Masthead shake ups – Volume 2

Much has happened since my last masthead shake ups, we’ve finally had a comment from a magazine staffer who’s given us her name and title, you all mentioned you hated seeing “old news” in the form of a Cleo TV ad from like, the nineties, and… well other stuff.

So, before Australian Fashion Week kicks off in about a week, do you want to know what’s been going on in the world of magazines? Of course you do my lovelies.

  • On top of the news pile today is that Harper’s Bazaar has a new Beauty Director to replace Zoe Foster (who decamped to go to IDMco to launch, as reported by yours truly – where the company recently parted ways with their old CEO by the way). Her name is Eugenie Kelly, former Deputy Editor; her new title is Associate Editor / Beauty Director. Boy the beauty beat at Bazaar has been a merry-go-round lately, perhaps the girls get sick of all the high end advertiser requests? I wonder if they will hire a beauty writer / assistant to help Ms Kelly out… Any one want to volunteer?
  • Kate Harrowsmith has been promoted from InStyle to be Marie Claire’s Fashion Editor. What, she’s lLeaving just as Kerrie Alcorn starts her reign? Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed all the ads for new InStyle staffers? Where are they all going? At least their part time Fashion Assistant has been made a full timer, finally.
  • And according to a MagHag source, YEN’s editor, Kristy Bradley has recently resigned. This follows news of two advertorial staff leaving in the past six months – both of whom have not yet been replaced.
  • Former Shop Til You Drop staffer, Annie Fox, has resurfaced after many revivals at Fairfax’s – she’ll be the Editor-In-Chief as well as their contact for travel, beauty and sport. Wow, all the good beats to cover for free products, free travel opportunities and free tickets to major sporting events. Well her other half would be please.
  • New Woman’s former Entertainment Editor, Katherine Barnes, has been given a position at TV Week. Apparently it’s something to do with being an Assistant Editor of News.

63 responses to “Masthead shake ups – Volume 2

  1. 4 inch… loving your work. keep giving it to them.

  2. Big Ramifications

    I will expose you.

  3. Hi Maghag,

    When I was first made aware of “4inchheelsonly”. I clicked on the link eagerly anticipating what I assumed would be a witty, articulate exposé on the Australian (read: Sydney) fashion magazine industry. (what those in the know might call the “Conde Nasties” of Oz.)
    What I found was a self proclaimed “industry insider” posing (very poorly) as some “gofug/gossip girl hybrid, (I don’t believe you are in any way familiar with the actual meaning of the expression “point of difference”) whose ‘investigative and rant style’ blog is neither funny nor entertaining, but rather clichéd and ‘contemporary culture’ regurgitation.

    Your website does nothing to highlight the industry so seem to so viciously abhor. It does however, succeed quite spectacularly in reinforcing a common held belief about the beauty and fashion publishing world. It is a shallow, exploitative beast, where a reasonable command of the English language need not be a prerequisite, demonstrated by your inabilities as a writer (or sub, whatever the claim) and army of inarticulate followers.

    Ironically, the only piece on the blog that I found mildly amusing (I was admittedly, rolling around of the floor with laughter) came from a beauty editor posting to defend her industry’s freebies policy, by presumably claiming to have depth with: “If we could trade in the lip gloss for more time with our kids, or sick parents…most of us would”… enough said.

    Finally, the optimist in me can’t help but wonder if this entire blog could possibly be some kind of misguided viral campaign, instigated by the very ‘powers that be’ at ACP…

    If that latter turns out to be true, it might be the only saving grace for this reader.

    Now where did I put my Frankie? I need Mia Timpano.

  4. Hi Maghag,

    I started my Sunday morning with the Sunday Telegraph, and there I was flicking through boring 2020 articles, and arrived at an article about your blog. You go girl!

  5. Just read the write up in The Sunday Telegraph and I just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work. I can’t stand the crap that goes on in the fashion industry!

    The whole thing reminds me about the Fake Steve Jobs that went on a while back. Love your work and while I am not a fashion type of person at all I want to say that your supported by fellow bloggers on WordPress.

