Overheard tonight:

“I met an executive from Harper’s Bazaar tonight at their bag auction in Edgecliff and she was really nice … I was going to buy you a bag but they were going for like $4,000.”

If you can’t tell, the comment came from a boy who obviously had no interest in fashion. And while the fact that bags were auctioning off for thousands, who would have guessed that someone who worked in a decent position at Bazaar was actually nice?

Can you guess the staffer?

160 responses to “Psssst.

  1. Frances Hibbard? She’s nice?

  2. Are you kidding? HB girls are way nicer than their Level 5 counterparts.

  3. Very true Belle. But they do have a bit of a “I’m working for a more prestigious mag than you” attitude sometimes.

  4. angelaseesangelablogs

    $4000 isn’t much. Keep your ears open maghag i love the over heard lines.

  5. I’m sorry but for a 14 year old to say ‘$4000 isn’t much’ just seems ridiculous to me.

  6. angelaseesangelablogs

    it’s not expensive compared to other bags that go up to $$$$$$.

  7. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Save your pennies. $4000 in a high-interest account will be worth a small fortune when you’re as old as me …

    Then you’ll really be able to dress to impress because you will have used your brain to get there.

    oh, and it’s style you should be in search of … not fashion fads …

  8. angelaseesangelablogs

    what makes you think i don’t use my brain? what makes you think you know all about me?

  9. J – Do they? Ha, that’s the same kind of superiority complex that some in the London HB office seemed to have about them…

  10. There’s a very thin line between a style, and a fashion fad. Some of the girls in this office can’t seem to differentiate them… 😉

  11. Boring, boring, boring…this blog has become so boring. Mag Hag you’ve lost your touch and have nothing of interest to report on. It’s like you’re not even in the building! Anyone working remotely near the ACP could be offering more exciting information. It’s over and out for me! To the teenagers on this blog enjoy my comment and I hope it gives you loads to write about ….that’s about all this blog has going for it at the mo!

  12. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Minime, – learn to entertain yourself whilst MagHag re-touches her lippy … she’ll be back …

  13. Has anyone got the inside on why there are 3 positions currently being advertised for one of the ‘iconic’ titles?

  14. Because a few people got fired or left for greener pastures.

  15. angelaseesangelablogs

    im sorry mimi. You’re just not as entertaining as 1, 2, buckle my shoe aka i ‘heart’ Agatha Christie.

    goodnight guys as you know i am only 14 and my bed time is 9pm

    night night sleep tight.
    dont let 1,2 buckle my shoe bite

  16. sandrabollocks

    I was just thinking the same thing Mimi. It was interesting for a while but the biggest test for me was Fashion Week. If I had attended I certainly would have had an opinion about the shows that I’d attended: the good, bad and ugly. I was reading an article in Essential from SMH that had a fantastic wrap up of what to look out for. Mag Hag you let me down big time here…

    And to Angela, if you had to save up for a $4,000 bag on a 14 yr old’s wage you wouldn’t be so flppant about the price.

    Just my 2 cents…

  17. sandrabollocks


  18. Sandra, I don’t think this was a gossip blog to begin with. It was more about sharing magazine experiences with people. Or at least that’s what I got, and the odd bits of gossip came from the commenters.

  19. sandrabollocks

    True but it’s lost all of that. Or maybe what needed to be said has been said as someone else astutuely pointed out?

  20. there can never be enough said about how fickle and superficial the magazine industry is.

    Has anyone else noticed that many who partied hardy during fashion week has pretty much gone into hiding to “rejuvenate”. Life’s tough when you work in mags.

  21. I think the lack of goss MAY stem from the fact that MagHag doesn’t work there anymore..

  22. I think our friend 1-2-bucklemyshoe is Maghag in disguise.

  23. At least Nedahl Steli-ho is gone. One less Mia-clone faffing about the place.

  24. So where has Nedahl gone? Anybody know?

  25. Hopefully to hell in a handbasket.

  26. Actually, Nedahl isn’t half as bad as a few others I could mention. Theirs some nasty chicks on that mag. I did work experience there last year and the girl who was photo editor was sooo mean.

  27. Angela, darling heart, sweetness & light,please,for the love of god, STOP writing things like, “$4000.00 isn’t much”
    Please, you do not know how ridiculous you sound.

  28. angelaseesangelablogs

    I never said for me $4000 isn’t much.
    Compared to other bags $4000 is not much.


  29. Shows how much you know Angela. Seriously, you wanna break into this business, make a good name for yourself. You’re gaining a reputation for being a meddlesome 14-year old idiot. Can you please go away? We already know your name and what you look at. Believe me when I tell you that your career prospects in this business isn’t going to be good.

  30. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe


    You know what to do hon, just shrug your shoulders, and say “this doesn’t bother me one little bit, because it isn’t true”.

