Hey guys

Hi guys, Stacy here… you might remember me as the girl who was on Merrick and Rosso a few weeks back. I think a link to the radio interview is on their site somewhere. They’re closing line is the funniest.

Well I’m going to be blogging here at 4 Inch Heels Only for a few weeks while MagHag is working on a some projects. I’m a little new to blogging, so bare with me.

I really don’t have much else to report just yet, but we did get a rather amusing piece of information that I wanted to share and to let you guys know someone is still here.

Here’s a little something we got from J.J. last week, we had to edit the second sentance a little… but you get the drift:

The industry is shocked to hear Donna Armstrong is going to edit a US title when she sunk New Woman. It should be interesting to see if she continues to be “inspired” by other overseas titles and makes full use of her sub editors over there.

x Stacy

103 responses to “Hey guys

  1. This blog is getting stupider by the day.
    Yes it did start out as something new and exciting to everyone- but it’s just become a bitchy forum for jealous, green-eyed bitches. Stacy as you said you’re new to blogging- maybe try starting by blogging about something that is actually of interest to people.
    The fact that new woman closed was because of a declining readership over a long period of time, the fact they actually didn’t have an editor for 6 months, the fact that they never had any loyal readers, the fact that the market is so competitive at the moment, the fact they were under staffed, that neither Emap or ACP would invest money into it and because as soon as the rumours came out about it closing that all advertisers pulled their money…
    Anyway from what I’ve heard the new woman girls are better off since the closure- Donna included.

  2. Here, here – great comment by ??? ???. New Woman’s closure had nothing to do with the Editor – it was long gone before she even arrived. Bring back ELLE magazine I say!

  3. Oh my God, this is tragic.

    Mag Hag has put a juvenile understudy in her place?

    And one that can’t write a sentence without making a mistake?


    How old are you and what have you done with Mag Hag?

    The previous post ^^^^^ has a good point. Give us some decent material to read please.

    Can you do that please?????

  4. This blog is an embarrassment. It started off really well, good goss. But now coming here and saying that mag hag is too busy to blog, she’s busy with some projects? I think it would be alot more interesting to tell the truth, whether it is that mag hag has been busted, or that she genuinely has nothing interesting to write.
    Or maybe this “stacy” is actually mag hag..?
    There’s no reason to keep this blog if there is nothing interesting to say, or if your going to go almost three weeks without blogging at all.
    You might as well just delete this blog, and stop wasting your time.

  5. Stacy, it’s funny that this piece has a dig at someone else’s use of sub-editors when you could do with one yourself. I don’t usually draw attention to things like that but if you’re talking about the writing industry, the least you could do is spell correctly and use the right homophone.

    Well, not “the least you could do”. That would, of course, mean not blogging at all, which would be better than publishing old gossip that isn’t based in truth.

    And the industry is “shocked” to hear Donna got the job? Jealous, more like. Good luck to her!

  6. Now that Mag Hag has boycotted her own blog, I am doing the same.

    To those who are hanging on for some decent goss; reality check! It’s not going to happen. Mag Hag is so over this blog, why should we continue to support her?

    Please boycott this blog and send her a very clear message.

  7. I agree, this blog is an embarassment! and I feel like an idiot for coming back here to check that there was something decent to read.

    This will be the last time I check this site.

  8. Glad I’m not the only one Annabel. I’m going to check the blog for the rest of this week, and if Mag Hag doesn’t return by 5pm this Friday the 13th of June, then I’ll be deleting this blog from my favourites once and for all.

    Not responding to those people that helped Mag Hag get this blog known etc, is very rude.

    No hard feelings Stacy, but you’re not the same thing.

  9. Poor Stacy

  10. Hrm, all these comments sound like they’re coming from “jealous, green-eyed bitches” too. Especially since you have endorsed Mme Question-Marks.

    Dunno why you bothered coming back and wasting your time if you realised it was going down hill way before the rest of us. Why bother yourselves posting about lame boycotts — if you weren’t such precious little drama queens, you’d just hit the x and close the browser, but you didn’t.

    If you’re all so keen for goss why don’t you do something and start your own?

    http://www.worpress.com and http://www.blogger.com are both free. Quit yer bitching and do something productive with your lives. Or get back to work.

