The numbers don’t lie

Ever since I started this blog, its becoming increasingly obvious to me that magazines are beginning to become irrelevant. Once the pinnacle of things to read for the latest insightful fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces, they’re dying a slow death in Australia.

And the latest circulation figures have proved just that.

The web is a booming industry, where information is free and you don’t have to read rehashed articles and second rate celebrity interviews.

Then again the industry can’t be doing so badly with more girls announced as Grazia staffers, with it’s launch issue coming to a newsagent near you in just a matter of months.

Joining Alison Veness-McGourty, Mark Vassollo, and Edwinna McCann at Grazia is Lucinda Pitt (nee Mendel) as the Beauty and Health Director, and’s editor Tracey Withers will join as Beauty Editor.

Good to see they have compiled a nice list of women who haven’t clawed their way up the ACP stock pile, instead they have done the hard yards outside of a spray tanning booth. Not that I want their jobs, a weekly deadline is murder on the social life.

258 responses to “The numbers don’t lie

  1. Good to see you have replicated the last post on Girl with a Satchel!!

  2. What’s to replicate? Everyone is saying that womens mags in Australia are dropping. Plus Girl with a Satchel never trashes mags and mag girls, after all she was working rather high up in one! Boooring.

    Glad to see Tracey job the job at Grazia. Love her work.

  3. I haven’t bought a womens magazine in years, won’t start now no matter who is on the cover or if they actually have original content!

  4. I don’t want to get too excited about it. Excitment just brings more disappointment.

  5. It’s / Its = learn the difference, please.

  6. haha you grammar obsessed people just can’t help yourselves can you?

  7. ud be suprised at how many ppl actually know who you are… id watch out really

  8. angelaseesangelablogs

    No they can’t. Unlike somepeople they don’t need the spell checker on word to correct their ‘theirs from they’res’

  9. Yeah Miss Campbell, I’d watch your back.

  10. I thought MagHag was Marie Antionette, formally of Cosmopolitan?

  11. Did anyone else hear that that three lettered publishing house are trackin’ their staffers web usage on this site? They’re totally doing a Big Brother to see who is commenting, who is posting, and who is visiting full stop? Which is why the gossip has slowed a little – no one is willing to visit during work hours and leave comments! *tear*

    But there is always home internet connections 😉

  12. What? Have they caught MagHag? =S
    Or have they narrowed the amount of suspects?

  13. don’t you guys get it? this is all a PUBLICITY stunt for someone’s new book or a new mag launch.

  14. If anyone mentions ZF and that book again I will SCREAM!!!

    Can you please get off it… what it is her.

  15. From a seld confessed grammar nazi – I can’t help but correct myself….

    If anyone mentions ZF and that book again I will SCREAM!!!

    Can you please get off it… what if it is her.

    God, I need to go to bed and stop working…..who said this industry was glamorous and fun – oh that would be the bimbo beauty editors who write about the latest mascara they’ve been given for free, leaving the real journo’s (okay I know I’m wasting my under and post grad quals) to produce those wise and wonderful bibles of fashion and advice(sic).

  16. I’m with Anon, don’t you guys get it? This website is all a publicity stunt! But hey, Bored Bored Bored – why so defensive? Just because some of us have pointed the truth out, doesn’t mean we’re trying to be negative Nelly’s or anything of the sort – some of us are actually fans of Zoe Foster’s and will be buying the book, but we are entitled to comment here and say what we want (as long as it is respectful).

  17. Publicity stunt or not…….

    You all love it……or you wouldn’t be here.

  18. Did you all read the round up of fashion week in the Australian last week or the week before? I want to know who this Miss Fitz is- Georgina Safe said she’s the next Michelle Jank..?
    Who is she? Ive never heard of her.. Inside goss please!

  19. I dont think that Zoe Foster would bother with a site like this to advertise her book. She has her own blog. She doesnt seem like the type to create a site like this and allow bitching about other beauty editors.
    But I love the site!!!!

  20. Voguegirl – Georgina Safe wouldn’t know what day it was let alone know who is the next Michelle Jank. She’d probably had one too many chardy’s again before she wrote that article! She’s off the planet! She should be put out to greener pastures! Fruit Loopy Loop!

  21. there is absolutely no way this site is a creation of Zoe Foster Inc.

    Zoe’s grammar and syntax is far superior to what is being published on this site.

    Unless that is all part of the ruse…?

    Oh ZoZo, i am SO on to you!!

    (And Mag Hag, grammar aside, i love that you’ve been ballsy enough to publish this site)

  22. You people are FOOLS I tell you, FOOOOOOLS!

  23. who cares about grammar? seriously! we all know what we mean. is it an attempt by some people to appear grammatically superior to others! this isn’t an essay writing competition. if you need to re-read your comments 5 times to ensure there are no spelling mistakes, you’re a loser!

  24. Just so you know Edwina McCann (Weener Dog to some) did try and claw her way up the ranks at ACP (she worked at HB round 2000-2001)… she was a nasty piece of work, and didn’t last the distance.. BUT, she brown nosed HRH Alison with the silly surname, and now whaddayaknow, has a job at Fartzia mag. God help them.

  25. Fartzia. Very creative.

  26. Chucky are you just jealous because you don’t have a job at Fartzia? I can’t imagine Alison would fall for brown-nosing. She’s too cool for that.

  27. So many people seem so caught up in the grammar, or lack of it, mind you, wish mine was better, I’m hopeless, with grammar and spelling. So clearly I am not a writer… point is why isn’t there anything else more enthralling (did I spell that right?) for you all to comment on?

  28. Since so many are commenting on how dull the blog has become, might I suggest reviving a topic that elicited passion before?
    Interns and work experience students — are they exploited free labour, or are they a bunch of whiners who should be grateful for being allowed in the office?
    Is their potential ignored while they are used for busywork that should be paid? Or are they arrogant, entitled pains who are more trouble than they’re worth?

  29. angelaseesangelablogs

    Some of both.

  30. sandrabollocks

    I thought everything that could be said was said about interns. Unless there are any more banana stories out there!!

  31. I still buy fashion magazines but I’ve noticed you can be reading 2-month old news and trends since publishing a magazine can take so long…

  32. Ballsy? Enthralling?

    You’re all kidding, right?

    Doesn’t take balls to write the most asinine blog in the world.

    Someone picks their nose.

    Someone farts.

    Oooh, aaah!

    That could be any industry in the world, any office in the world, any household kitchen in the world. So much for inside gossip.

    No idea why anyone would care who is writing this banal blog.

    This is allegedly a blog with inside gossip about beauty / makeup editors, which is funny really, since no reader of trash mags or women’s mags have ever or will ever give a nanosecond of thought to the people who throw together the free advertising.

    You can get better and more accurate gossip standing in a supermarket queue than this innocuous vapidity.

    Still kudos to you for getting the MSM to totally over-hype an entirely suboptimal, poorly written blog.

  33. Because GWAS doesn’t replicate other people’s posts too right??

    And I won’t buy ZF’s books either. Meh.

    Boring the lot of them!

  34. Thanks for taking the time to share that with us Carmel.

  35. merlot_mistress


  36. I just read Zoe Foster’s book (I work in a book store–got A pre-sale copy) its ok, the usual “I work at a magazine, my boyfriend dumped me” stuff, very forgettable….

  37. Laura (The ORIGINAL Laura)

    Ooh, someone stole my name!

  38. I think Zoe Foster has the Midas Touch.

    Her book will sell out I reckon.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets and international book deal and it gets turned into a movie – Devil Wears Prada style.