    I would have emailed you – but no link. Why not get a Gmail account in the name of the blog. You won’t have to give away your identity and at least ppl can contact you privately. Just trying to help out – I am not “investigating” you 🙂 … gotta love that… bring it on

  6. Love the blog. I worked on a women’s weekly in the late 90s and did some freelancing in London. At the time I was on the mags it was very ‘in’ to bring people over from the UK. Not sure if that’s still the done thing?

  7. I met Kate Harrowsmith when doing work ex at Instyle, such a bubbly personality and really friendly, had such great ideas. It will be sad to see her switch, but completely agree Mag Hag, where have all the Instyle-rs gone??

  8. I met Kate Harrowsmith when doing work ex at Instyle, such a bubbly personality and really friendly, had such great ideas. It will be sad to see her switch, but completely agree Mag Hag, where have all the Instyle-rs gone??

  9. MagHag, you are spot on. Those who fear you are obviously so self-absorbed with their own importance that they can’t see clearly – a beauty editor is not at the pinnacle and forefront of journalism, so perhaps she could get a grip and be honest for once – admit that she has a great job, that there is nothing innovative or ground-breaking about it, she’s lucky and it’s pretty easy really.
    As for the others who criticize you – showing their egos and falseness to the world only proves you are right to expose them – c’mon egos, get posting back and make yourselves look even sillier 🙂

  10. I think YEN’s kinda going ‘down hill’. I liked Zoe Foster’s work, what’s with all these changed anyway?
    Did someone sleep with someone higher up in the ladder and now it’s all domino??

  11. Love your work!
    Keep it up and don’t let their Prada feet walk all over you. Its nice to see the ‘real’ world of fashion/beauty in all its glory.. with no rehearsed statements and press releases. No wonder they are all shaking in their heels. Well done.


    ^ your blog is front page of

  13. Miss-communication

    I’d like to tell a story of my own….it has been touched on several times on this web-site but i would like to have my own voice heard.

    First of all i need to mention that i am a Journalism graduate and i have worked in a PR Job (not in Sydney) for a few years now. My starting salary was over double what an Editorial Assistants starting salary would be. I should also mention that i have worked the ‘hard yards’ in the past and in no way have felt that anything has ever been handed to me on a platter!

    Last year i thought i might like to try my hand at working in a fashion magazine. As my Journalism and PR experience had mostly been in Politics i decided to apply for work experience at some of the magazines i thought would be ‘fun ‘ to work at. I took a weeks leave from work and paid to stay in Sydney city for a week so that i could intern at InStyle (the week itself cost me the equivalent of my holiday leave for the week).

    What a waste of time this experience was. The only person i was introduced to in the entire office was the stumpy editorial assistant who clearly thought she was better than me because clearly…she worked in a magazine and i didn’t. The only task i was given for the first two days was cleaning out a cupboard. I was given no insight into the magazine at all.

    I have been a working Journalist in the past and i’ve certainly worked crappy part-time jobs growing up, so it was not ‘cupboard cleaning’ experience that i was after. I wanted to get insight into how the magazine worked. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t expect to waltz on in and write something – but i did expect to get to watch and listen.

    When i voiced my concerns to the Editorial Assistant that i hadn’t signed up for ‘cupboard cleaning’ experience, she replied ‘sorry but we’ve given interns more interesting work in the past and it backfired on us.’ Good answer!

    The bottom line is I am not a high school student completing my work experience because i have to. I am an industry professional trying to gain further experience so that i can further my career. It looks great that i can write on my resume now: Interned at Instyle – Duties included cleaning out a cupboard!

    Thank you for wasting my time InStyle – and thanks for wasting the time of all the other interns out there who are trying to gain real job experience. I’m sure that if we all wanted to clean out a cupboard we could do it at home for free!

    After my week at InStyle i realised i would be embarassed to work at such a place regurgitating foreign content and call my self a ‘journalist’ anyway. I’d rather work as a journalist that actually writes something original.

    Rant over..

  14. stick it to the man!!!

  15. do we know where Sigourney Cantelo from New Woman has turned up at yet? Sorry if I missed it in the comments ….

  16. Kate Harrowsmith hasn’t worked at InStyle Aus in a long time, she has been living in NY working for InStyle US.

  17. whoopee bloody chook

  18. miss-communication – consider it a lucky escape. i used to work in magazines but now i’m freelance and every day i thank the lord i don’t have to go into an office with a bunch of bitches everyday.