    You see, Angela will be eating dinner off $4000 plates …

    while Shannon will continue to walk to work in her Dunlop Volley’s …

  31. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh shannon, shannon, shannon. Like i said 3 times before, I don’t want to be in the mag industry.

  32. angelaseesangelablogs

    By the way
    No, I can’g go away.

  33. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Go Angela! Well done!

    Catch you soon, gotta run.



  34. angelaseesangelablogs

    ahah have fun with bree, fitzy and whatshisname

  35. 1-2 and angela, you’ve made my day. I’m gonna shrug my way through the rest of it. 1-2 are you sure you’re not a man? I sincerely hope not because you’ve restored my faith in the sisterhood.

    lots of shrugs,


    p.s. angela you rock, ignore all the bitter old women who are in their 30s and still can’t afford $4000 bags on here.

  36. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe if you’re deal is to take on Ange who’s only 14, then your messing with me…and trust me sweets, you don’t want to take on the despotic Queen of Shoes!!!

  37. angelaseesangelablogs

    glad I made your day! good night all!

  38. the 3 jobs on “iconic” title are linked to the nasty exec who works there – namely man-gina.

  39. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe, Imelda offers her most humble apologizes and a complementary shoe-shine. I shouldn’t be so lax with my reading of comments…it’s Shannon and Scarlett that Imelda has beef with!

    Ladies…really are you really going to hide behind an email address, while you dish out lazy put-downs to a 14 year old girl, who happens to offer more insight than your withered ‘has-been-and-never-will-be’ arses? Girls, let go… magazines are D.E.A.D!

  40. russeltheluvmussle

    Maybe the three just left to go to Grazia? If you look at everyone who’s been at HB, they’ve all been there for eons … I mean, where do you go after Bazaar – it’s pretty much the ultimate. I’d happily put up my hand for a gig there!

  41. There are 3 positions available at an ‘iconic’ mag because there is one person making life hell.

  42. angelaseesangelablogs

    Is the new HB out?

  43. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    … morning all … just finished removing the last gluggy globs of the Maybelline XXXXXXLLLLLLL from my lashes; that’s the last time I go to bed without removing my mascara … uuuggghh

    Down to business. Gotta feed the 3 year old, the husband and the pets in a minute, so this’ll be quick.

    Anon: good to hear the sisterhood as been restored … sis, and just for the record, my handbag was $89.95 Strandbags … what can I say? Family comes first and so does the house mortgage … even with my ever so successful design business! 😉 Oh, and yes, I am all woman. Can feel the PMS creeping up this morning. Beware anyone who gets in my way!

    Angela with all the vowels; keep strong sweet, stay strong and keep writing. Remember, knowing when to shrug is the first step to gaining wisdom. Don’t worry, I still shrug when I step on a caterpillar by accident … so the life lessons continue … and I am the least wisest person in the world – is wisest a word? It is now.

    Imelda with all the shoes: all’s cool. I often don’t read … encyclopedias.

    As I said yesterday. Imelda Marcos was SOOOOOOO last century (see Ode to Big Bird blog), Carrie Bradshaw, eh!, so who is today’s “it” girl for shoes? Could it be Mag Hag? Or could it be … da-da-da-da-da-daaaaaaaaa!!!!! ….. YOU! Nice site btw. As Jason Coleman on SYTYCDance said “I love it-love it-love it-love it-love it-love it-love it!”. Not really, I just wanted to say all those I “love it’s”.

    The kitchen needs a gumption clean,
    The tables need a Mr Sheen,
    This all seems just so dull and mundane,
    But needs to be done, just the same …

  44. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ ok let your creative side blossom!

  45. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Angela with all the vowels, isn’t it funny how sometimes you could talk till the cows come home, and on other days, you feel like putting two words together is, like … such an effort …

    I really don’t have much of an idea which part of the brain is responsible for creativity, but if I did, I’d give it a bit of a nudge … makes me wonder … who came up with the term “let the creative juices flow”? Err, this is getting a bit yucky. Stop 1-2. Now.

    Anyway, back to all things bags.

    Don’t you just hate the way some bags have waaaay too many pockets. A pocket for this, a pocket for that, a pocket for your pen (as IF you’re actually going to use it), a pocket for your mobile phone (who uses that???), a pocket for your tampons, a pocket for your car keys, a pocket for your purse …the pockets go on for ever …

    By the way … do you still call them purses, or are they wallets? Female wallets? Cash dispensers? Dockets holders? What are they?