    I also think that people should spend so much time on improving themselves, that they don’t have time to criticise others.

    Iz xx

  39. Were you being sarcastic?

  40. nope i wasn’t – she’s brilliant. she’s the real deal.

    but don’t believe me… just wait and see! 😉

  41. I agree with Izy. I love Fruity Beauty and think Zoe Foster is great 🙂

  42. Well I am always interested in books or movies or TV shows (devil wears prada, how to lose a guy in 10 days, ugly betty, just shoot me, hitch etc etc!) about magazines. That’s why I still read this blog even though it’s boring now.

  43. Oh Izy, don’t be such a preacher. If there was no criticsim we’d be bombarded with crap (more) all day. I do agree the book will probably be very popular though: “Mindless chicklit” Though Devil Wears Prada had a bit more pizazz.

  44. Until you can browse the web in a bath tub magazines will never die, on top of that, I challenge anyone to name a website that they regularly look at photo shoots on, street style does NOT count. If the web was really the future Pages wouldn’t be so damn irrelevant.

    Oh and Voguegirl, Mz Fitz is an emerging stylist and a fashion director at Duke magazine who’s work can be seen here:

    If everyone here spent a little more time looking out for new, innovative things and a little less time bitching about how tired the industry is, they might already know her and the rest of the burgeoning talents she associates with.

  45. this is a message for Laura, girl you sound like one unhappy, unloved, buck toothed red headed loser from Penrith, why don’t you try writing something nice and the universe might deliver some happiness in your life.

    PS. Laura you obvoisly haven’t read the book so if you are going to through shit around get your facts right so i doesn’t hit you straight in the face.

  46. Mr Booke, you couldn’t be more wrong. So because i’m not gushing about a book, because i’m an ‘average consummer’ with a RIGHT OF SPEECH I am an unloved loser? wtf? Are you Zoe Foster’s father or something? Deal with it.

  47. And ppl, a forum is the WHOLE POINT of bitching. If we were all uptight conservative ppl who never said anything bitchy we’d be bloody boring…don’t you say, miss four inch heels??

  48. Laura, the right of speech is always accepted, but constant negativity is a person’s own insecurity, you have made your point…but constantly repeating yourself shows low self esteem and major issues, get a life and be positive.

  49. Fight, fight, fight!

  50. Laura to make things easier please give me your postal address so I will be able to mail you the latest High 5 colouring in book and some crayons, for your appreciation of great books is pathetic.

  51. A fabulous blogger will keep the reader entertained on a daily basis and give a sense of presence every day; this blog doesn’t do that anymore. Did it ever? It’s become an utter bore ,and I doubt it’ll ever regain any decent following. (By decent, I don’t mean a handful of 20 somethings changing their usernames for goodness knows what reason). There’s loads of bloggers out there making top ten best blog lists all over the world; this list hasn’t a hope in hell of getting there. Sorry, but it’s true.

  52. I agree with missjack. This blog has not lived up to the hype it created in the media. It’s a shame, i enjoyed reading it but now it is just boring!

  53. Natasha Spreight-Anne

    Mr brooke,
    How Oscar Wilde was yourn line about clouring in books. Makes me think you’re more a party guy than a repartee guy.
    Have you got anything worthwhile to say apart from lete’s be less negative.
    Hooray for Mr brooke and the “up people”.

  54. Natasha Spreight-Anne

    oh and one more thing. Bill Henson shows more decency in dealing with pubescent girls than the entire mag industry in this country

  55. I think the media hype had ruined this blog.
    All the negative publicity ACP has had, probably made them put more pressure on their staffers, so maghag has gone into hiding.

    We’re gonna have to make up for her lack of posting by sharing goss ourselves! Come on ladies!

  56. Natasha Spreight-Anne

    by the way does my namesake Natasha Inchley still have a job?

  57. Anne Onymous,

    – Hint Mag
    – ZooZoom
    – Pages Online

    Any other questions?

    magazines might not die off completely, but the Australian market cannot sustain as many as we currently have.

    PS – I prefer to read books in the bath.

  58. Natasha Spreight-Anne

    what are books?

  59. Anne Onymous

    Just because you’re not aware that other people are capable of finding fashion shoots on the Internet doesn’t mean such sites don’t exist.

    Do you really think reviews, fully illustrated, of international fashion shows AREN’T on the web? Good grief. It’s the 21st century, catch up.

    Additionally, the average reader doesn’t buy mags for the fashion shoots. Look around any city: not much fashion happening out their in average reader land.

    You truly have no idea if you think readers give a toss about photo shoots.

    “oh and one more thing. Bill Henson shows more decency in dealing with pubescent girls than the entire mag industry in this country”

    Nat – true. Excellent point.

    Mr Brooke

    Supporting Australian literary endeavors, no matter how inferior, banal, or crap, is a sign of a deep delusions, a crushing inferiority complex, and a willfully uneducated mind.

  60. This blog is boring as now….

    Maghag…is it all over red rover?

  61. I’d like to see new content!

  62. indeed, hurray for Up people!

    Mr Brooke – wanna go on a date?


  63. Nat and Fairy – thanks for your kind response. Obviously you wrote this reply with your crusty Thesaurus in one hand and the tv remote in the other hand while watching a B-grade Vietnamese film on SBS and adjusting the rabbit’s ears on the top of the TV. All I ask for is for everyone to stop being so critical, why don’t the knockers get off this blog and write their own book?

  64. Come on mag hag!

  65. Oh dear, that’s an even worse defense than your first effort Mr Brooke.

    I have no idea whether the book is good or bad or merely mediocre. The mere act of someone writing a book is not an astonishing or praise worthy achievement. Indeed, it’s reprehensible of you to encourage people to write books, there are already far too many books in the world that ought never have been written or published.

    BTW – I’m not in the mag industry, so I don’t need a thesaurus to help me write a couple of sentences. I have never seen a Vietnamese film, B-grade or otherwise, and my only recent viewings on SBS have been “Big Love” and the occasional documentary. My telly doesn’t have bunny ears.

  66. But who got Editor of

  67. laughing my arse off at how excellent Mr Brooke is!

  68. Where is maghag?
    If she doesn’t come back before sunday could Mr brook please take over?

  69. would anyone like a banana, i’m going to the shop

  70. I like this blog but truthfully I wouldn’t buy the book, I haven’t even read ‘the devil wears prada’. I feel the blog would be more candid, but if you were trying to reveal an industry via a book using your real name I don’t think it would be as candid, honest and interesting

  71. Mr Brook is *so* Zoe or her dad. Now, you lot, get back to work!

  72. and Mr Brook, your words so touched me I will never again speak my mind or have an opinion….

  73. Laura, I am floored by your genetic, scientific understanding on how I am Zoe or her father…where can i purchase a crystal ball like yours.
    You sound like a woman that has failed in love, life and everything possible, if what I write to you upsets you then this is a mirror reflection of the rubbish that you direct towards other’s you should be thanking me.

  74. merlot_mistress

    No posts from MAG HAG in 8 days……is someone onto her !!!!

  75. merlot_mistress

    No posts in 8 days from MAG HAG…….. has someone worked out who she is !!!!!

  76. Fairy, the name says it all…I have no response for you, for you sound like a woman that loves the sound of her own voice, have a great day.

  77. someone told me that Mr Brooke is a woman, and needs to learn the diff between through and throw. Read back and you’ll see this stupid mistake. not so smart now brookey?