    Keep blogging Stacy, ignore the haters . They’re the ones who spend their time whinging about life instead of being constructive — the worst sort of consumers at the bottom of the info-chain who add nothing but a sign-post of their desperation 😛

  11. angelaseesangelablogs

    sorry stacy, you just don’t cut it.

  12. Oh dear,

    “They’re closing line is the funniest”.

    Don’t you mean THEIR closing line …

    They’re = They are, so you must be saying: ” They are closing line is the funniest”.

    Sense? Much? Not?


    “while MagHag is working on a some projects”.

    Learn to read what you write before you go to print!

    I “sentance” you to school detention!

    Gosh. What are they teaching you kids these days?

    Attention to d-e-t-a-i-l will get you places, sloppiness will not.

  13. Hi I’m Merrick and Rosso’s best friend’s next door neighbour’s house cleaner. You might have seen me shooting up on the Darlinghurst strip. Not much to report except I’m uneducated and full of shit.

  14. tee hee! jack that was fantastic!

  15. Donna Armstrong is an editor for which US magazine title?

  16. Jeez, poor Stacy.

    Have you posters thought for one second that the girl is just trying to help out. You’ve been less than welcoming to her. I’m sure Maghag will be most impressed.

    The poor girl said she’s new at blogging so bear with her. Perhaps she doesn’t work or strive to work in the fickle industry of ours.

    I’m sure you’ve all well and truly scared the poor girl off now, and most likely Maghag will utter one final post wishing you all well, given the roasting you have executed on Stacy.

    Some people do take holidays and do also travel overseas in our industry, so Maghag is probably rather busy…and placed trust in her friend to keep this alive…

    …play nice, god knows there’s enough monsters out there kids.

  17. First time commentor

    You awful, awful people. Who do you think you are? You want posts, you got a post!

    Angela, I am seriously over you and your comments. I truly don’t care who you think ‘cuts it’ or not or whether you drink and shop in Supre. We aren’t here to find out who you are, that’s why we avoid your blog.

  18. Hahaha good one jack!

  19. First time commentor- i really don’t care if you’re sick of it or not.

  20. Angela,
    should you not be at school doing work or giggling about boys? rather than writing 1-5 word comments every hour on the hour?

    No doubt you will have an equally mature come back to this, but someone did make a valid point, no matter what industry you set your sights on, they will no doubt have a “google”, as many employers do in this day and age, and find all this banter on forums, that really are not required.

    I’m not picking on you, but am an observer of your posts and others since this blog started. If you have new fresh info on the posts topic then please provide! otherwise perhaps blog all your frustrations on your own blog.

    All the best

  21. To the bullies – you know who you are.

    A little unfair to focus on Angela don’t you think? Why point the finger at her and not the others? At least she uses the same username everytime.

    The girl’s got guts; and that’s a recipe for success as far as I’m concerned. Leave her alone. The blog is dead anyway.

    Oh, and those supporting Stacy, yes, all well and good, but this is supposed to be Mag Hag’s blog; no explanation before she left on her 6 week voyage to Greenland? Bit sad really.

  22. angelaseesangelablogs

    nayyy, I’m sick of arguing, call me immature i don’t care any more.

  23. What a debut! Great spelling, oh, and that news was so fresh! I am hooked for sure on this blog.


  24. Poor Angela – she cops a beating! Justified or otherwise. I want Jack to keep blogging – come back Jack you funny thing! Awful or not – it made me laugh – out loud.
    Hey has anyone heard any inside info on Grazia? Also what about the fact that Deborah Thomas, Editor of AWW is soon to be sitting with the rest of the staff and will be working on parenting titles – eeeek she must be mortified and soooo upset – how embarrassing! What’s that saying….mmm …’what goes around comes around’….. ouch!

  25. Marina, is that you?

  26. No it’s not Marina….but I know who she is too…. I was just trying to start some real ‘mag hag’ blogging rather than all the catty fighting.

  27. Whoa… everyone bashing Stacy. People sticking up for Angela. Has the world gone mad?!?

    Though the more things change, the more they stay the same. How’s John holding up these days?

