You know how it is

I’ve been keeping a low profile. Managers on my tail and all.

Then again, they should watch their backs.

In the meantime, funniest comments EVER.

Since Mag Hag isn’t leaving much gossip – here’s a little tit bit…

Beware Level 10. You have just inherited a woman that knows how to let them rip and does so frequently. Must be all the indulgent food.


PR Chick:
Oh, give poor Leigh Campbell a break, ladies & gents ….. I’ve always found her very nice to deal with (I’m in PR and work for non-advertising clients so she doesn’t have to be so nice!) and feel she is very undeserving of all this spite.

Of course she doesn’t have to be nice PR Chick, but the freebies might dry up. And I haven’t given her much crap, it’s my daaaarling commenter’s who got on her back after her “paying for rent with mascara” comment. If you put yourself out there like she did, you must be willing to take the good with the bad.

In the mean time… leave tidbits for me in my contact form. You know you want to tell me about how the girl next to you picks her nose or have lunch time quickies… Actually, did anyone hear of a certain maghag keeping her affair un-hush-hush??

And everyone thought she was a sweetheart too.

72 responses to “You know how it is

  1. An affair! Maybe it’s magazine sex research for Cleo or Cosmo?

  2. picking noses at lunch. Isn’t that what we all do?

    I want to know who it is!

  3. oh FFS Angela.

  4. point taken, maghag, but they (the beauty media) get the freebies whether they are nice or not …. whether they really want the product or not. I thought some of the commentary on LC way too spiteful whether she put herself out there or not. Hell, why am I putting myself out there?! LOL! Must be the mother hen in me. may be.

  5. maghag keeping her affair unhush: sarah oakes? just a guess.

  6. In regards to level 10…

    Was speaking to smelly offender one night and all I could think of were the Hiroshima bombs she would drop. Maybe she wondered why I couldn’t concentrate.

  7. angelaseesangelablogs

    To maghag,
    The new contact you form isn’t working for me. It’s telling me I’m a possible spam!

  8. The irony.

  9. That’s some clever software.

  10. angelaseesangelablogs

    Ok guys..I noe I’m really annoying, but nerrr to you

  11. Seriously, noe?

  12. angelaseesangelablogs

    ^^ haha lol someone is trying to pass off as me.

    since the whole 1-2-BuckleMyShoe thing i check my spelling.

    Did you not notice when i post i have a picture??

  13. ooh maghag. you were in todays sunday age!

  14. Angela, we do not care.

    Must hit up the Sunday Age!

  15. angelaseesangelablogs

    I care.

  16. black jacket.

    Geesh – you all sound like a bunch of bi*tche$… is that what you have to do to have your 5 mins of fame in fashion…?? Get a life

  17. 15 mins 😛

  18. voguette-the original!

    The Age article got mentioned on Weekend Sunrise…now THAT, ladies and gents, is the pinnacle!

  19. Let’s get some interesting conversation going on here – what do you all think of the Russh/topless 16-year-old model controversy?

  20. Yeah, I just heard about it from my friend. Apparently her mum didn’t know about it.But she’s 16 isn’t she?That’s still underage. But it’s not vogue therefor it’s not as classy. But if the model agreed (without bribes and stuff) I don’t think it should be such a big deal.

  21. Of course there’s more talk of this blog going around.. Zoe Foster’s new book is coming out soon, isn’t it?


  22. And so what if it is Laura…..

  23. I didn’t say there WAS anything wrong with it Ali, did I? My comment was merely in response to those that are saying ”this blog doesn’t have enough gossip”, ”it isn’t juicy enough”, etc. etc. – of course it isn’t going to be juicy, MagHag is FRIENDS with the people that are being talked about – you’ll notice she never actually says one word of dirt about anyone, instead she merely provides some bait for her commenters, and away they go – it’s gossip gold, and that way, she covers her back.

  24. OMG! Did anyone see what happened on level 7 this morning? OMG John is total filth!

  25. It’s not juicy at all these days, I agree.

    But Zoe doesn’t even work at ACP anymore… and why would she try to get bad things to be written about her friends? That’s a bit low, esp if they find out it’s her at the end.

  26. I don’t think she TRIES to get bad things written about her friends, and I would take a bet that most of them actually know that it’s her anyway – even if they didn’t (which I very much doubt), MagHag NEVER actually says anything about anybody, so there’s little room for any of them to complain. Has anyone also noticed that since Zoe has left ‘Harper’s’ (and ACP altogether?) that the little gossip that was provided has COMPLETELY dried up?

