Does anyone…

Happy new year mag-ites/gots!

Just a few things to kick things off in the new year.

“There are too many stories about socialites – or, at any rate, too few such stories that sufficiently demonstrate why we should care about these creatures… Ditto staff-member accounts of spa treatments and haircuts.”

All Australian beauty “editors”, I’m looking at you.

  • Does anyone care about magazines? No matter how many newsagents are willing to sell them (they have to be willing, what else would they sell?) I’m over all their glossy page preaching to me like I need their advice on what to buy, who to gawk over and how to get a ‘red lip’.I think I need a new job and to figure out this web thing to join other mag hags turned web hags.

3 responses to “Does anyone…

  1. Glad to see you are back but vogue-bashing us so boring. Give us some good stuff!

  2. Amy Sinclair’s last editorial for WD didn’t even wish readers a merry xmas! And it was the week before Christmas!
    Most of her editorials seemed to her whinging about her husband or writing about her children insulting her.

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