  78. It took you a whole 24 hours to solve that one, have another Tim Tam girl you deserve it.

  79. no, it didn’t take 24 hours to solve it, it took 24 hours to decide to ‘out’ you, unlike the others who obviously want to rub their fingers ‘throw’ your curly chest hair

  80. Is Mr Brooke 1-2-Bucklemyshoe?

  81. i’m laughing my ass off that laura and brooksey love each other so much and check this site atleast 20 times a day. hahaha

    i love brooksey! bring back the biff!
    sorry, my immaturaty took over me.. maybe it’s contagious on this site.

  82. pls leave my chest hair out of this. If you’re after some tooth floss for those buck teeth, oral B has just released a scented floss, and it looks like it’s been wrapped by David Jones at xmas.

    Now girls, if you’re not after some great reading, like Zf’s new book.. (laura I ‘threw’ that in just for you) Zoo Weekly has some great puzzles in the back section. Knock yourself out.

    To all the other ladies out there, I’m tall, dark and handsome. No chest hair.

  83. Oh for gods sake!
    If you don’t like the blog, then don’t read it. No one is forcing all the people that keep complaining to visit here.
    4 Inch Heels didn’t create this blog to be in the “top ten” of blogs or to get all the media attention.
    I work in a library, so I will be borrowing Zoe’s new book when it arrives. I am sure it will ok, no “To Kill a Mockingbird”, but readable!

  84. sarah, point being, this blog has changed and people come back in the hope that it’ll go back to what it was when it first started. librarian, pmsl. I bet you wear those black rimmed square glasses you get at target for $19.99

  85. What’s wrong with those glasses?

  86. It’s the 28th ffs! This is supposed to be a blog. If you can’t be bothered, why should we?

  87. I think Zoe’s book will be a fabulous as she is. She’s a girl going places and deserves credit for all she does. Those that are here to bag her out are purely envious of her efforts. The critics are probably unhappy people with boring jobs, no fashion sense, wear nutrimetics makeup and bad shoes! You’ll all be eating your incorrectly spelt words when she launches this and becomes a household name! Go Zoe!

  88. the 3.o+ glasses make your eyes look 4 times the size they’re meant to be haha, like an alien, (I’ve got some! lol)

  89. Wow, this blog has hit rock bottom. Maghag must be in blog heaven. RIP.

    At least Mr Brook and co are more fun that 1-2 and Angela. And I will be reading Zoe’s book, (which btw is called Air Kisses, as her blog finally revealed) or borrow a friends copy at the least if I’m too tight 😉

  90. Mr Brooke – poor dear, a man with no chest hair and a man with an intellect that folds like a dead gold fish with no prompting whatsoever.

    That’s pretty lame, even for a blog commenter, ya know.

  91. Fairy you thirty five year old princess that lives at home with Mum, Dad and the Old Kingswood in Bankstown and let’s not forget your three legged pitbull cross poodle called Fairy Floss, please get a life. Bankstown leagues have a bingo and meat raffle night on Wednesday night I hear so maybe this could fill the void in your boring and non productive life…or get a copy of ZF’s book and enjoy that.

    Sweet dreams and don’t forget to take the rollers out of your hair.

  92. Oh gawd, now that is seriously funny.

    You don’t have much of a life do you, poor luvvie.

    Perhaps when I’ve finished with the Fin Review I’ll make use of your recommended flibbertigibbet book as … umm …

    I wish this Zoe person well with her book, why wouldn’t I, why would I begrudge her some pocket money or success? Good for her, if that comes her way.

    The question is why Mr Brooke is obsessed with her / her book / chick lit.

    Having never read any chick lit, I don’t appreciate the appeal, obviously you do Mr Brooke.

  93. Oh, and Mr Brooke, only an idiot ever presumes to characterize another commenter or blogger, lest they make total dicks out of themselves – 100% of the time.

  94. Fairy, since when did the Fin review have dot to dots in it, I am raising the white flag due to the quality and lack lustre replies I have been subjected to from you, so have a great day and whatever you do avoid the mirror.

    Love Mr Brooke xxx

  95. Could ‘Mr Brooke’ be Zoe’s boyfriend Craig Wing, or could it just be the works of David or Gerda Foster…?

  96. wtf? laura – are they her families names? ARE you fucking SERIOUS??? what a LOW, dog act below the belt person you are. omg. AS IF you would be that twisted and bitter to stalk someone. you are a very scary person. you should be so embarrassed and imagine if that was your family.

  97. I’ll provide the crayons for Laura to play with during recess. Mr Brooke pee’s sitting down – is that clear enough for you? Craig Wing, pmsl.

  98. Mr Brook, you dashing soul who rides into the sunset leaving a cloud of V+R behind him…

    Sweep me up onto your steed and ride me off into your Phonetic fashionable oasis somewhere west of the city, where we can revel in our own superior and much tailored existence.

    I like your style, but keep it sweet – like candy.

    Want a lollipop?

    Maghag – please come back and put an end to the ramblings of the staffers and those who cry out in pain or pleasure whenever they see the 4inchers attempt to muster up enough courage to strut the marble and coordinate the ACP tollbooths while clutching their “books” or their latest $4000 Chanels.

    Have some pity people. Life is hard when your head is in the clouds and the only thing between you and fractured ankles is a spike the size of one of those fragrance samples they give you with a goodie bag (which are excellent if you want to smell like a princess but have the bank account of a pauper)


    Mr Darcy

  99. Laura what a twisted bitch you are, they say you learn something everday in Life and today I learnt that a scorn woman is capbable of anything, I have one word for you and that is Karma.

    try to be more positive in life and let go of the anger, I understand that the only thing you have ever achieved is doing “walk the dog” with a Yo Yo back in 1985.
    I will not be writing again on this blog for I wish never to entertain such a bitch like you.

  100. californication

    Mr brooke – a bit immature don’t you think? just say sticks and stones and keep writing. you’ve just shown your age. you’ll come back with another name and try to be someone else, just like all the others

  101. OMG, this is so pathetic now, everyone is getting desparate with there comments, all I can add is that Mr Brooke is hillarious and seems to be the only person that is keeping honest, this blog without him is like a bad episode of Home & Away.

  102. just how is mr brooke hilarious?

    i think it’s a case of you believing mr brooke is a HE, when in fact he is a she. mr brooke knew this when he created the username, and you’ve fallen for it hook line and sinker,

    after all, a room full of women will usually swarm to the one man won’t they?

    brooke could recite the alphabet in a monotone voice and you’d laugh like a giggling school-girl high on redskins

  103. Mr Brooke has to be a man, he has delivered to much quality banter towards Laura and Fairy to be otherwise, but you must own the same crystal ball as the other girls.

    Alphabet, crayons this is just getting better…come back Mr Brooke.

  104. clinton is laura.. you can tell by the scorn.

    all women flock to one man?? a very telling insight into the identity of the person. wierd woman.

    i reckon mr brooke is def a man. post a pic post a pic! 😉

  105. I digress. I think Mr Brooke is 1-2 who obviously loves living in a fantasy world.

  106. A better quality banter can be had from a dead goldfish than from the decidedly feminine “Mr Brooke”.

    A man wouldn’t carp about anger issues, wouldn’t give a toss about karma and wouldn’t be so curiously sophomoric in their attempts at insults.

    The MSM sold a dog when they hyped this blog.

    Fashion week was covered with all the banality … well, of “Mr Brooke” attempting to engage a working synapse or two.

    So much for “inside” or “gossip” or anything really.

    It would seem that MagHag didn’t have the wit to carry on a small time blog past a handful of vapid posts.