    Zoe Foster has a book called ‘Air Kisses’ coming out in early June about the magazine industry – when you think about it, this was the perfect publicity and marketing stunt, really – the blog didn’t cost a thing to create, has attracted plenty of attention and ta-da, people already know about the book.

    She’ll be laughing allllllll the way to the bank.

  27. Did the new HB hit stands today? Anything else, Madison?

  28. It’s interesting that Zoe has a book out soon, I wonder how she finds time to write one. Perhaps she doesn’t sleep, or it’s ghost written 😉

    The gossip IS suppose to come from us I guess, considering MagHag never even names names when she’s not being nice… until we can figure out who Big Bird is that is. MagHag hasn’t been too nice about her and a few other people in her office. We just don’t know their names!

  29. lipgloss is my friend

    Voguette: HB, Madison and Cleo are all on sale today. HB has that ModelCo mascara freebie and the others don’t.

    I got Cleo today as well and there’s been quite a few changes as well. I thought it was a promising start. What do you people think?

  30. Thanks lipgloss is my friend. 😀

  31. angelaseesangelablogs

    HB was pretty good.

  32. In Style is on stands too.

  33. Laura…..interesting that it’s only YOU that keeps on banging on about Zoe’s book….me thinks perhaps you doth protest too much…..

  34. Ali, I’m not actually the first person to suggest this on here, and sorry, but I have absolutely nothing to do with the world of magazines.

  35. Oh, and lipgloss – I’m loving the new issue of ‘Cleo’! I think Sarah Oakes is going to be REALLY good. Now if they could just do something about ‘Cosmo’..

  36. Sarah Oakes will lift Cleo considerably; she is an editor that actually cares unlike its previous ed.
    Pretty funny that her and Bronwyn are once again head to head.

  37. So far I’m impressed with how Cleo looked this month. Up until now I never liked it and I’m avoiding Cosmo until it comes up with something innovative. Kudos for Sarah Oakes for being brave and asking for feedback on her first issue.

  38. cosmo and cleo have been boring the pants off me for years, yoda. these days I’d much rather read madison or shop (at least shop isn’t pretending its not about the products, and hey you can find them..downside, not enough plus size gear).

  39. Thanks for your feedback on my comment Jo, but I didn’t speak for everyone 😀

  40. angelaseesangelablogs // May 19, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    HB was pretty good.

    with the exception of about 2 items, all of it was regurgitated from uk harper’s.

  41. Bron seems like she has alot of drive and focus; she’s doing a really hard job well. It’s easy for us to pick the crap out of Cosmo when our heads aren’t on the chopping block over circulation ratings. Sarah was okay but I got the impression she never had a full grip of the place.

  42. quote-
    with the exception of about 2 items, all of it was regurgitated from uk harper’s.

    end quote-

    That’s because you read UK haper’s. Not everyone did.

  43. angela1994 // May 21, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    ‘That’s because you read UK haper’s. Not everyone did.’

    Umm, so what… The point Bella Starky is trying to make is that the content is not original whether you’re aware of it or not. It’s the grim reality of the majority of magazines here but it’s pathetic. It’s actually a shock if HB Australia actually photographs their own cover.

  44. I agree with Trouble, but it’s not only Aus HB, Aus Vogue is probably a bigger offender.

  45. angelaseesangelablogs

    But it’s the ‘general’ public they try and appeal to. Not that many people know it was a rip off.

  46. Really though, aren’t they all just the same Magazine….with different advertising?? Hence the regurgitated articles.

    I can’t see the problem?? Save you buying 3 of the same Magazine (from different countries) ‘just for the articles’.

  47. Isn’t the Kate Bosworth cover on this month’s Harper’s an original – and also has an editorial too? And I thought most of the editorials were original too, as was the Lucy Pinter article, and some other stuff. There were some stuff copied from overseas editions (Tinsley Mortimer from US HB I’m pretty sure) but no more than Aust Vogue which as mentioned, is a bigger offender.

  48. That’s what 90% of Australian magazines do… don’t pick on one mag, if you have a problem with regurgitated content, criticise the industry on the whole. Sorry, but I just think it’s such an old tired complaint..

