Who cares? Magazines are over

38842_in_lI haven’t posted here in months and I love it.

Though I couldn’t help but laugh wickedly when goss about ACP moving to a cheaper building…. North Ryde. Won’t those glossy hags throw a fit and wished they were as lucky as Sig and her new gig at Vogue Australia. Though one does have to wonder how much work she actually does, wooing advertisers and all when Kristie Clements is basically endorsing Olay in their new Definity ads. Sure the copy reads “Vogue readers recommend” but who’s granny-bobbed head is talking in the first few seconds of the ad?

Good to see Grazia keeping her recontructed chin up with news of, not a closure, but of a price reduction. 50% off on your newsstands now! Down from $5 to $2.50. That’s cheaper than your morning skim-cap, which I would not give up for a copy of Grazia. Have you seen the dribble they have in the kitchen?

Also I’ve been meeting a lot of former mag hags these days in my world. One gushed about her time with Murdoch Mags then ACP. Snoooze. Eight years in mags and now you’re teaching non-mag-ish stuff? WTF?

Then there is the Queen Bee on Twitter, with the former Queen Bee / BFF on Twitter too. Love fest darlings, love fest. I refuse to comment on the other hags on Twitter because it simply came around too late for me to give you all updates on Big Bird, the Sesame Street Gang and of course my darling friend Andie and her boss… DAILY. Imagine how fun that would have been.

By the way, I would like to report that Big Bird has a new friend on the *muah muah* circuit. Wish I could tell you my name for her, but it may offend *wink wink*. I should be sad I’m no longer BB’s event circuit friend anymore, but unfortunately I always looked better in photographs and I got more fabulous invites – of course.

Oh and it’s fashion season so one would be following the fashion girls around to see what’s news. But since they’re all working over time or at least pretending to, we’ll have to wait to see them come out of their sparkling wine haze around RAFW time. FUN!

Time to fly. I’ll be back soon. Promise.

75 responses to “Who cares? Magazines are over

  1. aboutfuckingtime

    i’ve been waiting and waiting….


  3. See! No-one cares, MAG HAG. You stupid bitch, you’re an absolute hasbeen. You don’t have a job in mags, you make shit up so people will think you do.


    Now go back to your day job making coffees at the Starbucks across the road from ACP. Because as far as I can see, that’s where you’re getting your boring bits of pseudo-gossip from.

  4. Wow, someone needs to take a valium and calm the fuck down.

    Great to have you back.

  5. Glad you’re back and full of venom!!

    Love these girls who say you probably don’t work in mags… bet they work in mags and wish you would stop spilling their embarrassing secrets!

  6. Y-A-W-N. As if you have anything to say that hasn’t come second-hand from some intern who works at one of the c-list mags.

    Embarrassing secrets? Name one.

  7. Whats the lowdown on Collette Harvey leaving Madison?

  8. Wow, Harvey’s leaving? I’m interested as to know why she left. She always seemed good at her job.

  9. Let’s get one thing straight:
    Mag Hag does not work for ACP. In fact, she only interned on Level 5 for a short while and used these experiences/observations to gain herself some fleeting notoreity. Ask why she is bitter and bitchy? Because she never got the chance to work there.

  10. whats sigourney doing at vogue? and what happened to her beauty escapade at glamour magazine??

  11. Sig is at Vogue after Glamour folded and they promoted Alex Spring.

    And as if Mag Hag was a ACP intern, they last a week at most so how many names and secrets can you learn? Like the Devil Wears Prada, the stories wouldn’t be as interesting if Laura Weisberger hadn’t worked at Vogue. Mag Hag would not be as interesting if she doesn’t work in magazines.

    ACP must be shitting themselves that Mag Hag is back and even more snarky.

  12. The stories AREN’T interesting. She doesn’t know anything aside from what can be found on the internet anyway.

    If ACP cared, I’d say you’d see more of them on here. Mag Hag’s days are over. Yawn.

  13. Magazine interns can last anywhere from one week to one year.
    And the lack of interesting news from Mag Hag only seems further proof that she wasn’t there long at all.

  14. Who cares who mag hag is and where she works, this blog gives us a place to bitch, gossip and moan about the world of magazines.

  15. Hey, did you find it funny that the former publicity girls are now over at Pacific?

  16. If you need to bitch, gossip and moan about magazines, you’re in the wrong job, honey.

  17. Looooooooove it! Please don’t leave us waiting so long next time!

  18. Considering you’re only rehashing garbage that was in last weeks papers, we can safely say you are no longer in the building.

    And seriously, Grazia bashing is so last year. Everyone is just jealous because they are one of the few titles experiencing steady sales in a declining mag-land (Cleo, Cosmo, Harpers, madison…I’m looking at you…)

  19. Grazia is on the decline and did you read George Green’s comments in the Fin Review?? Not meeting sales expectations and under review…

  20. Total bullshit. Total bullshit. Total bullshit.

  21. Sigh, do you work for Grazia?

  22. Yes, I can’t wait for RAFW either. Fashion season will be a bitch. REOWW!!

  23. OMG as if Mag Hag has anything to do with ANY media company. All the info she gets has already been published somewhere else.