  19. Hear hear Kate! Mia Tampino is a great writer. Frankie is a breath of fresh air. We need more good writers in magazines! There was a girl Eve Bear I use to enjoy reading too. I also like Zoe Foster’s writing, her fruity beauty website is always a laugh and especially the stuff with Hamish Blake she used to do in Cosmopolitan. I ‘m interested to see what she’s doing now she’s left Harpers.

    Keep up the work 4 inch, it’s a great read and a bit of fun.

  20. Does anyone know what Charlotte and the rest of the ex-Russh team are doing now?

  21. that black shoe is an absolute stunner! meow!

  22. there are three new jobs on seek for InStyle…i think that supports mag hags post….where are they all going?

  23. To “Big Ramifications” – I will expose you? What is this? Deep throat?!
    Usually the defensive person is the one who is doing the wrong thing.

  24. Dear Mag Hag,

    Do you dislike your job? You’ve pointed out the dark side of the fashion magazine industry (from the low pay to the nasty botox filled women)

    What is keeping you from quitting, what is driving you to stay? (comments from any others in the industry is also appreciated)

    From a young and naive student considering a career with Australian fashion publications

  25. Just what is happening to Paper Tiger? First, Dazed & Confused goes belly-up, and now Kristy Bradley has dumped YEN…

    Perhaps they should consider paying their staff on time – if at all…

    Here’s hoping Luke Benedictus resurfaces somewhere soon.

  26. This is funny stuff. I’d heard the talk about this site, bit given that I am not into fashion – neglected to find out more about it. Read the Sunday Tele today to find it has drifted above ground, gone to the masses, so here I am; to read about the adventures of MagHag. Will check back weekly, if not daily to see what is going on, but I would expect nothing but laughs as the last few posts have given me. How is the comment by Big Ramificaitons: “I’m going to expose you.” Care factor – zilch, Big Ramifications. Ha, ha, ha. Ah, this stuff is gold.

  27. PS – Big Ramifications: “I’m going to expose you”…. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Laughing Hard, you got me too. Ha, ha, ha; Deep Throat or… Meek Coat?

  28. little girl from the hills...

    Just wanted to make comment about Leigh Campbell. I actually went to school with Leigh (Hills Grammar, Kenthurst), and you know what? Seems she hasn’t changed one iota. Funny thing is – she was extremely average intellectually, yet somehow (being the daughter of rich parents and friends with Delta Goodrem and that network), she ends up as a ‘journalist” if that’s what you could call her. She used to be a bitchy bully back at school, one of the ‘cool’ crew who were far too high and mighty to give a toss about anyone but themselves and who had the nerve to call anyone who didn’t fit into her pretentious mould, a ‘geek.’
    I would hardly go to someone like her for beauty advice – if beauty shines from the inside, then she is one ugly girl.
    Good on you Maghag for exposing the truth. The last thing i want is people like Leigh to be giving advice to my daughter on what constitutes beauty.
    Good work.

  29. I worked — briefly — at Cosmo at some point in the mid-nineties, and was struck by exactly the shallowness and cattiness you have mentioned. It was like high school all over again.
    I live in North America now, and as it happens, work at a glossy. Let me tell you, the things you describe — exploitation of interns, staff hired for their looks, voracious consumption of cosmetic freebies — are all pretty familiar over this side of the world too.
    If you are familiar with the show Ugly Betty you will know what I’m talking about.
    Keep it up with the blog, this stuff is a tonic to read.
    (PS I can’t really complain too much about the freebies. I certainly wouldn’t have all that Chanel in my makeup bag on my crappy salary otherwise.)

  30. reality nirvana tuttle

    Oh I am just Dying reading all these insensed comments. Call a whambulance girls!!
    Your all such a joke,
    You go girl!

  31. Lovin those heels! Rock Girl!

  32. Hi All,
    I would just like to take this opportunity to respond to “little girl from the hills”. I too went to high school with Leigh, and I am still one of her best friends. From your email you sound like one bitter ex-hills girl (and i don’t blame you!!) I mean look at Leigh, she is gorgeous and intelligent! I don’t particularly think it’s fair to write a bitchy comment like yours when clearly you have no idea what she is like, what kind of person she was and now is. So – let me give you a summary – gorgeous (on the inside and out!), smart, outgoing, funny, loving and very caring. I know of several people who have tried to post comments in her defence but none have been put on this site. I hardly think that is unbiased freedom of speech. Ten years on and you’re holding a grudge? I’d take a look in the mirror if I were you.