  49. Em, It may be a such an old tired complaint but why shouldn’t readers expect more from their magazines? Generally if you buy music, see a film or read a book you expect a certain level or originality. A magazine that has loyal, luxury brand advertisers should inspire and inform and respect the level of prestige that it’s advertisers bring to the magazine. I hate when I see an amazing advertiser such as Prada amongst the unoriginal, insipid editorial that fills pages in HB, Vogue and GQ. We can so easily gather information via day to day media such as the internet so a fashion magazine needs to deliver a lot more to us. A magazine such as Harper’s will lift the majority of it’s covers. When will we ever get off the Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston staring off into space, Katie Homes, Nicole Richie, Lopez, bandwagon. But then again we probably don’t need to see too many Australian made covers in all their, overly retouched glory either!

  50. angelaseesangelablogs

    But with each country having it’s own vogue/HB they can’t help but rip off each other. I think Vogue Paris, UK and US is enough.

    Have you ever thought if we take out all the unoriginal content the AUS versions would be very, very, very thin.

    I remember a few(4-5) months ago AUS vogue had jennifer connolly on the cover. I bought US vogue with the same editorial 2 months before and when i got my Vogue in the mail I though “gee, they worked hard?…”

  51. sandrabollocks

    My ex used to freelance for Vogue Australia and the pay was quite low compared to other magazines and he had to wait 3 months for the cheque because they paid you when the issue was published. There are lots of great writers out there who have original ideas but after about 6 months he realised it just wasn’t worth it. Considering the amount of money they charge for a copy of the magazine it was a disgrace. It is cheaper to syndicate articles and they get their money’s worth.


    After living overseas for a few years, I was really looking forward to my first visit home – mostly to see what the mags were like these days! Some of the newer ones are amazing, but… the ones that hog the spotlight should be embarrassed to be there. Australia has a really vibrant, healthy fashion and design scene – I really believe we are the equal of anywhere – but sadly this just isn’t reflected in the quality of the more mainstream magazines. Vogue was especially disappointing, to me at least. Boring features, hardly any of them, too short and yep, too much regurgitation. Old regurgitation, which is even worse. I thought this month’s Doutzen story was an original but then it makes reference to her wearing white Roberto Cavalli at “the recent Cannes Film Festival”. Given that the 2008 CFF was on at the time of publication, last year’s is hardly ‘recent’. Bad sub!

  53. sandrabollocks

    I agree with you yeahbut. Given the amount of students going on to study journalism the proportion of work they are able to find is laughable. We have a very talented source of ideas and expertise but it isn’t being utilised. I very rarely buy magazines these days. I read them at my hairdressers every 6 weeks. I usually spend 3-4 hours there and have ample opportunity to read them all. The internet is the source for up to date knowledge and people aren’t that stupid to buy outdated information. The magazines’ content is old news by the time it hits the stands. I know Aus Vogue was printed os when my ex used to write for them bc it was cheaper, that’s why it was 3 months in advance. Maybe things have changed since but if that is still the case it is now even more dated with the advent of the internet. Gossip mags are going the same way. I read the Sunday Mail every day for the goss and 2 days later it will appear in Australian news, very obviously plaigarised from there. This news is updated daily so why would I bother forking out $$ for news that is already a week old before it is published? I don’t think there is much they can do to make them more appealing when the same content and more is out there for free.

  54. trouble, I’m not condoning it and I’m sick of it too – but it’s not because they ‘haven’t worked hard’ (angela) or they don’t recognise the talent in this country and the potential for great features – mags here just simply can’t pull the ad $$$ like OS mags can. There’s no way vogue aust could ever drop a couple hundred thou on a shoot like vogue wintour or roitfield could. They simply don’t have the money – and it is pathetic that with such a great scope of talented Australian writers, we can’t read some original, interesting features, but it’s mostly because of $$. No matter the cover price, mags are reliant on their ad revenue.

  55. sandrabollocks

    They spend too much on the pictures and not enough on the copy.


    Yes! So true.

  57. I think that the best place for gossip news is tmz and perezhilton. NW and Famous etc are so late with news. And the stories are made up! How do they get away with the constant lies?
    The articles in Cleo, Cosmo etc are so boring and not at all original. I buy them all, but wonder why every month?

  58. angelaseesangelablogs

    Because you’re addicted … the world is full of people like you.

  59. Angela I’m sure Sarah asked a rhetorical question and didn’t really need an answer – especially from you.

    On topic, Oh No They Didn’t is the gossip site for me alongside Perez. I’m trying to wean off all the celebrity gossip and merely scan the pages unless I come across stuff about ANTM or Gossip Girl. You need to have a few guilty pleasures.