  28. TallPoppy said: “I was just trying to start some real ‘mag hag’ blogging rather than all the catty fighting”

    ROFLMAO, keep trying possum …

  29. Please explain ROFLMAO – sorry but I’m not as with it as you!
    Why don’t you contribute something of value rather than picking on what others are writing. What have you got to add of value?
    Maybe you’re too busy in the kitter litter MEOW! Or are you possibly Deborah Thomas and the truth hurts??? Go back to your scratching pole puss!

  30. Tall Poppy,


    Is, Rollin On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off !

  31. Thanks Scar.
    Interesting that MEOW is that hard up for a good belly laugh!

  32. ROFLMAO … Deborah Thomas … hilarious!

    Your left leg is my scratching pole. Check under your desk! Made you look. ROFLMAO again.

    Valuable input? Nope, can’t think of anything. You?

  33. Meow and Growl – same person – yep I’m thinkin so! Go back to work sweetie!

  34. “Meow and Growl – same person – yep I’m thinkin so!”

    DOH! It’s not is it? Your IQ must be weally weally high to work that one out.

    Work? I prefer to call it a labour of love.

    Got anything yet? Valuable input I mean.

  35. nah actually i’m weally weally dumb! hence my poor grammar.
    btw – FUCKOFF – in case you don’t know what that means FUCKOFF and if you still don’t understand FUCKOFF!
    Teeee heeee now I’m ROTFLMAO! Teeee heeee!

  36. Tall – and stupid – Poppy,
    Perhaps you would be better off heading out to Red Rooster with your feral little westie bogan mates as opposed to commenting when you have nothing better to say than fuck off…..
    a little originality and a little less profanity please – you’re only showing us your lack of class and intelligence….

  37. How original. Surely you can do better than that? Come on, give us all you’ve got.

    Three exclamation marks would have given it more impact.

    Meow … !!!

  38. What’s btw?
    Before The Wedgy?
    Bum Too Wide?


  39. Actually you’d be surprised…
    Red rooster – don’t eat it
    Feral – definitely not me
    Westie – i don’t think so not that there’s anything wrong with the West
    Nothing better to say than f…off – well that’s true
    Lack of class – I have loads
    Lack of intelligence – definitely not lacking
    Like my profanity – your drabble doesn’t impress either! Is that original enough for you? I’m so sorry that I just don’t make it on this site, I’m off to cry in a corner from being picked on by catty people.
    Air-kisses to you! Tall-and Stupid-Poppy xxx

  40. Hello WHO ME? with the question mark! I love an exclamation mark! Sorry but it’s a really bad habit that I’m trying to break! But unfortunately, like chocolate, I’m addicted to them! How many’s that? Not that you’d be counting! Come on, write back…give ME all YOU’VE got!!! Have I given it enough impact???
    Gosh I love this blog! It’s the place where long-term friends are made…just like the magazine industry.
    Bye-bye sweets. x

  41. bbbberrrryyyyyyyyy …

    Air kisses right back atchya …

  42. sandrabollocks

    Wow, you gals are really a nasty bunch of so and sos. You have reminded me why I hate working with so many women. Why the need for profanity? Is your life so sad that you have to come here and let off some steam by insulting someone you don’t know on a really lame blog? Do you think your insults are witty and clever? I think I’m deleting this off my favourites page as there is nothing much to read here anymore.That is all.

  43. the only profanity I saw was from TallPoppy, the rest was amusing

    nobody will miss you sandra

  44. These comments are giving me a personality disorder. It’s laugh/cringe/laugh/cringe…

  45. angelaseesangelablogs

    Ha, and you say I have nothing interesting to contribute.
    -rolls eyes-
    I won’t tell you to get back to work, probably because you don’t work, or maybe you work from home and have self control issues so you can’t help but bitch here. Maybe you should start a forum, maybe it’ll be bigger than tFS (the fashion spot)?

  46. I think many career-minded women lose their child-like sense of fun and spirit as they climb the ladder of success.

    Don’t be so serious all the time, it’s not attractive and it ages you.

    Why don’t you try stomping in a rain puddle once in a while; it’s quite liberating, and besides, the shoes and pantyhose will wash.