    Fun times never started. Perhaps someone else has the capability to give it a whirl, but for now, the mag industry lacks the talent to sustain a simple blog.

  107. cazfairy – how unevolved and disrespectful to jump to such assumptions about men and give them no credit ie they don’t know the definition of karma or anger issues. my boy certainly does.

    and, i hope lots of teens out there read this blog and see that the mag industry is full of such sad bitter 20-30-40 somethings.

    when i read dolly etc and mia was editor, i loved it so much. if i would’ve known that it was all smoke and mirrors and cattiness and advertising dollars, i would’ve had such a sharp learning curve and adjusted my priorities accordingly.. unfortunately it took me a few yrs past my teens, and getting to know some of the acp-ers (some amazing chics, some really wrong chics) to work this all out.

    i hope angela and other young chics learn atleast one thing from this blog: steer clear of commercialism and egocentric industries and spend time seeing the world from your heart.

    i really like the book eat, pray, love.

    sorry to preach xx

  108. Good on ZF for getting a book published! And what’s with all the pre-judging? It probably won’t be my kind of thing, but I’ll at least have a look, as the bookstore person did – and she’s entitled to her opinion, having read it. No need to start banging on about karma because she doesn’t love it. (ps – I’ve never met a monk or nun, and I’ve met a few, who bangs on about karma. Only silly Oprah-watching Westerners who don’t seem to really know what it means!) Anyway, writing a book and getting it published is a really praiseworthy effort for those of you who haven’t done it. We should admire the effort, but not necessarily the output.

    And how funny that this little comment box replicates the real world so perfectly… a male avatar walks in and a fair whack of the females present start clawing each other for his attention. Actually, it’s not that funny…

    Women bagging other women is boring and retarding to our collective progress. Every day millions of talentless men write books, sing songs, argue, and win because they have been told all their lives that they can. Maybe we should try doing that for each other and see what could happen.

    Ok, enough rambling…

  109. Mr Brooke admitted to being a woman yesterday; you girls should really learn to read between between the lines.

  110. Of for f*&k’s sake “lover” – this is a blog, not a self-actualization manual you twit, and “Mr Brooke” is a women.

    No need to take bets that you have taught your boy an entirely fabricated meaning of “karma”, the John Lennon corrupt version, would be my guess.

    Try to be less ignorant, your son will benefit.

  111. ‘Again’, are you talking to me too? I don’t think Brooksey is really a man, that’s why I said ‘avatar’. Anyway…

  112. ps, Fairy, you’re hilarious.

  113. yeahbut, sorry, i wasn’t clear.

    anon and monica above seem to think mr brooke is a man

    mr brooke is a woman. She admitted this yesterday. End of story

  114. Hunter-Tylo-Lips

    9 days since the last blog entry by maghag

    this is a travesty

  115. Girls, Girls girls I never admited anything yesterday, so I have no idea what you are all talking about, but the last time I went to the toilet I was standing, I am all man and you can make your own assuptions, but all the doubt over whether I am a man only concludes to me that you all don’t know the difference between a man & a boy…but then again all my knockers sound like bitter burnt women, its always the mans fault I guess, don’t you women work or are all the stamps licked and the mail put in the outgoing tray.

  116. Fairy you are probably a woman in a dead end job still getting coffee for the girls at work, please stop giving parental advice, you have been ovulating for half your life now and I can just imagine how stale you are.

  117. Whatever your gender Mr Brooke, you feign indignation at other people’s comments and run away like a coward, yet you sling speculative shit around about everyone else here as if you’re toddler in the midst of failing potty training.

    I’ll say it again, since you’re a sloooowwww learner: only an idiot ever presumes to characterize another commenter or blogger, lest they make total dicks out of themselves – 100% of the time.

    Your puerile jabs in the dark have yet to hit even a single point of accuracy. Not one.

  118. Fairy 1
    Mrs Brooke 0


    Fairy why don’t you play eye spy with my little eye for a while it might calm your nerves.

  120. is that the best you can do mrs brooke? a MAN with your experience would have a decent comeback at least, you had nothing.

    Fairy 1
    Mrs Brooke -1

  121. Mr Brooke is 1-2-BuckleMyShoe right?

    She gets her names from novels? And Mr Brooke is from Little Women?? and she can’t post as 1-2-BuckleMyShoe anymore?

    Am I stating the obvious or really stupid not to have caught on? These comments are crazy!

  122. Brookesy, maaaate, I know you’re just sticking up for your woman and that’s admirable but for someone so into ‘karma’ you do seem rather blind in the third eye. One minute you’re telling us all to be positive and not judge, the next you’re throwing around some really rather snobbish (Penrith), sexist (bitter old women, making coffee, being dried up etc) insults. wtf?This isn’t a men’s locker room. If you can’t argue like a grown up, without resorting to tired, overused, misogynistic cliches, then you’re not much of a man in my book. You were funny for a while… until the nastiness lurking beneath burst forth! Now you seem a bit yuk.

  123. who on earth is 1-2 bucklemyshoe?

  124. 1-2BuckleMyShoe

    anyone can post as 1-2 – see?

  125. crossed the line

    Laura, what is your problem?? Bringing up ZF’s family is completely out of line. She is a good girl, has no way of rebuttal (as we saw with poor Leigh) and doesn’t deserve that kind of info being broadcast here. Or anywhere!! I see you’ve also had your claws out on her blog and been put in ur place I might add,so maybe u should get a hint and let your obvious obsession with her go?? You’ll note most other people here have been supportive of her, ur the only one being a 4 inch bitch.

  126. who now what now? i’ve never been on her blog. just read the book. am at uni and work at a book store, read the book, said I didn’t like it, got verbally attacked by a bunch of bitches, and am laughing about it…..!!

  127. honestly people, get a fucking grip, this is all just for fun!! don’t be so self righteous! fucking losers.

    lock me up

  129. Laura, work out what you want to say (I know that can be difficult for some), and then say it in ONE post. Coming back for THREE RANTS IN A ROW just makes you look like you’re desperate for attention, and resorting to the focker bible is just juvenile.

    btw, crossed the line has a point. Deal with it.

  130. questioning your validity

    laura – if you say you’ve read the book, tell us some of the people’s names in the book?

    you haven’t read it. just admit it.

  131. hey fairy..

    i don’t have a son.

    i practise being a normal human being (you call it self actualisation) in all parts of my life, not just on blogs..

    perhaps you reserve the right to be a negative person whilst you blog, or maybe in full-time life as well .. either way i send you love and hope you are a happy chappy


  132. Laura, you’ve established yourself as a creepy, obsessed hater.. do you want to stalk Zoe Foster or something? Maybe you could look her mum up (you’ve already memorised the names of her nearest and dearest) or maybe go drive past her house? What a fruit loop you are. And if her book does well, good on her. If it doesn’t, good on her for trying. Why don’t you log off and stop slagging off someone who has done nothing to you?

  133. Don’t know about you all, but I find this blog a big time waster. I’m going back to my life. You know? Real people. Real feelings. Real expressions. Blogs are thieves of time, something you’ll never get back. All the best to you all, and keep those shoes shined. ps, in a few years time, you’ll laugh about this silly blog. air hugs x

  134. In a few years time?

    You’re kidding, right?

    Blogs have a shelf life of a few months, unless they’re good, and even then the party is over in less than years.

    This blog had a shelf live of about 3 nanoseconds. The MSM gave it a boost, accounting for the extra 2 nanoseconds.