    Then there’s the bags that have no pockets. Just one big potato sack. Then, as you’re hurrying to your car to meet with your boyfriend for that much needed double shot latte, you need to go on an expedition down south to find the keys … a little jiggle … nope … still nothing … and of course, it’s always the last thing you find after turning the contents out onto the pavement …

    Speaking of bags, where’s Mag Hag …

    Oops, I’m in BIG trouble now …

  46. angelaseesangelablogs

    purse. I call them purses. Wallets are reserved to the manny version of purse.
    I argree that bags should have less pockets. The two bags I use most are both black and don’t have pockets. One is my school bag (don’t scream it’s ok it’s not the country road one, Goodness forbid I use one of those) the other is vintage oversized clutch.

    Sorry 1-2-BuckleMyShoe I’m not very talkative today i have loads of homework and my dad’s birthday tomorrow therefor I can’t do it tomorrow.

  47. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Heeeeeeey Angela with all the vowels, that’s ok, you don’t have to talk, or explain yourself. I just pop my head in from time to time in between other household choirs. Just call me Laura Ingalls; choirs are my passion. We all have lives away from blogging; I understand so don’t worry …

    Vintage huh? Pleeeeeease don’t tell me you consider the 1980’s to be vintage?

    Speaking of vintage. Where’s Mag Hag?

    Whoopsy daisy. I think I’m in trubble again. Sowwy …

    Dinosaur out.

  48. angelaseesangelablogs

    i think twabble is cuter.
    no its more 1950’s

  49. Household choirs? Do they sing the Hallelujah chorus while you do the vacuuming? What a delightful thought!

  50. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    oh yeahbutt, you clever little editor you, chore, not choir. I can only blame myself, oh, and the awful chards I ‘almost’ had last night. Is that the right ‘in crowd’ terminology? Chards?

    A, I’m as thick as two planks. It took me three minutes to work out what you meant by “twabble” … geezuz begeezuz. Somebody … smack me in the face with a saltwater trout … I could sure use some wakin’ up here …

    Talkin’ about saltwater trout … where’s Mag Hag … now I’m is humungous TWABBLE …

    PS Don’t you just hate the way pages in glossy magazines sometimes get stuck together. Tell me … do people still lick their fingers to help turn the pages? Is it considered unhygienic to do so?

  51. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh my Geo teacher gave me a sheet of homework one of the corners had a saliva patch on it. I asked her for another one but she licked her finger again…

    twabble! big big twabble.

  52. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    Errr, gross. Next time, tell her …

    “If this was CSI Angela, I’d be more than happy to take your DNA home, but it’s Geography, so how about a clean sheet please … yes?”

    Speaking of clean sheets. Where’s that Mag Hag?

    I have no idea why I just said.

  53. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    … that.

  54. good grief…!

    this site has been hijacked by a boring and creatively frustrated woman in her 40s who enjoys arguing with teenagers.

    Mag Hag, do yourself a favour and start editing your comments.

    1-2’s inane comments have turned me off this site completely.

  55. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    WaxedMaxie – if you bothered to come to this site as often as you think you do, you would have noticed that Mag Hag hasn’t been here for days.

    Learn to read ALL the comments! Oh and when you’re 40, may I suggest you won’t be looking or feeling half as good as me …

    Good luck to you Angela with all the vowels, I will now let this site go back to the boring site that it was, with all the pretentious Sydney wannabe socialites such as Maxie … and the rest of them, but not the ‘friends’ I managed to make in the three days of fun I’ve just had. My three year old princess is much better now, so Monday is back to normal and no “boring mundane life for me” … may you get your $4000 handbag Angela, but please don’t let these bitches like Maxie make you believe for one moment that materialistic crap makes you a better person – IT DOES NOT!!!

    Take care sweet people !

    Signing off, because the old dragons on this site want me to,

    better known as 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    PS Maxie – I was here for THREE friggin days – have some regard for the people around you and get a sense of humour, and while you’re at it, a sense of style wouldn’t go astray …

  56. LOL…Shoe your snappy ‘umour belongs on Imelda…this site blows!

  57. By the looks of these comments Mag Hag has either been caught or left her job at ‘that place’ – because this blog is dying a slow and ugly death.

    I would like to know who is making life hell on that iconic (using the word loosely) title though.

  58. lipgloss is my friend

    Well, there are three positions up on the intranet atm, though the senior features writers position of that iconic mag starting with C at level 5.

  59. lipgloss is my friend

    Has already been filled. =)

    I’m just curious, is it because the new editor is turning that mag into a fashion mag, rather than the nitty gritty sex mag I was into as a teen?

  60. abandoned sick parents

    Wouldn’t that make it like STYD? Fabulous – the editor must need a new handbag!

    But how am I going to know how to give my man a b**w job?