  33. Kate, I approve ALL comments made by people unless they were made on the Contact page.

  34. Kate or Leigh (whatever), I do believe that the maghag approves ALL comments. Didn’t she approve of that one pathetic one by Leigh?

  35. Why do you always post up such ugly shoes?? Come on, there is no shortage of images of hot shoes and you seem to only show ones from the discount rack at payless!

  36. uhoh maghag, GWAS beat you to some juicy masthead news today!

  37. Ah I saw that tidbit. Good on GWAS for mentioning it.

    Everyone can read all about Zoe Foster’s new project,, at The Australian:,,23570381-7582,00.html

    Also Trish, all/most of the shoes I post up are designer shoes. Dolce & Gabbana’s, Christian Louboutin’s, Jimmy Choo’s, etc…

  38. You can’t go past a good ol’ pair of Dunlop Volleys…

  39. Yes, Mia Timpano is a talented writer.
    I must also say that the battle between Frankie (which was established to compete with YEN) is clearly won by Frankie. A bit like the Channel 7’s Sunrise battle against Channel 9’s morning program.

    Once considered a trailblazing independent publication, YEN has since 2006 gradually been slipping further and further behind, no longer offering original punchy articles.

    Since one of it’s original founding members left and went off to start the uber trendy and high quality Summer Winter bi-annual magazine, everything about YEN has just become so lame. LAME LAME LAME!

    Wonder if Kristy Bradley’s departure is the start of a mass exodus from the publication? How can a magazine reinvent itself?

  40. Miss-communication, I identify with your story. I was an almost-finished journalism student on a one week placement that happened to be at the same time and place as two Year 10 students so we got lumped together and asked to photocopy *every* story about sex written in the mag’s 30-year plus history. I did ask if it was possible to shadow one of the journalists for a day (which I had done in other, regular newsrooms) but was blown off. The high point of the week was researching (googling) stories about celebrities who had done embarrassing things while drunk. At least that approached journalistic work.

  41. Come on Mag Hag, you can do better than this. Your content is nothing but a rehash of the intranet and The Australian – lets hear some really juicy goss.

    Why, the things I heard today are super-salacious, but don’t seem to have made their way to your ears. Shame that.

  42. angelaseesangelablogs

    maghag I actually like the shoe!

    great blogging!

  43. Since Kristy is one of two editorial/art staff on the publication, I don’t know if there’ll be a “mass exodus”.

  44. MagHag Is THE BEST.

    Well, thank God Zoe Foster has left ‘Harper’s’. I was surprised last year when I read that she had been appointed there from ‘Cosmopolitan’ – surprised and disappointed. ‘Harper’s’ was always a stuck-up bitchfest and it didn’t seem like Zoe’s style. Oh well. Hurrah. Now I can stop buying that wretched publication and look forward to her next project.

  45. Get a life Mar Rag Bag Hag
    do some real work.

  46. Instead of whinging about the lack of goss Belle, why don’t you fill us in?

  47. great blog as always. All these people who leave comments that have a pre concieved idea of what a women in the beauty industry are like wouldnt have a clue. Little girl from the hills, get over it. It was high school. It happens. Leigh happens to be one of the most talented, caring , grounded and down to earth people there is. Did i mention she is absolutely stunning as well!!

    She has worked extremely hard to get to where she is, started at the bottom and worked her way to the top. Trust me ive seen the hours she puts in and her job isnt as easy as what people think.

    love ur work lil!!

  48. Love your work ...

    This is hilarious that Leigh’s friends are coming to her rescue. People who are talented don’t need defending. It’s also very amusing that people are defending how bitchy the magazine industry is. The truth hurts doesn’t it?

    If you really do think the magazine industry has integrity, then stop reading the blog. Show some grace and dignity and stop making nasty comments which only acts to validate everything that is said on this blog.