    “in a few years time, you’ll laugh about this silly blog

    Nah, I laughed the first time I read it, as should have anyone else.

    It’s a mild hoot, just not in a good way.

  135. Yes I work in a library, no I do not wear glasses. And I am not the type who would buy glasses in Target. Amazing all the stereotypes on this blog.

  136. Oh God,

    Reading all this spirited banter is boring. I thought this post would at least touch on the upcoming extravaganza that will be Grazia. Where does a weekly mag fit in between online websites and monthly magazines? Grazia appears to be taking a sensible route‚ oh except for employing that fool who seems to believe he’s the new Warhol.

  137. Wish I was in New York

    WARNING: You may not find this as entertaining and bitchy as past entries.

    I do work in magazines, though not in editorial. I do have alot of contact with ed. I have worked in mags for many years, and some of those earlier years were in editorial. The mag I currently work on has a young team who are very talented but not any more fabulous then some of the other Ed teams I have worked with in my past and who haven’t been as young. I am over 30, I may not have youth….yes I can ear you scoffing, but I have experience and a few good years left. My how times have changed. Reading these entries and after my experiences with this team, I can only guess that most bloggers here are in their 20’s, self righteous, believing they deserve much more than they do, demanding other teams blow hot air up their not so skinny bums, expecting they are responsible for all the good things a brand delivers, rude, forgetful of who actually pays their wages and it ain’t the pay office biatches. And more importantly, they need to be reminded that until they have a worthy title, on a larger mag, not that ours is not, it’s just a little more “niche & targetted” than some, that they still have a lot of work to do, and lot of impression to make and keep, that if they really believe in their brands they need to work as a team and sometimes do things they do not like. If not, move on, afterall you have been there a while, do you not want to progress? The thing is these girls think we are working on Grazia………..the Italian version!

    So editorial girls with the same attitiudes, stick your heads back in, do some work, have a look at the big wide world, earn respect and we shall give back. Above all, go to the gym so that you can release all that anger and work off all those cup cakes and lollies you receive! Kill 2 birds with one cardio session.

    P.S. WhenI was a junior, I was happy to buy that banana, coffee, or run that errand, someone has to do it, someone has to learn how a busines is run. And if those someones don’t feel they should do it then they will not make the same achievements that those of the older generations have made.

    P.S.S. My job is to…..oh you would never understand. It is not to take you out and pamper you and feed you.

  138. To “wishing I was in new york”

    Don’t worry hun, one day, when you stop preaching to others, you CAN work in New York. I hear Benny Hinn is looking for a secretary. PS Assuming that everyone on this blog is 20 something, is a just a liiiiiiitle silly of you. Anyway, interesting username. But New York is not all that. As an Aussie who married an American 11 years ago (yes, I’m probably older than your shoes), I’ve spent lots of time there as hubby plays with his potions, but the constant sirens drive you mad after a while. Sydney wins by a mile. Stay put. They say it’s not good to change your environment when you’re too old. Anyway, who runs errands these days, or eats bananas in the office? Errand? An Americanism if ever I’ve hear one.

  139. Wish I was in New York

    Who’s preaching, I am just sharing and perhaps venting. Too old, not me sweet thing. But thank you. It is true, I am wasting time here. Besides I’ll decide what is good for me. It’s been short and sweet. G’nite.

  140. To Wish I was in New York: I wish you were too! I’m guessing you’re an ad person. They are the only ones who regularly quote the old ‘remember who pays your wages’ line to editorial. Cringe. You’re like a D-list celeb trying to skip the queue at a club by squawking ‘don’t you know who I am!!?’. It’s embarrassing. Why do you lot never reaslise that you’d have nothing to sell without editorial and design? We create your product. You sell it. It’s a team effort so why do you act as if you’re the only ones who contribute and we should be grateful just to draw a wage? Get over yourself.

  141. Did anyone see Today this morning with Paula Joye appearing? She looks NOTHING like her glossy over-airbrushed photos in the magazine. Glad to see they don’t discriminate over who should be airbrushed into oblivion.

  142. Laura Lover Wanna Hater

    Geeeeez, Laura.
    Got enough spare time?
    You’re on this site more than MagHag is.

    S. A. D.

  143. Dear Wish I was in New York,

    I’m with you sister. I’m in my 30’s, in the industry and NOT in advertising and I agree with most of your posts. It’s refreshing to see someone contributing something other than juvenile banter of the type between Mr Brooke and Laura.

    People picking up on your name and using that to sledge you are just showing their lack of imagination and thought that they are unable to address the actual content of your posts with reasoned and intelligent replies ……everyone is entitled to their own opinion – after all isn’t that what blogging is essentially all about (which is why I have never bothered to add anything to comments from Laura and Mr Brooke no matter what I think about them)?


    PS. No doubt this will unleash a whole lot of sledging my way! 🙂

  144. Monica&Chandler

    quote: (from angelcakesomethingrather):
    “1-2-BuckleMyShoe – please don’t judge on blogs, forums, chatrooms and comments.
    People take these things very lightly. Take me for example(14) i write without thinking here but i use correct grammar and spelling at school.”

    Everyone here- regardless if you’re sticking up or slagging off either Laure or Mr Brook or Zoe or whoever, seems to be very bitchy and ‘judgemental’ lots of negative energy on his website which is a shame because its so fun to read, I mean, if everyone stopped taking themselves so seriously maybe we could all just have some fun.

  145. Here Here Monica&Chandler! I am 13 years older than you but I couldnt have said it better myself….

  146. Oh my – you are all such a pack of nasty people! You are obviously magazine people! Bitchy, backstabbing, nasty pieces of work! You’re exactly what people expect from this shallow industry! Keep scratching each others eyes out with your fake nails that match your fake tans and your fake blond hair! Oh and your fake credentials! Journalists…pffft!

  147. this is getting ridiculous. what’s the bet that most of the comments on here come from 40-something, overweight depsperate housewives stuck at home with their kids while their husbands are out fucking their secretaries on their lunch hour?

    and i’m a big fan of zoe foster and the way she writes her blog but after reading an exercept from air kisses on the penguin publishers website, i’m dissapointed.

  148. Wow Lindy, that’s some pent up frustration….

    Let’s see…. in answer to all of your suppositions….30’s, size 10, management professional – that would be with post grad quals, no kids yet thank god and no husband – just a wonderful boyfriend….. perhaps it’s a mirror you were looking in. And really….’fucking’ – isn’t that just a tad crass?

    Just finishing for the week and heading out with my gorgeous boyfriend to dinner…. no doubt you’re tucking into you lonely jumbo size family size KFC meal alone. It must suck being you.

  149. Has anyone noticed that Mag Hag doesn’t moderate the comments anymore? Is that a sign or am I reading too much into this and it’s just been happening since the blog was hacked?

    I can’t understand why she hasn’t closed this thread if she’s still around. She never liked things getting as nasty as they currently are….

  150. angelaseesangelablogs

    M..NASTY…- Who are you to talk? What’s the world without ‘nasty’ people. ‘nasty is an understatement.
    Lindy- How do we know your not the one thats “40-something, overweight depsperate housewives stuck at home with their kids while their husbands are out fucking their secretaries on their lunch hour?”

    Come on maghag we need you to post more! So we can post more ‘nasty’ comments.

  151. angelaseesangelablogs

    oh Monica&Chandler,
    do we really need another version of me?

    You know guys this is more and more like the lunch time at school?