    Strangely I feel bad about writing b**w job on a blog because there are young teenagers reading but Cosmo can put it in lights and on the newsstand…

    Sorry Natalie but I wont miss you too much…you need some mag goss to write that much! We don’t care what you have to say as we are superficial magazine people. If you have a beauty sale though be sure to write and tell us…

    BTW, anyone got any gossip on what’s happening at New Idea? And what about the old New Idea editor coming to AWW? Surely the current AWW editor cant like that much…

  61. lipgloss is my friend

    Doesn’t she always carry Mimco bags around?

  62. AWW hate the fact Robyn is ciming and Deborah sidelined. Going to be v. amusing to watch

  63. angelaseesangelablogs

    I swear someone is posting comments under different names.

  64. lipgloss is my friend

    To Who?

    Hey, I’m sure Pac. Mag are pissed off they managed to lose three of their best editors to ACP and News Mag. Kerrie McCallum was their payback though…

    Again, I’ll be interested in Deborah’s reaction when Robyn actually comes to AWW. I think she’ll be sick of listening to Robyn speaking with a slight lisp, and how she responds to questions or even convos slowly.

    Not only that, I’ve heard she’s chucked private tantrums at the fact management chose Robyn over her…just rumours people.

  65. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    I know you girls can’t read more than two lines at any one time, but READ THIS.

    Just one thing my husband pointed out this afternoon when he realised I had been abused by people on this blog for being 41.

    How often do older celebrities grace the covers of these pathetic glossy fashion magazines??? REGULARLY!!!

    How often are young models used on the cover??? The answer is HARDLY EVER!!!

    Next time Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, or Elle MacPherson is on a cover of a mag you choose to buy … check out the headline … because according to you bitches, it should read something like:

    “40+ YEAR OLD COW”

    and the editor should sign her name with …


    I rest my case. God help you all, YOU’RE GOING TO NEED IT.

  66. angelaseesangelablogs

    but Doutzen Kroes is on the cover of Vogue. I felt speacial because she told me that when i met her.

  67. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    yes, ok, so a 23 year old made it to the cover of Vogue. Whooppee bloody doo. Forty-two year old SarahJP made it to the cover of the Sunday Telegraph’s glossy mag … see? Oh, and Eva Longoria is on Marie Claire – she’s 33, Elle MacPherson is 43, Kylie turns 40 this year …

    POINT BEING … when it’s a celebrity … these fashion mag hags turn a blind eye to age, but when it’s a person who is not in the public eye, over 40 people – like me – are regarded as old – not nice you little wenches.

    Ever heard of the term “FORTY IS THE NEW THIRTY” ladies??? That would make all you twenty-something’s out there just about to hit puberty ….. ENJOY!!!

    PS Angela – none of this goes for you sweet – btw – saw your designs on your website – you have a real talent – love ’em, – love ’em love ’em! This is bye from me – back to work tomorrow – no – not a florist – I’m actually a web designer these days so I can work from home, hubby is a physio, and I help with my sister’s fledgling interior design business … probably ID’d myself now but who cares …

  68. abandoned sick parents

    i’m 40 myself and your still a pain

  69. abandoned sick parents

    make that you’re

  70. angelaseesangelablogs

    1-2-BuckleMyShoe- thanks! web designer hey? Awesome!
    Oh I love interior designing, blah! your life sounds pretty ok.
    Did you see my new blog entry? I don’t party with drunk people.

    Cya tomorrow.

    abandoned sick parents- It’s pretty fun being a pain.

  71. Robyn is a sweetheart, as anyone who’s actually ever worked with her would know.

  72. Oh come on lets just say it. Iconic mag. Level 5. Someone making life hell. HELLO? Do you have to be deaf dumb and blind to figure that one out. New editor anyone…?

    As for that other iconic mag, that could do with more of a cleanout than its had already with certain ppl moving on to unknown jobs that they try to beat up and make sound FABULOUS DARLING when in reality there just going back to the south west sydney hole they come from.

    It needs a whole lot of fresh blood becoz the BITCHES their need a good hard smack and a big cup of shut the fuck up. ooooh your so great becoz you work at an iconic acp mag. fuck off.

  73. I wouldn’t even wipe my bum with new idea. It looks terrible. Is she going to get AWW redesigned like that?

    Is Level 5 Cosmo or Cleo? Maybe I’m deaf dumb and blind…

  74. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    abandoned sick parents – you are not 40, because if you were, you wouldn’t have made THIS mistake: “your still a pain”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire …

    Hey Ang, I read your latest blog entry. You have your head screwed on girl!

  75. abandoned sick parents

    you cant help yourself 1,2… just stop posting

  76. Lipgloss is my friend, when did you hear the senior features job was filled already? I heard they were still doing interviews/collecting ideas?

  77. Gosh, I leave the site alone for a few days and come back to read about a teenager who hands in her Geography work? Angela don’t you go to a academically selective school? Shouldn’t you be concentrating on that instead of posting mindless comments that mean nothing to the magazine world and boring the visitors who think that they are reading up on something good seeing the spike in comments?

