don’t have as many advertisers to please (not that they don’t have their fair share), are well connected with fashion houses (for example, Bazaar’s Christine Centera styled Jayson Brunsdon’s recent New York Fashion Week show with quite a few fingers in different pies) and often more unique in their dress sense.

Don’t get what I mean about unique dress sense?

Well they’re more like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller who can throw together a very cool get up, while beauty girls are like Lauren Conrad from the Hills who are polished but it’s because they just wear a chic dress or something similar. They are the beauty girls after all. That said you do get the odd beauty girl who’s more Ms Moss and vice versa.

It’s been quite a trip watching the fashion editors with their editor in chiefs make their way to the front row of fashion week. They waltz in (late, because they just have to stop off for a “chardy” before the next show) and air kiss their way to their front row seats. (While the fashion journalists use their downtime to make the most of the very swish media room at this year’s show and file copy – most of the time.)

As always the editor sits in the front row, while her assistants and lower ranking fashion girls either sit next to her or behind her – to watch that no one backstabs her you see. And of course each magazine is allotted a different section of the room. But that doesn’t mean they will not be sitting opposite each other on the front row.

One year one designer had the gang at Harper’s Bazaar sitting directly opposite the gang from Vogue. Of course all the girls just kept themselves occupied and barely glanced up at each other. It was quite a sight, if only I had been in a good position to take a picture.

Another interesting observation about the fashion pack, they do travel in packs. You will see the fashion editors of Shop walking around together or the Bazaar girls together, but never do they seem to be one big happy ACP family.

Because at the end of the day they would always be competing against each other for the same stand out pieces for their spring 2008 editorial shoots in just a few days/weeks.

Now I must be off and do some more fashion week things. There is never any rest for the wicked and boy does half the industry think that of me.

28 responses to “Fashion week observations

  1. I’ll catch you at the after party darling, we’ll have to air-kiss and smooch our way through like always 😉

  2. Never been to fashion week, and totally glad as I wouldn’t have a clue what to wear! Although after seeing the editor of Vogue on Australia’s Next Top Model I realise I could go in a white unironed sack! I’ve never seen her before and got the shock of my life – I was expecting someone like the Grazia editor. I’m happy she can get away with it though – it is refreshing after being at ACP, and knowing that if you don’t wear the right shoes, hair, and clothes your career path is limited. Sad but true…

  3. angelaseesangelablogs

    ohhh lovely! it’s like a zoo isn’t it? But more interesting. Oh you should take pictures maghag!

    wonderful to see you back bitchier than ever.

    x ange

  4. hmm. is it me or is this post a bit boring? or maybe it’s not mag hag’s fault – maybe the oz fashion week is just a bit, well, non-interesting.

  5. The celebrities attending fashion week created more headlines this year. The controversial young model was sent back to school, and it could have all been about Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

  6. merlot_mistress

    Forget the fashion. It was more fun observing Jess Origliasso and Ruby Rose suck face and hold hands at the Kirrily Johnston show !!!! Talk about taking attention away from the clothes!!!!

  7. The real question is, what did that certain person whose name starts and ends with the letter A (and who works on a certain title on level 7 starting with C) get up to last weekend?


  8. Maghag, that’s stuff we all already know! Come on, give us INSIDER info. It’s getting to be a bit of a let down here… We miss the juicy stuff!

  9. merlot_mistress

    Back to gossip !!1 What was with Hawko wearing no knickers!!!

  10. Insider, you should probably come out and say who you are talking about because you are tarnishing two peoples reputations, as there are two that start and end with A.

  11. Oh this certain persons been around for some time…….brownnosing all the mia-ites of the magazine world. Shameless brownosing to.


  12. oh yes it is annoying when they talk more about the ‘d-listers’ tara moss??I mean isn’t she the one that ‘flashed’?
    oh and the veronicas -rolls eyes- i mean its like they’re all reporting for dolly/girlfriend.

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  14. Angela,

    I think you mean Tara Reid – the one that flashed.
    I think Tara Moss has a little more class.

  15. The gall of some of the D-listers at the Alex Perry show astounded me – it was appallingly pitiful to rifle through half a dozen goodie bags and pull out all the good bits, and leave only the Electrolux brochures behind. Grrr …

  16. GeeCee, Are you the publicist for Electrolux?

  17. I understand it’s a job you do but everything sounds so trivial! Who sits near who, snipes at someone and all the crap in between. How you stay in the rat race is anyone’s guess.

  18. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh good thanks “N”

  19. Tara Moss is SO VERY over rated both as a ‘model’ and as a ‘writer’. Her writing skills cause much mirth at 25 Ryde Road, Pymble. Patricia Corwell she isn’t … The only one who believes her publicity is her!

  20. What is going on with those “Veronica” girls? Could they get anymore skanky and cheap looking. They dress SO badly. And making out with a MTV presenter is clearly just for the publicity. And those terrible tattoo’s are going to look so bad in 20 years time!
    Miranda is beautiful. She is classy and professional, good luck to her.
    And good work MagHag, I feel sorry for anyone that works in the magazine industry!

  21. angelaseesangelablogs

    i met miranda. she was spendidly lovely.

    jess from the veronicas clearly spent a few nights with mr (or should i say miss since her sexual orientation is out in the open) perioxide.

  22. I think I know who your talking about Insider. She’s in the art section at the C mag isnt she.

  23. I was heading back to my office the other day and noticed that editor Paula Joye (?) and 2 other ladies teetering on their heels down Park St.

    I do believe they were discussing this particular blog……. Probably not so clever to be discussing it in public!!!

  24. ummm, why not, anon?

  25. lipgloss is my friend

    Speaking of the Veronicas, they swanned their way through DJs early Thursday morning, wearing their huge white love heart sunnies browsing designer items, including Dior…not to mention they went off to get a manicure before they had to attend some function…

    I remembered vividly how thin the girls were, their legs look liked matchsticks!! Oh yeah, and another thing, if they really didn’t want people to notice they were shopping around DJs…they should just stick to casual clothes and not attention seeking outfits which scream “LOOK AT ME! I’M FAMOUS!!!”

    But hey, any publicity is good publicity right?

  26. angelaseesangelablogs

    Well the 13 year olds who ‘loved’ their music are now 15 and listening to … I don’t know… Deathcab for Cutie or what ever.
    They’re over, they want to be loved like they were before. They are hungry for attention.

  27. Fashion week is so hectic and so overrated…what keeps us going other than the champagne and crown lager at fashion shows, goody bags full of stuff you’ll never use or wear, crazy after parties, getting pictures in the social papers and whatnot; is the fact that a [million] girls would kill for the job.

  28. I have heard from a reliable source, that a certain National Advertising Manager at Grazia Magazine has trampled over the little guys and has been taking advantage of their good nature.

    The story is this person caught a cab which cost around $100 and then converniently forgot the pin number to the account she was using to Eftpos. The cab driver thought he would do the right thing and was kind enough to let her go with the agreement she would contact him the next day to arrange payment and they swapped details.

    The next day the cab driver called her as both agreed and she hung up on him. He tried numerous times and she either kept hunging up on him or ignored the call.

    So the little guys has been ripped off after trying to do the right thing. He now has a very sour taste in his mouth and will think twice before doing another good deed.

    I don’t really think this person would be too strapped for cash and even if she was, she still could have given him a courtesy call to explain the situation and arrange a time when she could pay him.

    Now that’s what I call a bitch…

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