Oh you’re still here?

What a year its been for me. Life outside of blogging every little secret is refreshing. And I met a man who made me want to better myself, and being a bitch isn’t being a good person.

Nonetheless. Updates:

  • I’ve joined Twitter. Not that I tweet. Print is web ignorant. Or so the saying goes.
  • Sorry I never blogged during fashion week this year but who has the time between downing Rosemount wine between shows?
  • I have news. Stories. Going going gone (?) to the highest bidder. If Mia and Zoe can write books, then so can I. I may need a good editor though, but then don’t most magazine writers?

2010 shall be a big one ladies. If you want magazine gossip that is above board, read about it on Girl With a Satchel.

Until next time, fly my pretties, fly.

2 responses to “Oh you’re still here?

  1. Welcome back MagHag!

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