    If you want to chat to 1-2 and know more about her, Facebook or IM her and know her there. We don’t really want to read about it. You’re really ruining this blog by dribbling so much about crap.

  78. lipgloss is my friend

    To Jini:

    I know! I thought that to, til I found out recently too. I have no clue why the job is still up on the intranet. It’s like how certain jobs are still posted on the website/newspaper but the position is already taken.

  79. lipgloss is my friend

    PS. The person who got it isn’t in the main building.

  80. 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

    WRONG!!! Not Angela’s fault. Whichever fool said that needs to learn how to read more than two lines. Blonde?

    I wrote stuff at 200 wpm because the site was like a ghost-town when I found it – seems the tumbleweeds are returning, bit by bit.

    Anyway, now that the ecstacy-filled wenches are back, I’m happy to let you go back to your superficial, materialistic, obnoxious world … oh, and break a skinny leg when going for those jobs … no, I’m serious, break a friggin’ leg in 12 places!

    Over and out.


  81. Someone give 1-2-BuleMyShoe the keys to this blog because she’s the only one driving me to visit anymore.

  82. Are you serious Belle? It’s annoying having to wade through her and Angela’s crap just get to the one or two decent comments. What happened to Mag Hag approving the comments before they were put live?!

  83. What happened to Mag Hag full stop????

  84. Lipgloss, that sucks a lot – I know someone who was hoping for it and as of only last friday had to send some ideas over! Sneaky buggers.

  85. angelaseesangelablogs

    Boo you guys! Too bad you don’t want to see me and 1-2-BuckleMyShoe talk about our ever so exciting lives ignor it! Post your own drabble about your life at ACP or whatever.
    BTW Yoda- are you suggesting I should do more homework? -shakes head-


    ps. maybe you should email me 1-2-BuckleMyShoe

  86. Oh, 1 2, it has been a pleasure having you on this site. I can only take so much pretentious dribble from ‘fashion’ girls that have no real idea about the realities of life. I’m sure I will get my slamming, but I can turn off my computer at any time, and my reality Miss 3 and 10 months will bring me firmly back to earth. As you and I both now, most of them will eventually see that world for what it is…

    Angela….I love nothing more than the gusto, chram and belief of a 14 year old girl…it’s so inspiring. I’m enjoying my 30 and I know it’s a spirit like yours that will have a $4000 bag (if you choose) and you will TRUELY appreciate it.

    Now I’m off to my little princess to drag her away from my new 4 inch LAMBS. Little People Farm yard here I come…

  87. Angela, at least the energy will be much more worthwhile on schoolwork than on here. Some readers are tired of seeing you post here constantly.

    And for those who are hassling maghag to post stories, perhaps you should all focus on your own lives than living it through someone else’s. I’m sure she has a life and possibly *some* work to do.

  88. angelaseesangelablogs

    Well then Yoda. Why don’t you leave this blog alone and do ‘your work’?
    I’m sick of your posts too, but i choose to ignore them;-)


  89. Of course I do my work, I just don’t word vomit on this site daily like you do.

    On topic of magazines, Cosmo has officially been butchered by ‘Bron’. I used to be blind to the shameless advertising, now it is too OTT and lame. The back end of the magazine now feels empty without the extra clothes they feature there.

  90. 1-2AngelaRocks


    Angela – 3

    Bald Yoda – big, fat, over-sized Big Mac, super-sized meal, up-size me to a dress 24, cup size 26FFF, shoe size 11 … zerOOOOOOOOO

    Notes to self.
    Stop blogging (not welcome here anymore).
    Leave the “frustrated creativity” for my husband to enjoy …
    Email Angela.
    Shave head to make Yoda feel at home.
    Buy mag with Madonna on cover. No wait … isn’t she like, 50?????

  91. ‘Bron’ – eurgh. A snottier cow I never came across. She has wrecked Cosmo. May it RIP.

    And may her and all her stupid nasty little friends on the acp vanity titles all go back to whatever Northern Territory hole they came from.

  92. angelaseesangelablogs

    yah yah email me. Through my blog. new post

    Yoda- You are hilarious, I am a bloglimic!

    Isn’t Bron an ex teen mag editor?

  93. abandoned sick parents

    I will probably get shot down in flames – but I thought Mia Freedman was a brilliant editor of Cosmo.

    She did have some dubious practices though – remember the dress she ‘borrowed’ from the fashion department? Wore it into work the next day to the horror of the fashion editor – it was her personal dress she had brought in for a function!

  94. I remember that incident, wonder if they kissed and made up over that?

    Compared to what Bron is doing to the magazine now I have to agree with you that Mia was a great editor. The magazine was much fatter than it is this month. Even if it were loaded with advertising, at least I didn’t get through it as quickly as a trash filled NW (seriously if you buy those weeklies I pity you).