    Now if she knew something about cubicle one on level seven, THEN we’d be in business.

  24. I think she’s been let go.

  25. BULLSHIT. More and more and more BULLSHIT from someone who DOES NOT WORK IN MAGAZINES.

    Try harder, Mag Hag, and you might just get an internship at Take 5 one day.

  26. Hey, can anyone explain why there’s 3 positions available at Good Health & Medicine? What happened to the sub-editor, features assistant/writer and designer?

  27. blueeyedgirl84

    hey, mag staff, if you don’t like it, don’t visit the site! we’re called a free country for a reason!

  28. Good Health & Med: They’re hiring more staff.

  29. Good Health jobs will go to internal staff me reckons. acp hardly ever hire outsiders.

  30. I see. Just seems like a lot of ACP staffers are leaving now…

  31. too right – magazines are over. no one wants to be preached to from a bunch of bimbos anymore – we can be our own editors these days – picking and choosing what we want to read about online. times change. suggest mag hags move on to different and more fulfilling career choices while they still can…

  32. I received a press release today stating – ACP Magazines has confirmed St Ives, Tetley, Butter Menthol, Sanitarium, MBF and Colgate-
    Palmolive as Diamond Sponsors
    for 30 Days of Health and
    Wellbeing. Good luck to them getting any value out of their sponsorship as there are no events on the calendar I am told by an insider

  33. Wow, 30 Day of Health and Wellbeing??? Who would want to go to those ACP events? If Pacific did something similar with Women’s Health, then it might be a little more respected.

  34. Why are they doing that in first place? Isn’t that more money wasted on stupid campaigns?

    Speaking of that, what happened to the ed coordinator for Dolly & Cleo? They weren’t there for that long…and now they’ve disappeared. Same with some of the girls from Shop…what’s happening at the place?

  35. The ed coordinators dont stay at acp long cos of all the crap they do. i interned there and was shocked at how badly everyone was treated. But everyone is leaving cleo cos they must hate it there

  36. old intern –more details, please? I always thought Cosmo was the worst…

  37. PS. It’s Kirstie not Kristie. Twit.

  38. Cleo? I know there has been heaps of changes there. Looks like the Editor is bringing her old friends to her hub.

    I’m seeing the sales department has had heaps of changes too. Not just Cleo, but Cosmo too. What else can you tell us old intern?

  39. So much for maghag coming back soon.

    Editorial Coordinator of Dolly, Eva, was doing the same things while she was an intern while the actual Editorial Coordinator didn’t do much, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they made her redundant. They’ve got a big enough team, a lot of work experience kids and interns to cover it really….

  40. Cost-cutting ay? Pretty soon, there won’t be a need for editorial coordinators because they’ll use interns or workies to do the job. Smart move.

    Then again, small publishing companies have been doing that for years. I’m surprise ACP haven’t caught on yet.

  41. Now that’s not for sure, it’s just my guess..
    But speaking of Editorial Coordinators, Prevention magazine’s ad for one said it was specifically not an entry level position for editorial, so it will be 100% admin. Just like an office secretary I guess.

    I’m an editorial coordinator at a really small publishing house and I work over one section where there is only my editor who is also the associate publisher. I get to do a lot of writing because there is only two of us and lots of bimonthly and quarterly mags, but the other mags, the monthly ones don’t have them.. they’ve got three or four staff and it covers everything I suppose.

  42. Fair enough, but there are many others which don’t do that. I remember one company that relied on interns to do the editorial coordinator role – just to save on cost.

    How did you know the gist of the situation AnonS?

  43. all i know is pretty much everyone has left cleo and gone to a better mag. and everyone going in are friends. wonder is thats why the mag isnt so good now, people not picked for their skills. i met the dolly coordinator and she was really nice and did everything. maybe she became redundant?

  44. I did a week last year as a part of my degree – but it’s really a guess. She was doing a lot of admin and looking after work exp girls and getting the mail with the work experience girls while she was an intern, but other than that I’m just guessing. She was also there three days instead of 1 because the ed coordinator at the time was away – I suppose she was supposed to be doing her job while she was away?

  45. Ahh, it looks like Dolly has a new editorial coordinator.

    Redundancy, cost-cutting, bad management and profit over creativity, it’s no wonder why ACP are having a hard time getting people to buy their magazines. The global financial crisis doesn’t help either.

    Ahh….online, here we come.

  46. Mag Hag? Helloooooo DOUBT IT.


  47. why are people slagging off mag hag saying she never worked in magazines…

    is working in magazines supposed to be something… worthwhile? who are these imbeciles?

