Hands up if…

… you want to see the Australian Grazia team take a leaf out of their British counterparts and make an entire issue of the mag from a shopping centre.

The British team are working out of the new Westfield in London this week, so how would you like to see the Australian girls set up shop in your local shopping centre?

All bets are on that this will be pitched to shopping centre’s and major department stores in Australia, but would you actually see Alison Veness-McGourty “working” out of a pop-up office? Or any beauty ed’s actually spend time at their desk’s?

Until then, we will have to settle with watching the fabulous British Grazia team work out of their stark white walls.

Watch as the British team discusses how they will move 46 staffers into one shopping centre and still manage to put a magazine out. A lot of pre-production I’m assuming. It all sounds like one big mag promo according to the video anyway.

16 responses to “Hands up if…

  1. It would great to see Grazia set up shop and see them “work”. Though if you watch that video, they don’t seem to have any “work” schedualed.

  2. I doubt that the Australian team will be working that much, judging by the magazine content….

  3. I wouldn’t be really that interested, it is alot of desk work, reading foreign mags and looking at foreign websites for these magazine types

  4. Hands up if this blog is old news

  5. Come on, give us some more dirt…what’s the point of this blog otherwise?

    How’s Big Bird these days? Did you see that bonnett she was wearing in the park last week?

  6. Come on darl, give us some fresh goss!

    How about some updates on what’s left of the Sesame Street gang or Andie and Alex/Alexis?

    Cahon you believe it’s been so long?

  7. *raises hand* We want more! Tell us all about the ACP Christmas party, buster.

  8. *looks at Rachel, raises hand*

    Come on, MagHag, since the axe’s already fallen so hard at ACP, let us know who else’ll get a lump of coal in their stocking…

    Is everyone’s favorite beauty ed any chance, or will they just start paying her in mascara?

  9. Wigs…how original…

    Which beauty ed are u referring to? The one in level 5?

  10. Yeah, one of Alexis’s minions. She’s dropped by before…

  11. Maybe MagHag can’t tell us because she doesn’t work there anymore.

  12. True, but Sydney’s a small place. Who knows how far she’s gone…? 😉

  13. Man, Glamour’s been axed. They’ve got a big lump of coal this Christmas…

  14. Why does shopping centres and desks have apostrophes in them?

  15. MagHag likes to spell with errors and grammatical mistakes so she won’t give away her identity as a proficient ACP employee at a women’s magazine.

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