  95. abandoned sick parents

    NW used to have heaps of Aussie TV gossip but they don’t do that anymore. Shame. I used to buy it because of that. Maybe TV Week complained?

  96. 1-2ZZZzzzzzzzz

    Puhleez. If you “women” have aspirations to work in publishing, may I suggest you bring a little bit of Peri Peri into your writing, because the efforts ^^^^^^ have insomnia etched all over them …

    Oh, and since when do we refer to magazines as “fat” … brush up on your terminology please.

  97. lipgloss is my friend

    Jini: I know! That person will start that position in a month’s time too.

    Anyway, the other two positions are still available when I last heard about it.

  98. abandoned sick parents

    I am reluctant to respond to you and will ignore your existence from now on but you have to be the most annoying pain-in-the-butt, who writes like a daggy try-hard wannabe and I wish you would go away like you keep promising…

    I bet you wont be able to help yourself though. You will have to post again…

    I urge EVERYONE to just ignore her from now on…

  99. Lipgloss, any hints as to what mag she is leaving behind?

  100. angelaseesangelablogs

    1-2ZZZzzzzzzzz – 1. stop being a tight ass
    2. what an original name
    3. maybe you should check your grammar



  101. abandoned sick parents

    sorry 1-2, I went overboard, I didn’t mean that, come back anytime, we love you

  102. this blog is lame

    What happened to the comments on this blog being a great source of gossip? Now it just contains the somewhat boring conversations between three or four people who clearly don’t work in the industry. Can you all just bitch and moan to each other via email or MSN, because no one else cares! We want GOSSIP!

  103. russeltheluvmussle

    Now you have finished bagged out everyone you can think of (hiding behind your anons) you have started bagging out each other! Next, you will start eating your young!! Sad.

  104. 1-2 I thought you said you were leaving this site forever? You’re not true to your word.

    When will the keyboard warrior-ing stop!?

  105. I care!! It’s too funny… and in the absence of mag hag 1-2-BuckleMyShoe is a great source of amusement! Please come back :O)

    While I’m at it… even though we all know bron is a pain in the proverbial to work with, (so are/were all of mia’s chosen ones, not to mention they seem to be slowly getting the boot now that she’s got no say!!) the big C has been on a downward spiral for sometime now and lost a lot of fantastic staff due to you know who!

  106. I’m actually buying Cosmo again for the first time in ages – love the new Jen cover. All the recent covers have been really good.

  107. lipgloss is my friend

    Hey Jini,

    The person who got the features position at Cosmo hasn’t worked in a women’s lifestyle magazine before, but she has worked for the three letter company. She starts there at a month’s time.

    Anyway, she’s currently working at a magazine targeting 8-12 year old readers.

  108. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ Total Girl?

  109. lipgloss is my friend

    To angelaseesangelablogs:

    Total Girl is part of Pacific Mags, not ACP. But good guess =)

    I should’ve added, 8-12 year old male readers.

  110. angelaseesangelablogs

    Disney Adventures??

    how exciting!

  111. she must have been cheap as thats all that matters at the C mags.

  112. lipgloss is my friend

    In regards to character, Anon #13, the person isn’t cheap, in fact she’s a very nice person. She isn’t the typical girl covered in high street and/or fashion brands like a few of the workers in those mags.

  113. I meant the pay. Nice to know she is lovely. New editor of Cleo is supposed to be quite lovely too and not of that mould…

  114. sarah oakes is a brilliant editor. she can be a bit scary but i think she’s very talented and dedicated and not it for the glitz and glamour. more jackie frank style. and it will be interesting to see what she does with cleo. esp as she’s up againt bron again from their old girlfriend v dolly days. how come sarah got made eic and bron’s only and editor. does bronwyn have to report to sarah? how funny!

  115. I LOVE Jackie Frank’s style. No nonsense, genuine person. Wish Marie Claire could improve a little though, it’s missing some pizzaz which is what I love about it’s US counterpart (fashion and culture wise). Or perhaps the design is getting a little stale. I would love to see it get a redesign.

  116. I went for a design job on Marie Claire once. They made me do about 10 pages of test layouts.

    It’s not like it was brilliant design back then (unlike US Harpers from the early 90s) – and it hasn’t changed in over 10 years. Probably not the art directors fault – just an editor stuck in her ways or a bit too comfortable.

    And BTW, if Jackie Frank is so genuine why did staff have to throw their handbags across the door to her office to escape at 7pm every night – for fear she would see them leave…(is 7pm too early?)