  49. Leigh Campbell is a bitch who thinks she is so much better than everyone else. Every bad comment on this site is just another indication of how much people are PRAYING she gets what’s coming to her…

  50. If all you have the time to ‘criticise’ about this blog and about other workers in any publishing company, imagine if all those energy was put into something constructive? Like, coming up with good stories for once?

  51. First off, let me say, Maghag I commend you on your courage and bravery for starting this blog. Please don’t stop your great work, I’ll be so disappointed if you did.
    What you’re doing provides both insight and entertainment, not just to myself , but for a lot of other people.
    I used to be an intern at some of the mags @ ACP, and have met wonderful, lovely people. I have also met my fair share of not so nice people. I kind of felt that you had to be a different sort of fashionista to be part of the cliquey group that walk along the ACP corridors. I don’t know if I could ever fit that mould.
    There are certain fashion/beauty editors that I dislike with a passion, my reason being that they think they’re above you, even when you’re courteous and gracious towards them. When someone smiles @ you out of politeness, you would think they could return one back. Its not about breaking down the I’m-so-stylish-and-bitchy-at-the-same-time stereotype, but possessing traditional manners. Sometimes I think being an intern ( or a ‘workie’ they so often refer to) equals slave labor and invisibility. They only ‘see’ you when they want something.
    There have been some comments posted about Ms.Campbell and her submission. All I can say is, she isn’t as pleasant as one would hope. I must say, she does have pretty hair and glowing skin underneath the make-up she wears, but I don’t think it correlates with her “warm” personality.
    A lot of these other comments about work experiences do resonate with me and I am merely contributing, painting a bigger picture.This is purely my opinion based on what I have witnessed and been exposed to. I guess I’m one of the lucky interns as I’ve seen a lot of girls coming in for what they think will be an exciting experience but get stuck with coffee runs and mail collection. I’m kind of split into two minds about my experience, both positive and negative.
    As an intern, I did some pain-staking, tedious jobs i.e. controlling and manoeuvring an immobile trolley up and down that goods lift which, by the way, took almost half- an-hour to reach your floor (resulting in unattractive bruises and marks on my legs and thighs), running around the city returning heavy bags full of clothes and accessories (I’m constantly reminded of how much I can carry with handle marks permanently etched into my forearms), wardrobe patrol (cleaning out the cupboards, colour co-ordinating the clothes, shoes and accessories, packing and unpacking suitcases) photocopying other magazine fashion stories so editors can come up with ‘original’ looks for their own shoots (the photocopier was my best friend, I would spend almost half the day next to it; I have the papercuts to prove it) cleaning the soles of dirty shoes (eucalytpus oil and windex, apparently, does the trick), assisting on shoots (early starts, late finishes) and the daunting task of liasing with the ever-so lovely mail courier/dock people (“No, you’re not allowed to take that, it’s only for employees collection!”….Well then, why did you give me the fricken’ sign off slip to me in the first place?)
    I, however was given some freebies that were lying around the office like beauty products, sometimes jewellry pieces, food and the odd occasion of a seriously heinous bag or shirt that no respectable fashionista would ever wear. But nevertheless, I was always grateful, it might not have been the best freebie in the world, but the act behind it is what I appreciated. To be acknowledged for your hard work is the best feeling. I guess what I’m trying to say is interns have to have a no-tasks-are-beneath-you mentality. I took it as a humble experience. Maybe that’s why a lot of those editors feel they can act so high and mighty because these jobs are for the interns and the interns only, they’ve been there and done that. I don’t know, I guess it’s a lot of perception and how you see things.
    I might not of understood the styling process or the idea of ripping off someone elses work, but I always put in a 110% effort into my mundane tasks that I was given because I pride myself on my good work ethic and optimistic attitude.
    So, yes there is a lot of cattyness (sp?) that goes on, but there are some lovely, extremely down-to-earth girls that work there. They do exist, I guess its just pure bad luck if the not so nice ones happen to cross your path.
    So Maghag,please don’t be discouraged by the witch hunt that is out to get you, gathering from the comments on this blog, you have a lot of dedicated fans.

  52. Thanks for your comments Inez&Vinoodh.

    You just had me reminiscing about the time I was a workie at ACP. I was quite happy to be best friends with the photocopier, have a friendly chat to the mail room boys, and have the coffee guy become a good person to have a giggle with in the morning. But it never changes! People who once were workies forget what it’s like and deal out the same humiliating treatment to the new kids on the block.