  152. angelaseesangelablogs pffft to you – why don’t you go blog on an age appropriate site for pre-pubescent teenage girls suffering from spots and sadness because their boyfriends dropped them! Go back to MSN and chat with people your own age sweetie! Is that nasty enough for you? Or possibly just like what you deal with a school at lunchies! You add no value to this site – you’ve just been a right pain the ass!

  153. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ oh look at you. -sigh- I can just see the smoke pufffing out of your ears.

  154. Again… this is gold!

    And what happened to MagHag anyhow? Does anyone really care anymore, or do people just want to argue with others on topics such as age, occupation, education, and the taboo topic of KFC!

    It’s ironic that this blog has become like last month’s ‘insert title here’ magazine. When is the new issue coming out?

    Though that’s not to say that I don’t love this comments. Keep it coming ladies!

  155. No smoke puffing out of my ears angelaseesangelbogs! Only smoke would be the steam off the crappy comments you constantly leave!

  156. angelaseesangelablogs

    ohhhhh. Was I suppose to be offended in some way?

  157. Angela,

    I really think you need to find a blog more age appropriate….this kind of posting is going to come back to bite you when you’re older and potential employers google you…..and it’s getting just a little tedious.

    Come back when you’re part of the industry or can actually add something to blog other than this schoolgirl drivel…please!!

    If I was Mag Hag I wouldn’t be coming back to this kind of crap.

  158. The entire media is taking a massive hit.No one is listening to them any more.

  159. angelaseesangelablogs

    I don’t think I would work for someone who is that narrow minded.

    Age is an advantage.

  160. Not when you’re so obviously young…don’t fool yourself into thinking this is an indication of your maturity.

    Sweetheart, you have no idea about age….go away and come back when you have something interesting to add.

  161. angela, seriously take then hint. go to – i think it’s more for you precious – or should i say precoscious!

  162. angelaseesangelablogs

    i got over girlfriend when i was 12.

    as 1-2-BuckleMyShoe would say:

  163. shrug – gee you are mature! i suppose you read vogue and harpers these days! angela seriously – act your age – trust me – the years go by rather quickly and you’ll be 25 before you know it and according to your maturity you will be on to australian women’s weekly by then! read dolly, act your age and stop trying to be so grown up. – shrug –
    btw – maybe i am 1-2-BuckleMyShoe – shrug!

  164. angelaseesangelablogs

    I know you’re not 1-2-BuckleMyShoe-

    I don’t want to act like a 14 year old who wears Supre who thinks drinkin is a sport.

    You don’t know me, so stop telling me how to act.

  165. Oh sweetheart, you are indeed behaving very much like a 14 year old that wears supre and thinks ‘drinkin’ is a sport……please don’t think you are even slightly mature or welcome on this sight… really have bought the tone of this blog down. It’s not suprising Mag Hag has disappeared.

  166. merlot_mistress

    On a subject related to FASHION, the mastero himself died … Yves Saint Laurent.

  167. angelaseesangelablogs

    Oh so it’s blame it on me day?
    Well too bad the site is ‘toned down’, if it’s really bad enough to be brought down by 14 year old, it makes you think “what kind of blog is this?”.
    Well just to inform you-
    1. I have never consumed alcohol in my life
    2. I don’t wear supre.

    I would love to met you guys one day, and tell you a little about me. Maybe you’ll stop being so narrow minded. Or would that be too overwhelming for you?

  168. i think the people who are constantly on angela’s back and telling her to go find somewhere else more appropriate for her 14 year old eyes are just jealous of her youth.

    and well done ‘lonely lindy the loser’. you must be so proud of being an old, useless woman with no ring on her finger.

  169. Those “women” that are name-calling and throwing abuse at a child, really need to take a long, hard look at themselves. How would you feel if it was YOU? Or your niece or sister or daughter?

    Just think about how much damage you could be doing. Please back off and think about any possible repercussions.


  170. we love angela

    yeah – angela rocks.

    ‘Grow up’ to the other clowns.

  171. sandrabollocks

    When ppl have nothing better to do than slag off about age and make assumptions you know this blog is well and truly dead. Why don’t you all talk abbout fashion and things related to fashion rather than these inane put downs? Boring boring boring

  172. sandrabollocks

    that’s “about” for the grammar Nazis!

  173. Ah Lindy, you really are showing your lack of breeding if that is all you can come back with…… not to mention the jeaously…..

    Off you trot now to bury your head into the next vat of icecream lardarse….

  174. Okay, I think we all need to take a chill pill!

    Please has a very salient point. Whilst Angela appears to be able to handle this all so well, stories of cyber abuse are eveywhere these days and I for one would be horrified to think that my daughter/niece was on a blog that is supposed to be about the industry she hopes to be a part of one day and was getting the kind of abuse Angela has been. Don’t forget everyone, we were all precocious 14 year olds at one stage and let’s face it….with her thick skin she has a very good chance of making it in what can be a cut-throat industry at times.

    Now, seriousness out of the way…. WHERE IS MAG HAG?????

  175. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ mag hag is watching all of this and laughing her louboutins off.

    Thanks to the non-sarcastic supporters.

  176. Nice to see you have given Vanessa, Lucinda etc the kudos they deserve as they head of the Grazia.

    What is the product that people think this blog is a “publicity stunt” for..could they let us in on the secret ?

  177. michael, it’s a publicity stunt for zoe Foster’s new book Air Kisses, which is about the magazine industry. A whooooooole bunch of people are kicking up a stink saying that this isn’t her work, but you’ll notice a) this blog has become very quiet since it was first mentioned that it was zoe b) the posts became non-existent once Zoe actually left ACP

  178. Yes – you are SO on the money…..

  179. Does anyone have an actual date that ZF left ACP, please?

  180. merlot_mistress

    So where is MAG HAG?? Has she been caught out ??? Is she in hiding???

  181. For God’s sake, leave Zoe alone! Her blog is amazing and I’m sure her book will be too. She’s an incredibly talented young lady and if this site is nothing more than a publicity stunt then it’s really done it’s job and just further iterates her intelligence. Look at how much we’re all talking about it! I would never believe that she’s behind this though

  182. Is her blog fruity beauty? If so, I have to say I didn’t find it that ‘amazing’…..I didn’t think it was that great actually. Now don’t all shoot me down – I’m not taking any pot shots at her….good on her for writing a book. I was just suprised after hearing all the accolades that the blog didn’t seem that great – did I have the wrong blog? If so, can someone please tell which is her blog.

  183. Oh Ashlea,

    Grow up – of course this is her blog….why do you think it stopped when she left? why she never actually named or shamed her friends or those that could help her in the future?

    Unfortunately darling, you just sound like one of those sad little sycophants that try and get close to her….and I can tell you firsthand…..she pities your type and the desperate attempts you make to get close to her.

    Good on Zoe – it’s still got us talking about her upcoming book hasn’t it…

  184. ashlea, wake up and smell the fruit, sunshine, this is her blog.

    you don’t have to feel the need to come and try and attack people for stating so, zoe foster is quite good at defending herself, however i think you’ll find that she won’t.

  185. Yeah, you’ve got the right one Ali. I agree with you – it’s not really ‘amazing’. Mindless sycophancy is almost as bad as mindless bitching.

  186. This blog has no credibility left – apart from a few hangers on, it’s done its dash – don’t know why the creator of the blog doesn’t just shut it down

    If I hear the words “book”, “Zoe Foster” and “publicity stunt” in the same sentence again, I’ll scream – it’s been said over and over again

    I GET IT OK!