    Lighten up!

  47. Everyone, get back to work! No one Cares!

  48. TallPoppy quote: “… what about the fact that Deborah Thomas, Editor of AWW is soon to be sitting with the rest of the staff and will be working on parenting titles – eeeek she must be mortified and soooo upset – how embarrassing!”

    Yeah, it must be MORTIFYING to work on parenting mags – actually making a difference to people’s lives, teaching them to be better parents and raise happier kids… Deborah must really be devastated!

    Or maybe she’s realised there’s more to life than who’s wearing what/which celebs are divorcing/what Kate Hudson eats for lunch?

    Nah, people in the industry only enjoy working for the glossy fab mags, that must be it.

  49. I have a theory and I may be right.

    Mag Hag is on holiday in America.

    Mag Hag told Stacy about Donna.

    Stacy wrote the blog.

    PS Darkstar. AWW doesn’t have anything to do with what Kate Hudson had for lunch/who wore what/celebrity divorces – have you ever read it? It has parenting, and cooking, and knitting, and puzzles, and gardening, and newsy features up the front. Also, it is the biggest selling mag in Australia and quite an honour to edit – so to now be working on mags that sell 50,000 copies if they are lucky is almost like being sent to the departure lounge for useless employees. Even if it was her choice (doubt it) she wouldn’t like the perception…

    And to all you anal subs out there:
    Just because people can’t spell or mix their sentences up means nothing – they can still say brilliant, meaningful things. (hey, I used ‘mean’ twice – go shoot me).

    U better get used 2 it 2 as in 20 yrs we will b writing like this. I will b laughing!

  50. I agree, it doesn’t mean much when commenters don’t have impeccable spelling or grammar. Reasonable people forgive that. It does, however, mean something if you are paid to write and yet still can’t construct a sentence without misplacing an apostrophe. A lot of the mag and blog ‘writers’ I know are chatty, bubbly girls whose prose is ‘conversational’, to put it kindly, and they would be infinitely more suited to TV. But they didn’t choose that medium, they chose magazines (and in some cases books, god help us), so I feel that they owe the rest of us the courtesy of caring a bit more about their job.
    ps: You’re right, subs are anal, it’s THEIR job. Guess they care about it. Ok, drunken rant over.

  51. monkey and yeahbut

    I can only see a couple of references to poor grammar, the rest of it was about the poor standard of this blog. Stacy gave us cr@p. Is that because she and her friends are “chatty, bubbly girls whose prose is ‘conversational’”. I see nothing in this blog that shows an ounce of “chatty”. She hasn’t been back inover a week!

    And to the tool that thinks we’ll b writing lyk dis in 20 years. The English language does evolve, but it will never evolve into single letter phrasing. It’s a fad.

    Mag hag on holiday ?? Well then why didn’t she say that? A real blogger would have done so.

  52. I wasn’t talking about this blog. I was talking about rubbish magazine writers. But this blog is rubbish too – the whole thing, not just Stacy’s post.

  53. ps – I was drunk!

  54. haha, at least you’re honest!

  55. Hey, it’s the tool back…

    It’s not a fad. I saw an ad for a medical product for 40+ women and it had a ‘4’ on it instead of ‘for’… and a picture of Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Now if that doesn’t prove that it is creeping into common usage…

    PS Mag Hag can’t tell us she is on holiday as she doesn’t want the boss to know because it’s a bit of a giveaway don’t you think….

  56. monkey, what you saw was an advertisement, and the use of “4” instead of “for” is just a bit of creativity.

    The likes of 4, ru, b, 2 (and all the other text speak type words), will not appear (in any capacity) in legislation, encylopedias, autobiographies, the bible or any other legitimate or official document you can think of. It may continue to appear in magazines such as Dolly etc, and of course mobile phones, but nothing more than that. There is a simple reason for this. How can writing “2”, be of any possible benefit, given the word “to” takes all of a millisecond to write and comprehend. To write “2” in every piece of writing would be plain ridiculous and of no benefit.

    Sry 2 bst ur bbl.

  57. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ yeah maghag would try and tell us as little about her personal life as possible.