    As you said, it doesn’t hurt to smile or invite the workies out to grab a sandwich. They need to eat too after all. A friend once told me at News Mags some mag girls (not Vogue) actually invite the regular weekly workie with them to lunch to sit and just take a break from things. And I thought that was sweet… but it would NEVER happen at the magazine I work for.

    Let’s hope it changes. Even if it means the mags take in less work experience girls and get organised, organisation never hurt anyone.

  53. I can’t stand Mia Timpano’s writing. Using the word ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ several times in your writing doesn’t necessarily make it edgy or intelligent. It just makes her look immature. But that’s just my opinion – I know lots of people who are obsessed with her!

  54. There’s something about Mia Timpano’s writing that I found endearing and edgy for about the first two articles I read in Frankie all those years ago. After that it is just annoying and feels immature. I wish her stylings matured with her so that you can see her flourish and progress. I don’t want to read someone that sounds like a 22 year old for ever.

    Regarding workies and interns, I have had to supervise my fair share. I’ve never come across any with attitude, in fact most are competant, willing and wonderful people, especially considering the boring, menial tasks they are so often lumped with simply because it takes extra effort and time to let them assist you with something more meaningful. The thought that always pops into my head when I feel the guilts about getting them to bag another 200 mags with press releases is that if they weren’t doing it, I would be.

    All this talk of workies/interns doing the crap reminds me of apprenticeships. It’s the same story there. You have to start somewhere and it’s usually at the bottom. What counts is your attitude of willingness, responsibility and determination. If you display lots of each you will be remembered and perhaps asked to come back where your responsibilites will continue to grow and hopefully a pay cheque too.

  55. …well Mag Hag?

  56. women – i love them more than life itself. but you’re all fucking nuts!

  57. Disgruntled Mag Man


    If Mag-Hag’s anything like other print media bods, there’s possibly two reasons. The first is that it’s better the devil you know. (Which is true of most career paths.) The second is that she probably – unless she’s a career air-kisser (and there’s a lot of ’em about) she still believes that print can communicate something of worth to the reader, despite company efforts to the contrary.

    You’d be surprised how many people working on shitty mags believe that. It’s generally what keeps us going, if we’re on the mass-market kind of things.

    If you’re considering a career in fashion publications, try considering a career in publishing fullstop. I’ve worked for many different magazines, and the secret to having a career that’s not based on arse-kissery is the realisation that every magazine is just a case of writing to spec. You can have a love for one particular area, but if you can be enthusiastic about whatever the mag requires, you probably won’t go far wrong.

    If you focus purely on working on fashmags, you’ll end up nursing as much heartbreak as you would if you aimed at working solely on a music mag. (Though the alcoholism level would probably be the same.)

  58. Mag hag, I have loved reading this blog. It has brought back so many good memories of working within the magazine world (I was the PR with a ‘foodie’ mag in Soho (London).It was snobby, elitist and sometimes superficial but a huge amount of fun). I realise too, that my first job with a business to business mag learning the ropes was a gem. Mentored by Tim Brooks and John Thater amongst others, I was given heaps of opportunities to learn all aspects of the trade in a new launch mag. So all you prospective trainee journalists out there, dont be put off there are some great people amongst the nightmares….it did make me smile though, that in 20 years the industry hadnt changed. I remember well the haughty fashion PR’s at product launches – fortunately, a sense of humour helps…. and they werent entirely bad all the time. Just a very strong sense of their own value…. I am freelance now, and moving into photojournalism and am thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through your wicked words….Dont stop!

  59. Quote:

    the dude // April 22, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    women – i love them more than life itself. but you’re all fucking nuts!

    You have to admire the enigma called woman, right?

  60. Thank you Disgruntled Mag Man for giving an honest and insightful answer. I just wish Mag Hag would find the time to grace us with her response – which I hope wont be a vague reworded version of yours!

  61. I am looking forward to seeing primped, Zoe is an absolute star.

  62. Kate Harrowsmith aka Kate Hate knows more about segregating others than she does about fashion. Who cares. I’ve meet nicer people on chain gangs!

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