Yes you told me so.

mj-laceuppumps.jpgI have to publicly announce that my friend (let’s call her Mia) was right, the online magazine Red Zero (published by Pacific Magazines) was never going to work, just like last season’s Marc Jacobs booties.

“A magazine created entirely with flash means you have to download a huge file, flick pages like you would a regular magazine, and you have no freedom to surf around like you should on the web,” Mia ranted.

Bitch much? Though she would admit she is.

But the Red Zero did have big dollars poured in from Target Australia, so that probably kept it going for a few months.

Ah the cycle of magazine launches, rebranding and closures. Let’s sit back and watch everyone scramble for jobs at Australia Glamour and Australian Grazia shall we? No doubt long suffering staffers at each publishig house is hoping their bosses notice their ‘hard work over the years’ now.


P.S. Don’t forget if you hear any juicy gossip, comment and let me know!

2 responses to “Yes you told me so.

  1. isn’t the online issues of n.e.e.t. magazine going really well? what you think is the difference to n.e.e.t. here?

  2. booties are working

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