  48. Ahh Anonymiss, working in magazines is popular with many people because in a world filled with violence, getting into magazines is an escape of the horrors of reality.

    The perks are huge. Getting Chanel eyeshadow for $1, or buying 12 bottles of PPS at $10 at a beauty sale makes the job seem worthwhile.

    Though, the reality of it, is much more bleak. Poor pay, often spending all of your disposable income on clothes and accessories in order to practice what you preach all comes at a cost. It depends if you’re willing to live the life.

    Nevertheless, there are some magazines which don’t uphold the ‘glam’ factor. Kids’ magazines are down-to-earth, same with business and home magazines.

    These stereotypes of the bitchy world of magazines comes from fashion and women’s magazines really. At the end, who cares about those imbeciles – just do what you like.

  49. I think the issue is that Mag Hag claims to work in mags and have “insider” gossip when it’s patently obvious (s)he doesn’t.

    So casting aspersions on various people through thinly-veiled accusations and nastiness about successful, pretty, popular girls like Leigh Campbell, is only going to piss people off.

    Frankly, she should know better, and the fact that she hasn’t been posting points to the obvious truth: that she does not work in magazines and knows nothing. She’s merely a wannabe.

  50. grazia is re-inventing its image again? i mean, we’ll wait to see on monday if it’s worth it or not.

  51. i can haz new posts?

    So casting aspersions on various people through thinly-veiled accusations and nastiness about successful, pretty, popular girls like Leigh Campbell is only going to piss people off.

    Hmmm, I wonder who posted this…;) LMAO.

    I can’t think of any “thinly-veiled accusations and nastiness” she was subject to -beyond the deserved ridicule her open letter received.

  52. Rumour has it that the ACP girls on Park rd are relocating to North Ryde…imagine that.

  53. Old news that, but that’s Ros Reines for you.

  54. I love Grazia especially the fashion and I really love the ‘vibe’ of the whole mag, but I have to agree about the kitchen guy. What a wanker!

  55. I think it’s obvious by now that Leigh Campbell posts as herself.

    Anyone who attacks her is simply jealous. And no I’m not her, but I’ve worked with her and she is lovely, and you, Mag Hag, are simply an anonymous bitch.

  56. OMG but who cares about mag hag, I just want to talk about why what USED to happen on level seven in cubicle one is no longer happening!

    Huh? Where’s John now? Dirty fucker!

  57. hahaha…i think he got retrenched recently…but i could be wrong.

  58. dis blog iz so dead

  59. You all rip into maghag, but you all keep coming back! She hasn’t posted anything for almost two months and the comments keep going…

  60. i guess i’m a bit out of the loops but who is leigh campbell and why are we supposed to be jealous of her? i don’t get it…


  62. Anonymiss, Leigh Campbell’s the beauty editor for Cosmopolitan. She’s a sweet girl.

  63. OK Leigh Campbell is a sweet girl, but JOHN IS STILL A CUNT.

  64. EEK the creative and the pug winning bark and the park begs the question how much and how old is that doggy in the window.

  65. Hi, I’m only new to this blog and have had a good read of everything. I’m just a Mum at home, but like reading magazines. A couple of questions I don’t understand….Is Maghag someone who worked at a magazine? Is maghag a guy or girl? Is the magazine world full of bitch girls like an american sorority? Is it obvious to those of you reading this blog (who work in the mag world) that you recognise the characters.. I am so confused!!

  66. Apparently mag-hag is an employee, but people have their doubts.

    I can tell you first hand that I’ve had dealings with Grazia and that the girls are all super-sweet, friendly and down to earth, so my devil wears prada illusions were totally shattered.

  67. It depends on who you run into. Like in any industry, including media – you’re going to meet a few bitches and bastards along the way.

    I remembered a time where one of the advertising managers made their assistant cry. Then, I saw a beauty director giving out goodie bags to the workies for doing a good job for the week. So not all are bad.

    There are some where you’d simply say – “We had a good business relationship”. Then there are others where you wouldn’t mind spending time outside work.

    So really, be wise who you befriend with.

  68. JamieHuckbody_Whereishe??

    Where is Jamie Huckbody? ACP are retarded for firing him, the mag’s copy was so much better when he took over.

  69. Jamie did an interview with Marc Jacobs in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar. I haven’t noticed any huge differences yet with the new editor Edwina though.

  70. It must pain alison veness to know that edwina’s left grazia and taken alisons top job at harpers when grazia was doing shit as to begin with.

  71. Alison is Edwina’s boss. How much control do you think Edwina really has?

  72. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…


  73. I was thinking of doing work experience at one of the ACP’s mag but now I’m a little scared .. lol

  74. Lunesouseiseki

    ACP Magazines isnt too bad to their work experience girls…provided you don’t go to dolly or madison…try the weekly magazines. They were always nice to me

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