Well hello there

And in that time frame, so much has happened! I just caught up with all the newest comments – which had me cackling with glee. I’m glad the truths about certain people had come out in the time while I was on hiatus.

The other day I heard a few girls talk about this little baby and it reminded me that it was quite fun in a naughty way, so I might have to return to semi-regular updates.

Since it has been a while, I need to know a few things:

  • What do you think of Huckbody’s Bazaar? Chica than Vogue?
  • Is Grazia worth it’s $20 a month price tag?
  • What did you think of Paula Joye’s performance on Project Runway Australia and the gushing contestants who were in awe of her title.
  • Did you hear that nasty rumor flying around about the “‘gong blonde“? I definitely need to talk to her one of these days and get to know her, she sounds like my kinda gal 😉
  • Is anyone looking forward to Australian Glamour? After waiting for it to launch since Shop first did, does anyone actually care for another Marie Claire/Madison/Cosmo/Cleo-esque title? Zzzzzzzzzzz. At least Sig has a full time job to call home again.

So the final question on your glossed lips are – where have I been? Oh darlings, that is a secret I’ll never tell.

Gosh how cliched. But that the world of glossy magazines and lip gloss right?

So tell me, what have YOU been up to?

18 responses to “Well hello there

  1. What have I been up to? Subbing the dross; making sure we don’t publish old gossip as new news; keeping my contributors safe from ‘Media Watch’ and litigation (well, trying to); and reading Toby Young’s ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’ as professional development. How lovely to have you back, by the way.

  2. So good to see you back again…I’ve been missing the fun naughtiness…

  3. Angela Sees Angela Blogs

    Glad to see you back,
    -Jamie Huckbody is pretty good IMO, HB feels fresher.
    -Project What?
    -After seeing Agynes Deyn on Grazia I stop buying it.
    -Australian Glamour? Another trashy try hard magazine, just what we need…

    Dish some real goss!

  4. for the record – the last blog i typed was on my phone. spelling errors and no double checking ensue. then after all the bashing people wondered why i didn’t keep “filling in”. for all those who didn’t listen to the radio interview i don’t live in sydney (or nsw) and i don’t work in the mag industry. but we’re back so i’ll let maghag do what she does best 🙂

  5. oh you are so yesterday’s trite.. Go back to Hugo’s.. Or obsessing over paula..!!

  6. Maghag, dishing out the gossip is too risky, which is why we love you. But please be careful this time and perhaps try and be NICE. I know it’s hard for you and all, but how about just reporting on news in the mag world instead of bitchy gossip.

    Or is that not fun at all??

  7. *paula joye was a bit mean – dont think it did much to promote madison, just made her look bossy.
    *grazias a great mag but who has the time? and whats with the identical covers? i cant tell if ive read it or not. am i the only one? this week is better.
    * does that mean sig is the beauty editor?

  8. i’m still reading that novel… but above my desk now. thanks for exposing me, i don’t have to hide anymore.

  9. *Jamie’s HB had a great debut issue, but meh ever since.

    * Paula seemed mean, cold and very unlikeable on PR, though I loved her outfit.

    * Although I hate myself for buying anything editored by Alison [complete tosser], I do love Grazia. I find it takes me longer to read than any of the monthlies. I’m really enjoying the weekly fashion hit, and some of the editoral comments and columns are hilarious. Love the laughs.

    * Australian Glamour? Who knew. We’re going to need something to replace Marie Claire on our monthly mag shopping list after it’s woeful ‘make under’ recently. I’ve finally stopped buying it after 10 odd years of loyal readership.

  10. Did you hear about POL being liquidated? Nasty.

  11. God Stacy….get a life and grow up!

    Regardless of where you type the blog there’s no excuse for sloppiness…and there was a complete lack of imagination and anything worthwhile in what you wrote.

    PS. this is from my phone too!

  12. Cleo and Cosmo could be rolled into one – see the media section of The Australia.
    Will that mean Sarah and Bron get joint editorship?

  13. ^^^hahaha!! could you imagine it!!

  14. Sig is definitely Beauty editor at Glamour, she told me herself. I love her though. She’s awesome. =)

  15. Sarah and Bron – joint editorship LOL, never! But I’d like to see a wrestling match for the job…

    Thought the glamour team would look overseas for staff… plenty of Australians on UK Glamour. Maybe they are paid too much. Sig will do a good job I’m sure.

    BTW, anyone dealt with Australian stars from hell? Some of the B grade stars are more demanding than the A-listers. Do my head in.

  16. I’m not really into those types of mags anymore, they bore me.

  17. Oh thank God you’re back. Please don’t leave us for so long again!

  18. This “gong blonde”, couldn’t possibly work in the PR game could she?

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