  117. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    Ok, my little PussyCat glamour girls … all together now …

    Dontychya think I’m leavin’ … at seven pee emm…
    Dontchya think I’m leavin’ … and it don’t matter when …
    Dontchya think I’m the queen of stayin’ late … Dontchya think your a pain in the proverbial of late …

    Dontchyaaaaa …. Dontchyaaaaaa

  118. Sarah Oakes, scary? Nuh-uh. She’s the most lovely and adorable person in the magazine industry, IMO.

  119. angelaseesangelablogs


    WAAAAHHHHAYYYYYY thats hilarious.

  120. Ugh, I reaaaaaaaaaaally can’t stand ‘Cosmopolitan’ again. Why, oh why did Sarah Wilson have to leave.. honestly, ‘Cosmopolitan’ is TERRIBLE now.

  121. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    OK Pussycats ……

    BBBbbbottoms out …
    Glossy MAC’d lips pursed
    And we’re ready to Dontchyaaaaaa ………

    Dontycha think that Cosmo’s, just sooo, uhm, like, traaaaash …

    Dontchya think that Cleo’s, really, REALLY flaaaash,

    Dontchya think that New Idea’s gone to the dogs,

    Dontchya think the old hags won’t know how to wear their togs?

    Dontchyaaaaaaaa …… Dontchyaaaaaa …….

  122. pookie – you’ve probably never seen sarah oakes in action. she can be hella scary, but i think that just comes from her killer ambition. all successful people are slightly scary at times i think. not a bad thing.

  123. angelaseesangelablogs

    Yes Cosmo is trash
    Cleo sucks
    New Idea… I’ve never been dumb enough to pick up a copy

  124. lipgloss is my friend

    I can’t wait to see how Sarah Oakes edits for Cleo, she’s done heaps for Girlfriend and its features are better than Dolly. If you look at the circulation and readership of the RMR stats, GF overall is doing better than Dolly and has increased it’s readership by at least 50,000.

    Man, working in this industry, pay is the last thing you should have high expectations for.

  125. I can assure you that GF has not increased its readership and isn’t doing better than Dolly according to RMR.

  126. angelaseesangelablogs

    NYAH! I hate Dolly and GF. Though i am somewhat glad GF is doing better

  127. Click to access Top%20100%20Readership%20Dec%2007.pdf

    Dolly beats GF if you go to the latest Roy Morgan readership figures. Maybe GF needed The Chaser on board…(a production error)

  128. lipgloss is my friend

    If you compared the data from previous RMR stats, yeah GF has increased…didn’t say it overtook Dolly though.

  129. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    Stats, figures, readership, circulation, data …

    I can’t think of anything more invigorating, exciting, marvellous, magnificent, impressive, remarkable, inspiring, tremendous, extraordinary, moving, touching, astonishing and … simply splendid!

    Glorious darlings, glooooorious indeed!

    … as you slide down the bannister of life, remember me as a splinter …

    … ouch!

  130. Splinter – painful and difficult to get rid of. Yep.

    Last time GF saw any sort of r’ship increase was a year and a half ago.

  131. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    Anon … may I suggest something? Just treat the ‘splinter’ like you do your work, ignore it …

    Oh, and the correct pronunciation is “y-e-s”. Repeat after me. Y-E-S.

    “Yep” is for those naughty children with freckled faces, missing teeth and baseball caps, who grace the cover of that wonderful publication called MAD!

    Don’t tell me, you’re the editor of MAD magazine!

    Garn, spit it out, you are arentchya …

  132. Someone get me tweezers…this splinter is more like a plank.

  133. oh you know you are sad individual angela.

  134. angelaseesangelablogs

    It’s rather sad that you try and blend in with all the other anons.

  135. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    It’s ok Angela, “anon” is accustomed to blending in …

    As a matter of fact, I believe that “anon” luuurves to “blend” in with some of the best cocktail waiters on this side of Neptune …

    Here’s something a little special, just for you “anon” … enjoy …

    The “Anonymous” Sangria

    One can of Mellow Yellow …
    Some over-ripened fruit …
    A bottle of cheap, nasty champagne …

    Blend for 3 minutes, pour, drink …

    and “arriva, arriva …. de anonymouse” …

  136. Are you drunk?

  137. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    Not a chance. Clean living individual. No drugs. No cigarettes. No alcohol. No chewing gum. No peppermint lollies. No cream puffs. No chocolate sultanas. No Monte Carlo biscuits even.

    Oh dear. I’m missing Big Bwudda …

  138. Since Mag Hag isn’t leaving much gossip – here’s a little tit bit…

    Beware Level 10. You have just inherited a woman that knows how to let them rip and does so frequently. Must be all the indulgent food.

  139. Sorry Angela, I’ve no need to get creative on my name. I’m not here to whore my blog or my personality. No one really cares.

