Well hello there

And in that time frame, so much has happened! I just caught up with all the newest comments – which had me cackling with glee. I’m glad the truths about certain people had come out in the time while I was on hiatus.

The other day I heard a few girls talk about this little baby and it reminded me that it was quite fun in a naughty way, so I might have to return to semi-regular updates.

Since it has been a while, I need to know a few things:

  • What do you think of Huckbody’s Bazaar? Chica than Vogue?
  • Is Grazia worth it’s $20 a month price tag?
  • What did you think of Paula Joye’s performance on Project Runway Australia and the gushing contestants who were in awe of her title.
  • Did you hear that nasty rumor flying around about the “‘gong blonde“? I definitely need to talk to her one of these days and get to know her, she sounds like my kinda gal 😉
  • Is anyone looking forward to Australian Glamour? After waiting for it to launch since Shop first did, does anyone actually care for another Marie Claire/Madison/Cosmo/Cleo-esque title? Zzzzzzzzzzz. At least Sig has a full time job to call home again.

So the final question on your glossed lips are – where have I been? Oh darlings, that is a secret I’ll never tell.

Gosh how cliched. But that the world of glossy magazines and lip gloss right?

So tell me, what have YOU been up to?


Hey guys

Hi guys, Stacy here… you might remember me as the girl who was on Merrick and Rosso a few weeks back. I think a link to the radio interview is on their site somewhere. They’re closing line is the funniest.

Well I’m going to be blogging here at 4 Inch Heels Only for a few weeks while MagHag is working on a some projects. I’m a little new to blogging, so bare with me.

I really don’t have much else to report just yet, but we did get a rather amusing piece of information that I wanted to share and to let you guys know someone is still here.

Here’s a little something we got from J.J. last week, we had to edit the second sentance a little… but you get the drift:

The industry is shocked to hear Donna Armstrong is going to edit a US title when she sunk New Woman. It should be interesting to see if she continues to be “inspired” by other overseas titles and makes full use of her sub editors over there.

x Stacy

The numbers don’t lie

Ever since I started this blog, its becoming increasingly obvious to me that magazines are beginning to become irrelevant. Once the pinnacle of things to read for the latest insightful fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces, they’re dying a slow death in Australia.

And the latest circulation figures have proved just that.

The web is a booming industry, where information is free and you don’t have to read rehashed articles and second rate celebrity interviews.

Then again the industry can’t be doing so badly with more girls announced as Grazia staffers, with it’s launch issue coming to a newsagent near you in just a matter of months.

Joining Alison Veness-McGourty, Mark Vassollo, and Edwinna McCann at Grazia is Lucinda Pitt (nee Mendel) as the Beauty and Health Director, and BeautyHeaven.com.au’s editor Tracey Withers will join as Beauty Editor.

Good to see they have compiled a nice list of women who haven’t clawed their way up the ACP stock pile, instead they have done the hard yards outside of a spray tanning booth. Not that I want their jobs, a weekly deadline is murder on the social life.

You know how it is

I’ve been keeping a low profile. Managers on my tail and all.

Then again, they should watch their backs.

In the meantime, funniest comments EVER.

Since Mag Hag isn’t leaving much gossip – here’s a little tit bit…

Beware Level 10. You have just inherited a woman that knows how to let them rip and does so frequently. Must be all the indulgent food.


PR Chick:
Oh, give poor Leigh Campbell a break, ladies & gents ….. I’ve always found her very nice to deal with (I’m in PR and work for non-advertising clients so she doesn’t have to be so nice!) and feel she is very undeserving of all this spite.

Of course she doesn’t have to be nice PR Chick, but the freebies might dry up. And I haven’t given her much crap, it’s my daaaarling commenter’s who got on her back after her “paying for rent with mascara” comment. If you put yourself out there like she did, you must be willing to take the good with the bad.

In the mean time… leave tidbits for me in my contact form. You know you want to tell me about how the girl next to you picks her nose or have lunch time quickies… Actually, did anyone hear of a certain maghag keeping her affair un-hush-hush??

And everyone thought she was a sweetheart too.

Fashion mag site seeks street style photographer

Word abound is that a ‘top’ fashion magazine website is seeking a street style photographer.

Think you could be the next Scott Schulman for Style.com. Apply now but don’t expect to be paid much. They’ve already approached some budding photogs around Sydney-town.

On a side note, did you hear that some girl is trying to claim she’s me to get freebies?

P.S. Is it just me or is it disturbing when one of your high ranking bosses gets in the lift and has dandruff all over his designer suit?


Overheard tonight:

“I met an executive from Harper’s Bazaar tonight at their bag auction in Edgecliff and she was really nice … I was going to buy you a bag but they were going for like $4,000.”

If you can’t tell, the comment came from a boy who obviously had no interest in fashion. And while the fact that bags were auctioning off for thousands, who would have guessed that someone who worked in a decent position at Bazaar was actually nice?

Can you guess the staffer?

I’m still here

Hi guys,

I haven’t disserted the blog. Will be back in just a bit with some goss I promise… I just catching up on other magazines’s in pop culture through new episodes of Ugly Betty.