    Its sad dat theyre all tlkin lyk dis evn dough it doeznt save any typin
    and it actually requires more work.

  58. so does this mean stacy knows who maghag is ????????????????????????????????????

  59. Doh! Yes, one can safely assume this to be the case.

  60. Umm, did anybody else notice anything strange with the new issue of Cleo, or did I miss the joke? There’s two ed’s letters, two mastheads – it looks like there’s a mistake? (But then perhaps it was intentional and the joke is on me?)

  61. first time i didnt buy cleo..
    im soooooooooooo over it
    did i miss anything

  62. It seems this blog is officially FINITO.

    Bye bye mag hag. Bye bye all.

    Gone …………………….

  63. Ranter, you’re an idiot if you think legislation documents and the like will define English language in 20 years. What Monkey was referring to was common usage English – what people use everyday and what appears in mainstream press. Ye all nayeth speaketh thy Queen’s English but thou dost maketh it not wrongeth, nay?

  64. Hi What The?

    It myst have only been your issue, I got mine a few days ago and just read your post, have just checked mine & mines normal, but HELL BORING, no Kylie, fear not! you didn’t miss a thing, not one thing!


  65. I also did not mind any errors in the copy I picked up. But yeah, boring it was, I expected a bit more from Sarah.

  66. “mind” = “find”.

  67. Hey did anyone else notice that Van De Vorst chick who is dating Daniel Johns was on the back page of this week’s 9 to 5 (free publication handed out at most sydney train stations on mondays) modeling for Glassons! hahahaha Glassons! I thought she more a vogue type girl who would model labels such as dior,chnel etc etc..or so the daily telegraph would like to have us think…..
    don’t know if its def her though but am 99.99% sure….
    anyone else see it?….she looks similar to gemma ward

  68. Well I was sort of excited when I saw a new title on the blog…then I read it and then….not so much.

  69. I just realized they’re not even doing the “cute heel pic” anymore….

  70. Okay well in MY magazine, everything is as normal until you get to the beauty section – once you flip the page over, you start over at the beginning of the magazine again – the contents are repeated, the editor’s letter, masthead, reader letters – EVERYTHING is repeated up until the beauty section AGAIN but then the magazine just continues like normal – I thought I was going crazy at first and head to look at it another ten times, I couldn’t believe it! But apart from that, I was incredibly disappointed with the issue, too. I thought Sarah Oakes was going to be great.

  71. I agree – Cleo has gone downhill since Nedahl left. Sarah has made it more like Girlfriend and that’s not a good thing. Such a shame.

  72. Speaking of that, ACP has done a lot of GF poaching. With a few in Cosmo and Cleo, interesting times ahead.

  73. ‘Hils’ – hmmm, I’m afraid that I didn’t think it was that fantastic when Nedahl was there, either! (But she was okay) – but I completely agree with you, I’m only 19, yet I feel like whenever I read Cosmo or Cleo lately they’ve been written for thirteen year-olds! (Especially Cosmo, iccccccccccccck it’s so bad now!)

  74. I agree What The, it hasn’t been great for awhile, but I didn’t think it could get much worse and it has. The issue that is currently on sale is awful, from the cover shot to the younger content. I don’t think all this poaching from GF is turning out to be a good thing…

  75. Well, that’s what management wanted. Anyway, is Jacqui Mooney becoming editor of Shop? She’s left the deputy editor position of Cleo. Wondering what she’s doing now.

  76. Dear ‘What the?’, I have to agree with you about Cleo and Cosmo, they’re soooo bad these days, I don’t dare touch them.

  77. I am in utter shock at the editor’s letter in the latest issue of Yen. It takes the whole sitting-on-your-high-horse thing to new levels.

  78. is K.B. still the Yen editor??

  79. Yes, at least in the latest issue it says she is, although it was reported on here that she resigned.
    Considering magazines work months in advance her name may be seen in Yen for a little bit longer.

  80. Hey does anyone know if the magazine Dazed & Confused is still around? I haven’t seen it for a while but that might be because of my dodgy newsagent, has anyone seen it lately?