    Mindless, addictive and boring. I need therapy. Can I sue? I’m suing, who can I sue? This mindless trash is sending me to the luny bin. FFs. Help me somebody. Oh, and “amazing”, my ar@e!

  187. LOLCAT! I hear ya, Lunatic.

  188. Er, this blog HAS trashed some of Zoe’s closest friends.. everyone needs to ease up, it’s like a witchhunt!

    The reason maghag hasn’t been on is because half of ACP knows who she is.. and she knows it!!

  189. I’m still here guys. Only life has taken a few interesting and positive turns that I’m considering leaving the magazine industry for bigger ponds.

    Perhaps someone wants my job? It doesn’t pay a lot, but there are the aforementioned freebies and event invites. The best one this month is the Sex and the City screening.

  190. errr “—” you mean ACP has pointed the finger at everyone and settled on some poor chubby girl who’s deemed to be “maghag”. As long as it’s not one of “their” star ex-girls right?

  191. For god’s sake, maghag doesn’t work at ACP anymore, and we all know maghag is Zoe Foster. Anyone who doubts that is extremely stupid – zoe foster won’t deny it and oh, neither will maghag. are the doubters ready to eat their words yet or should we just wait until her book comes out and the interviews start and then they’ll eat their words?


  192. angelaseesangelablogs

    So the quetion is –
    Maghag, are you Zoe?

    No one else answer this. I directed it at maghag.

  193. I agree with the positive comments on Miss Zoe. Anyone who has ever met her or had the privilege to work with her would agree that she’s a dynamic and inspiring young woman. If this has been her doing to create interest in the book then kudos to her – more people now know about the book – that would be a successful PR campaign in my opinion. Whatever the case, maghag is over – it achieved lot’s of coverage, created a drama or two and kept us all enthused. Go maghag – I do really wish you were back in full swing though.

  194. I’m not the biggest fan of Zoe’s blog either. It’s cute, but not a weekly must-read. More like “I’m bored, what site haven’t I visited yet” read.

    I love reading on of the NY mags/papers blogs, they’re beauty content is written in such a way which they don’t talk you down or talk to you in gooey language like you’re 12.

  195. Hey MagHag why don’t you just admit that you’re not Zoe Foster, because the stupid people on this blog (and yourself for not setting them straight) are dragging her name through the mud.

    And just how is this a publicity stunt for Zoe Foster’s book? The book has never been mentioned in any of the posts, it has only been mentioned in the comments, and the idiot who first decided to point the finger at Zoe is delusional, and everyone else who believes it is even more delusional.

  196. Ana, about a million people’s names have been dragged through the mud by the people at ACP and the Sydney Confidential because they “think” they know who is behind this blog.

    It could be one of their EDITORS for all they know. The web can be accessed by a lovely thing known as the Blackberry and other hand held devices now, people don’t need to use their work computers and risk getting caught by web filters. Just falsify a few IP addresses and you have a diversion and someone else gets the blame.

  197. ana, just because they haven’t specificly mentioned ”and by the way, buy a book called air kisses when it comes out in stores soon, blah blah blah” does not mean that this isn’t zoe foster’s blog.

    this blog has attracted publicity by discussing some of australia’s leading magazine titles, and by supposedly revealing the ‘devil wears prada’-like working conditions, and other gossipy tidbits about staff. the whole time it has been written by a woman who refuses to share her identity – this, of course, in turn, naturally makes people even MORE curious, and so the ”witchhunt” begins. if you actually think about it though, there is no ”witchhunt”’ – if acp wanted to find out who was behind this, if they were that desperate, they have the means to do so and would’ve found out who was behind it a LONG time ago. but zoe foster is friends (or at least, on good terms) with a lot of acp executives, as well as the people who write such things as sydney confidential and the gossip pages in the sunday newspapers. all she had to do was create the blog, write pieces so that it sounds like she’s revealing things (although if you actually look at them, she never does – the most juicy things have come from the commenters, so she covers herself), get it mentioned in the newspapers and boom – people are instantly dying to know more, and off they trot to check out the supposed ‘bitchy blog’. as more and more people read it, the more people start to ask ‘who is mag hag?’, and then in trots zoe foster to reveal that she is, in fact maghag, and has a new book coming out on june 30, which is all about the magazine industry. wow.

  198. You are all so quick to say I’m wrong, but what makes you so sure you are right?

    And just for the record Zoe isn’t credited in the latest Harper’s which means she would have left at least 3 months ago, Mag Hag only stopped posting regularly about 1 month ago. The timing isn’t even right, yet that is one of the key things people are basing their assumptions on.

  199. ana, they can change the masthead moments before the magazine is actually sent to be print, so that doesn’t actually count for anything, and that’s not something people are basing their information on, it was just something that was pointed out.

  200. You can only exclude someone from the masthead if none of their work is in the magazine, deadlines for feature are at least 2 months before the issue goes on sale.

    And her leaving has been pointed out many times, some people have even referred to it as ‘proof’.

  201. Whether or not this is zoe’s blog, you are all pushing publicity for her book through the roof! She should be grateful to you all. I’m sure her publisher is!

  202. Short & Fat Nobody

    Look, Zoe Foster is a Fat, Ugly Materialistic Bitch who pretends to be all sweet & friendly but she really looks down her nose at others that arn’t “cool, intelligent or sophisticated” in her eyes…Just because she has her picture in the social pages, is dating a footballer & thinks she knows how to apply eyeliner “correctly” dosen’t make her shit hot (as she believes herself to be)
    She is a nobody. ….Who cares!!! let’s talk fashion or something else besides Zoe FATster puulezzz

  203. Yes, let’s talk about fashion. Beauty is only skin deep, which beauty “editors” fail to remember when they talk so passionately about about “groundbreaking” new products and hair styles. I guess it only shows how superficial they really are as people.

  204. I need your help fashionasta’s!……I’m desperatley seeking a funky pair of Gumboots for the winter months , I’ve already been to & but they don’t seem to have ankle gumboots which is what I’m after! 😦 Does anyone out there know of any stores that would stock what I’m after?…online or otherwise?..

    PS. went to Wellies website too…no luck…

    Thanks bitches xx

  205. oops…I meant fashionista’s! oh deary me hehe

  206. To Short and Fat Nobody,
    You sound like a terrible person. Look at the pictures of Zoe Foster. If you call that fat you are stupid!
    The only thing that I dont like about Zoe is the fact that she dates a footballer. I have come across alot of them and I honestly believe that they are horrible, unfaithful sluts. I would be shocked if he has never screwed around on her. I have that many stories that it is just terrible.

    One person who I just cant warm to is that Leigh Campbell. I dont know why. She just annoys me!

  207. oh dear….Zoe Foster fat and ugly!
    Gosh that makes me obese and hideously unnattractive.
    Short & Fat Nobody – you must be so attractive! You seriously musn’t know her at all otherwise you would not have called her fat and ugly.
    Materialistic – well who isn’t? Give me a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, add to that a MiuMiu bag and the latest designer dress….and call me materialistic! I would say that SHORT & FAT NOBODY is exactly that – together with lonely, bitter, twisted and unhappy! Poor you to be so judgemental – oops – just like I’m being now! Call me shallow!

  208. To the people who are saying that ZF’s book is getting all this free publicity, err, what free publicity? This blog has been dead for a month and only a handful of people have visited it in that time (under different usernames). So what publicity are you talking about?

