Happy Autumn

lanvintwotone.jpgThe sun is finally shining as the magazine world is on the move.

Shop Til You Drop’s Editor of almost 5 years, is jumping ship to Australian InStyle. While Australian Harper’s Bazaar’s Editor is leaving after 10 years to head up Grazia.

Will Grazia going to be better than Harper’s Bazaar then? HB is now better than Vogue, but can it get better than Bazaar?

Interesting times indeed.

Must check in with updates on the Big Bird story… I know you all like to hear what she’s up to now that she’s with Miss Muffet. When she gets back to Sydney that is.


3 responses to “Happy Autumn

  1. Kerrie Alcorn wasnt the launch editor… so does this mean Paula is jumping ship? I didnt see that happening…

  2. Oops. You’re right, Kerrie wasn’t the launch editor. But she was the one I was referring to.

  3. HB used to be better than Vogue but not any more,it all went down hill after Karin Upton Baker left.

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