  81. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ yeah I think I saw it at Borders not long ago but it could have been a back issue

  82. Hey Rachel,

    Dazed & Confused has been axed. I do miss it though. =(

  83. I don’t miss the Australian Dazed at all. It was terrible.

  84. The trouble with Dazed was that it was meant to be a men’s magazine … but its readership seemed purely female. It was reported on here before that there have been some shakeups at PTMG.

  85. oh thanks for the info guys – yeah I could never quite tell if I was it’s target audience or not – actually I could never quite figure who it’s target audience was. I did like it though. oh well.

  86. angelaseesangelablogs

    ahah thanks for the info XYZ, I never would have thought it was a men’s mag.

  87. What happened?

    Where is mag hag? What happened to Stacy? I though Stacy was filling in….she wrote once and never came back….haven’t been here for a while but it’s seriously gone quiet.

  88. I second you, What happened…Where is Maghag’s and Stacy’s replacement? Is this blog officially over?

  89. I think the resounding silence says it all.

  90. angelaseesangelablogs

    I think maghag got found out…

  91. I think mag hag just jumped ship and the Stacy thing was a fake. Let it die, it’s over.

  92. angelaseesangelablogs

    RIP maghag

  93. Jacqui Mooney is going to be editor of Bride to Be…. that is what I heard. I’m fairly sure the new ed of Shop was the dep, or associate ed or something along those lines…. there seems to have been alot of shake ups everywhere lately…
    I actually really like Sarah Oakes, she seems like one of the most genuine people in the industry….

    I wonder who is going to head the new Glamour mag?

  94. I have interviewed Sarah Oakes before and yes, she did seem quite genuine.

  95. What happened?

    Justine Cullen is new editor of shop. she was previously doing beauty and features for them. she’ll be a great editor. she’s already doing shop4kids.

  96. angelaseesangelablogs

    fwaaaahhhh anyone watching today tonight? Kirstie acts out about bullying. I say good on her!

  97. This blog rules… Its so much better than the awful trash we have in America. If you want to see what the american kids are wasting their time on, you should look at this.
    This won best local blog in our local weekly free rag and editors choice for best “Venomous Blog.” We are so so so bored here in America.
    What a fun blog 4 inch heels only is. Come on MAG HAG. Get back from Holiday. Maybe your MAG HAG is Our DEFAME person. She’s on vacation too.

    I am thrilled to have found this blog, I hope MAGHAG comes back. Maybe she came to US and works for Conde Nast, my old alma matter… that building has the best cafeteria…..

  98. Hmmm, off topic – but can anyone help me. In the 8 September issue of NW mag, in the ‘Outfits of the Week’ section, page 50-something, Miranda Kerr is carrying a cute handbag – anyone know what brand and where to get it? Much obliged…

  99. Vogue.com.au Sucks

    Word is vogue.com.au’s online producer, Melllll, is a very full of her ‘gong-blonde self and recently showed her true colours at a recent function demanding to be given more than two goody bags (worth over $200 each) and stumbled out quite drunk. It was a sight for the other ladies in attendance, and the PR girls had a few choice words for her once she walked out of ear shot.

    Though the Barbie’s in the online team at News Mags are quite full of themselves and back stabbed their way into the job. Quite fitting for a brand that isn’t known for being nice.

  100. Hey,

    I’m the tech manager at News mags, home of Vogue.com.au among other totally brilliant websites.

    Having known Mel since high school and having worked with the voguettes for the past year, I have to say they’re all awesome, Mel’s a standup girl, so either you’re making things up about the poor girl or you’ve totally misread a situation, maybe you didn’t get a job here and you’re annoyed (which I totally get and I’m sorry to hear about – there’s an awesome vibe here and you really are missing out) …or maybe she stole a guy you were keen on, I don’t know.

    Whatever it is that’s driven you to post such things anonymous I can’t be sure of, I can tell you from where I sit, you’re way off the mark and what you’ve said is so ridiculous you should be sued for slander…

    Vogue.com.au rocks. ‘Nuff said.

  101. now there are two sides to the story… will someone else who was at the said event please speak up?

  102. It is a well known fact that “voguettes” are only nice to people they think matter. So its no surprise really that the website one thinks she special.

    If you take away their forum, their website has NOTHING but stale content and images you can see first on Style.com.

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