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It’s the end of an era

This is what happens when one gains perspective over the holiday break. In breaking news thanks to our gossipy god mothers at the Telegraph

Editor finally calls it quits

AFTER what Paula Joye described as one of the hardest years of her life, the Madison editor has finally resigned from her post at ACP.

After suffering criticism over falling circulation and a personal battle with pneumonia in 2009, the move is no doubt a relief for Joye.

Speaking to Hush yesterday, she insists she harbours no bad feelings towards ACP.

“Really and truly. I am going to take some time out: I’ve got two young kids,” she said.

“I want to do some other things but the company has afforded me great opportunities over my 15 years there.”

Joye is on leave for another week and will return to the position until the end of her tenure in February.

Yes, it will be the end of an era at ACP when Joye leaves. What will the girls do? Gravitate towards Bronwyn McCahon and Alison Veness McGourty I guess.

Question is, what will Joye be doing after magazines? All bets point to a career in other media like her bestie, Mia Freedman. Will it be a career in television, starting a mummy’s blog that regurgitates content or writing a book first?