  140. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    Anon, I’m searching high and low for something that rhymes with “bitter old witch”, but nothing’s coming to mind just now … I’ll get back to you …

    in the meantime … stop eating cabbage !!!!

    … level 10 is getting annoyed with you …

  141. 1-2 you must have NOTHING to do to be loitering around this blog every 5 mins

    From another anon

  142. Geez, now don’t get me wrong, but weren’t 1-2 and Angela warring with words not too long ago. Seems like they’re the best of chums now. What has the world come to!!!

    Oh, as for Level 10, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing about the gas. Everyone else can play the fart game, and not feel bad 😉

  143. 1-2 and Angela, you two have single handedly made this blog a bore. Congratulations.

  144. from another anon, I like 1-2, funny atleast

  145. This blog is dead

  146. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    I was on here at 10.07am and then on and off from 6.50pm for an hour or two. Yeah, that’s like, every 5 minutes … are you blonde?

    During the day, I was busy thank you very much …

    What were you doing? Shining your faux leather chair with your much too tight Big W skirt in your level one alley-view office … ???

    Dontchyaaaaaaa …

  147. 9-10 A big fat hen

    Dear 1-2, When will you ever get the hint. You are ruining this blog. Soon it will be just you and Angela banging on about yourselves – you trying to be funny (which you are not), Angela sticking up for you. You will probably write back to this message with a woeful poem, a pathetic pussy cat dolls ditty, or some stupid insult. Cant you see what a pest you are?

    Maybe this will say it more simply for you…
    Unbuckle your shoe and ram it up your friggin’ arse.

    And I suggest anyone wanting web design in Willoughby give it a second thought…

  148. Bloody sick of 1-2 ruining this blog

    1-2 no one cares how many times you actually logged on or off, there is no denying that you and angela have hyjacked this blog.

    Want proof? Go and count the number of posts you and Angela have compared to everyone else. Notice a difference?

    I used to love this site but I’m sick of hearing from you two, you have nothing relevent to contribute.

    If you want to post ‘witty’ comments on the internet go and start your own f*cking blog, stop ruining this one.


    PS – I know it’s not my blog either, this is my first and only post. Don’t bother responding with a smart arse remark if you want me to bite back because I won’t. I have said what I came here to say and now I’m done.

  149. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    I apologise.
    Ever so sorry.
    Didn’t mean to.
    My mistake.
    So very sorry.

    … It’s NOT Big W.

    … Anon wears SUPRE.

    My bad.

    Dontchyaaaaa …….

  150. Well this blog died a sudden death didn’t it? MagHag has gone AWOL, and it’s become about a 40 year old and a 14 year old having a conversation with each other with no relevance whatsoever to the magazine industry.

  151. Mag Hag can you please go back to approving comments, I am sick to death of this moron trying to be funny.

  152. Anon#17, any comments by someone called by THAT name will now have to be approved by me.

    So continue your bitch and moan about your fellow staffers in peace 😉

  153. Well, if you want some goss, I can reveal that John’s been INCREDIBLY busy on level 7 in cubicle one this week.

    HUGELY busy. He’s really left his mark.

    But will he be on level 7 for much longer? Or will he be trading in cubicle one for the white stuff?


    Sorry guys..i noe im really annoying..

  155. I think all you ACP gals need a Sea Change! What is it that makes you all so bitter and twisted. Yes entertaining, without a doubt, but !We are much happier on the other side of the bridge, well I am anyway, sure we have politics etc, but really, is this nastiness really that satisfying. ouch! Glad you are not my friends, colleagues etc. Now as for the teen mags, really, you should all learn your facts first. It seems you are all mis informed and not that mag savvy cos if you were you would know your stuff! But rest assured that the “happier” of the two does not denouce the other, especially at trade preso’s, really lame. And furthermore, as for SO, she is a rock’ and if you know her well you really wouldn’t be speaking so much bull*%^& so clearly you don’t know her well and with that don’t really have ground to comment….anon! etc! And another thing, you who “hates” those mags, WOW fierce, did something happen?! Perhaps you missed out didums?? You obviously don’t know those mags well. Pity, they are the future and you seemed to be pigeon holed Clearly, you don’t know the insudtry well, are narrow minded and just plain nasty. Teen is not your area so keep you pretty mouth shut as you are not an expert. Stick to your deteriorating magazine.
    Kiss kiss

  156. Apologies, that was directed to anon17 and Sarah. And Angela you have spunk and much more talent at your age than these witthered old tarts do…….oh dear, I am starting to sound like them. nite

  157. Learn how to construct a sentence

  158. angelaseesangelablogs

    Seriously, who’s trying to pass off as me?
    1. i have a picture when i post.
    2. when i post with out the pic, my name links to my blog.

    3. it’s, just, i mean, sort of, ish, mean

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