  60. If they’re trying to appeal to the “general public”, that would explain why mags are dead.

    The “general public” have already seen the content before it hits the stands.

    Want trash gossip: instantly online.

    Want the red carpet fashions from whatever: instantly online.

    Want to know which stories are fact or fiction: go online.

    Want to know who really has had cosmetic surgery: go online.

    (“Awful Plastic Surgery” and “Good Plastic Surgery” – they cover the enhancements of everyone you’ve ever heard of, and some you haven’t, with photographic evidence).

    Want to know where NW get every photo and every bit of non-researched gossip (a week late, of course): its all from TMZ, Perez, etc.

    The general public no longer “need” magazines, except when waiting for a doctor appointment or if they want something to flip at the monthly hairdressing appointment.

  61. lipgloss is my friend

    To Sarah,

    They constantly get away with it because lawyers are always finding loop holes in the legislation, so gossip journos can skip away from potential catastrophe.

    Ohh, where would we be without lawyers?

  62. I still like having magazines for the fashion eye candy but when it comes to news, magazines are giving us very old ones. However, there are still some magazines that remain more current since they are weekly such as French Elle.

  63. Who needs magazines?

    All the fashion nowadays is “inspired” (ie, a direct copy) of street style sites like Facehunter.

    Gossip is all on DListed/TMZ/Perez — even now, long before it hits the magazines.

    The beauty content, as we’ve established on this blog already, is all dictated by advertising, so it’s of no use to anyone (however if you really need it, you can get it free on BeautyHeaven or NineMSN beauty)

    It all comes down to the articles now…

    However they’re all rehashed from overseas mags or written by two-bit communications graduates and friends-of-editors with no actual penchant for the written word.

    Which is sad, really. Because when you think about it, well-written, relevant, intelligent and original articles are the ONLY original content magazines can really have nowadays.

  64. Maxie – “articles”?

    Hard pushed to refer to the published words as being “articles, isn’t it.

    Certainly no journalistic training is required, no research or analytical skills, although a minor, high school level, imagination and attraction to garbage are clear prerequisites. Other than that, cutting & pasting and being able to read American gossip blogs are essential. Placing orders for the use of photo’s would be another onerous and intellectually taxing task.

    People interested in articles read “Arts & Letters” or “The New Yorker”, and many other quality, legitimate sources, all available for free online.

    I find it gobsmacking that anyone would envy the job of a “beauty editor” – nor why the job would attract any level of “insider” interest or gossip.

    Sheesh – how hard can it be to sort through a pile of over priced, shoddy crap for women, read the label and PR blurb, and copy accordingly?

  65. What about Russh? I admit that the magazine is certainly not perfect, but the writing is better than anything I’ve read in any of the ACP mags.

  66. Russh is pretty good, but it’s much more pop culture than fashion.

  67. I heard the BEST rumour about Leigh Campbell the other day. Apparently she never even finished highschool! That not only explains why her beauty pages are shit boring but also why she’s such a cow to the minions working their asses off underneath her – threatened much?

  68. “rumour” being the operative word

    but let’s assume it’s true for a moment, just think, you may have finished high school, college or uni, and gotten nowhere in your career to this day, whereas Campbell has made a career for herself

    jealous much?

    ps you’d make a better investigative journalist or gossip columnist if you learn to check your facts. Rumour mills are so out.

  69. angelaseesangelablogs

    ‘beautyclaws’ did you just toss that in because you were bored?

    Who cares if she never finished high school? Alot of people didn’t. In the later years of high school you are educated in the ‘area of interest’ and if you are already good at what you want to do in the future you’re set.

    Everyone knows companies aren’t going to look at your year 12 score or school report.

  70. RUSSH?!Every month i find spelling and grammatical errors in that mag!
    i’m not an english grad nor am i a perfect writer or  speller myself, but i do find it annoying when i read published articles with such obvious errors. the people writing and editing these articles are paid to get it right!!
    in my opinion i find it unacceptable when this keeps happening over and over again… check the back issues of the mag yourself if you don’t believe me.

  71. angelaseesangelablogs

    Most people who read RUSSH are 15/16 year old girls who think they know about fashion but they’re actually reading a more pop culture magazine.

  72. Russh does not always pay its writers (or its photographers).
    I can confirm this is definitely the case because I have been published in the magazine before.

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