    Oh, and who the hell is ZF anyway? I don’t know who she is. My neighbour doesn’t know who she is. Only those in the magazine industry seem to know who she is, along with a few wannabes stcking their ugly botoxed heads in the celebrity pages of the Daily Trash. The ZF name and the nature of the book doesn’t scream out “buy me”. Sorry, it’s true. If it becomes a best seller, then I’ll eat my words, but I doubt that will happen.

    To the Paddington Bear looking for posh gum boots. There’s this little place called Target. Great boots. Sad to see your skinny little designer toes won’t accept that “brand”, but you could always try? After all, it’s not WHAT you wear, it’s HOW you wear it. One day you might just learn that. Anyone that signs off with “thanks bitches xx” needs to provide a warning beforehand, I almost gagged on my chicken fajita.

    ZF? Never heard of her.

  209. angelaseesangelablogs

    For all I know you guys could all be Zoe Foster whether you’re saying it’s crap or practically licking her backside.
    To ‘Me’-
    Are you by any chance obsessed with Paris Hilton? Found this blog somewhere in last year’s Cleo and decided to ask about gum boots here? By the way unless you’re really skinny, gum boots will make your calves look huge.

  210. What’s wrong with huge calves? 😉

  211. I think maghag has been found out…or published.

  212. Instead of returning to this blog each day, which is never updated, why don’t we create some sort of forum where we can discuss magazines/media? Just a thought.

  213. I hate yellow

    Something tells me that when maghag says

    “… Only life has taken a few interesting and positive turns that I’m considering leaving the magazine industry for bigger ponds”,

    that actually translates to, “I’ve been caught out with this blog and been asked to leave, or risk being given a very public boot”

    And when she says, “Perhaps someone wants my job? “, err, why would we? We have no idea what you claim to do.

    Care to expand? I suspect not. The 14 year old is stil waiting for an answer to a very valid question. Are you Zoe Foster? Only a coward will not answer.

  214. M – great idea. Wouldn’t take much to set up one of those free forum sites, a few pics, and off we go. But maintaining it is the key thing – you have to abide by certain legalities & rules when using forums, as opposed to blogs I think. Not sure, anyone know? Could start another blog too?

  215. haha, I hate yellow, aren’t you a bitter cow? There is a world outside magazines you know, one where people don’t fuss about how they look and fret if they’re not invited to ALL the cool parties.

  216. This is beyond boring. Let’s change the subject to…. office Christmas parties! Oooh, I’ve seen some gold class gossip at those!

  217. I hate purple

    Lizzie, you’ve gone off on a tangent that makes no sense whatsoever. Who said anything about cool parties? I was quoting maghag, nothing about cool parties in there from what I can see. You must be drunk.

  218. Maghag, is the blog over or not?

  219. blog or career, toss a coin

  220. Uhm? what the hell are you going on about?….were you drunk when you posted your comment?
    I simply asked for help in sourcing some gumboots for winter, at no time did I say I am a label whore or that the boots have to be “designer” or that I dont “accept” Target items into my wardrobe….lay of the white powder hunny……..but thanks anyways for the advice, I ddin’t know Target stocked gumboots. I’ll be going there tonight to do some late night shopping & hopefully pick me up a spanking new pair of booties! yaay!

    PS. Hey angela don’t you worry your pretty little head I am svelte & the boots will look fab on! to answer your other question about Paris Hilton.Yes.She is my muse.

  221. I don’t do drugs. Try K-Mart and Big W too. Fat calves are in, so you’ll be fine.

  222. Of all the body parts that can be ‘fat’, I think calves are the least likely. Big calves are usually muscly, not fat.

  223. Thanks Ideas. I’m not too sure how to go about it (not that technologically-savvy) but if someone else starts it I’d definitely contribute.

  224. My goodness, haven’t things gotten nasty! I think we can safely say this blog is pretty much over. I haven’t checked it in a while and just caught up on this lot of comments. It looks like things have reached a new level of pathetic! Some of you out there in cyber land really should take a hard look at yourselves!!! Comments like “Fat calves are in, so you’ll be fine.” Good god, woman are you that unhappy with life?? It’s nasty, mean and unnecessary!

  225. angelaseesangelablogs

    vitamins are nasty, mean and unnecessary but we take then regard less.
    oh dear ‘me’, the only white powder I see is comming out of your nose.

  226. Bella, grow a thick skin and stop making judgments. Your comment is worse then the “calves” comment and could also be considered as ‘nasty, mean and unnecessary’.

    “Calves” versus “unhappy with life”,

    let’s see, I’ll take the calves comment any day thanks.

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  227. you're not even worth my time but...

    1) Zoe is a size 6 -> therefore not fat.

    2) She isn’t Mag Hag -> so get over yourselves.

  228. size 6 = rake, paddlepop stick, chopstick, world is about me, me, me, me, me, too skinny, ribs showing, yuk
    size 8 = slim, nice
    size 10 = perfect
    size 12 = still perfect
    size 14 = voluptuous
    size 16 = cuddly
    size 18 = mountainous but a joy to be around

    If ZF is not Mag Hag, then why over 200 comments on this post saying that ZF is MagHag – who’s the idiot that started that? Let me deal with her. What size is she? 6?

  229. angelaseesangelablogs

    what do you have against skinny people? You do realise some people are naturally skinny?

  230. Christmas parties? I got so drunk at mine that I chucked up in a nearby pot plant. Good times!

  231. Yay bismuth! On the way home from mine I fell over in front of a very, very posh hotel and chipped my two front teeth! Expensive night, even though the drinks were free…

  232. Movers and Shakers

    Mag Hag, are you the reason why Cosmo had to update their website?

    You’re not Zoe Foster for sure, but perhaps someone who once studied a double degree at MQU perhaps?

  233. are we talking the argyle at xmas….didn’t see much happening, but the champagne flowed freely until the late hours so much blurred vision. many staff were under desks the next day and only some made it past 1pm..but we had waited years for another one…

    maghag has left the building

  234. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ no one really cares

  235. Ouch! Two front chipped teeth; now that’s got to smart. I honestly don’t understand the rationale of holding an office Christmas party, on a weeknight, other than a Friday. The next day is a total write off!

  236. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ LOL she/he hasn’t got one commentor. She/he’s probably someone who has commented here before and wasn’t loved so she/he decieded to start her own.
    should i comment her/him and a humilliate them or just leave it so she/he can be a complete loser? Though she does have a good point about maghag not posting much.

  237. Yeah, read that already. I agree with everything he/she says. I only come here for the comments. Certainly not the writing.

  238. I think the creator of that blog is looking for a bit of his/her own notoriety, which is exactly what she accused Mag Hag of doing.

    Posting on this blog was just a bit of “advertising”. Can’t wait until it’s hacked into or appears in the newspaper.

    Quite silly really.

  239. Don’t stop blogging!

  240. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^ too late, she already has.

  241. Oh my, this blog has really died in the arse, slowly and cancerous. Now all of you, be off before a house falls on you!

  242. Ex-New Yorker

    Just a guess but I suspect maghag has been caught out, or suffered a very close call and has decided to leave the blog all together. Oh well, let’s see what Zoe’s book is like.. good for her, can’t wait to read it.

  243. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The excerpt on the publisher’s website was pretty bad… but again, well done her for writing one.

  244. Ex-New Yorker

    Exactly.. well done.
    A lot of people always claim they will one day write a book, yet never even draft a manuscript. As for the person who named her parents, that’s just wrong. I am sure they wouldn’t appreciate having their parents details out there in cyberspace for all of us to read. Some people really need to learn pc etiquette.

  245. angelaseesangelablogs

    Remember Lee Tulloch? I read her book, it wasn’t so bad.

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