In remembrance

P.S. Someone is looking into getting the old posts and comments back. Stay tuned. I’ll be back with new posts soon.

31 responses to “In remembrance

  1. angelaseesangelablogs

    lest we forget…

  2. There have been a few comments about whether this blog was a publicity stunt. I thought, sure, maybe, but publicity stunt for what?

    Zoe Foster’s book is coming out mid-year, i think it’s fiction but it’s meant to be an expose on the magazine industry.

    I wonder if they are related?

  3. As previously reported, perhaps one reason for the way poor, unfortunate Catherine Rodwell of IMG “looks as if she has some serious facial problems” is due in part to her frustration that she just cant get her 2 year relationship to move forward. But that’s what you get when you get involved with a married man who is a NOBODY!

  4. Catherine Rodwell of IMG – please see below

  5. We all know how much we love this blog and most people seem to be devastated that the content is now lost… but of course it’s not.

    Anyone remember that Google saves a copy of all websites? So you can view some of the archived old blog here …

    Maghag – if you didn’t save your blogs maybe now is a good time to start doing the good ol’ copy and paste?

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Zoe Fosters book? She wants publicity for that? Why don’t we give her publicity for the Dolly Doctor style ‘dating’ articles she gets paid to write for General Pants magazine – under the guise “Lily Ryder”. Lily Ryder: surely she could have come up with a better non-porn-star name! Lol, maybe she was the HACKER?????!!!!!!!!

  7. Lest we forget…

    Maybe consider contacting Google and see if they can help you regain your archives. They were interesting reading.

    Also, suggest you keep two blogs. One for public viewing and another as back-up in case it happens again.


  8. Miss smack, most of the writers (designers etc) I work with do freelance. On our salarys it’s basically expected. And yes, we use fake names.All those advertorials you see in mags for eg. We also write for websites or online mags.Hell, we even write press releases for the very same stuff we review! One friend had a syndicated column under a fake name for years.Big deal.As long as we’re not writing for our competitors, it’s a fact of life.

  9. Did anyone see Mia’s article in ‘S’ today? She probably didn’t even realise that that’s just gonna give you more publicity!!Kind of seems like the more they say they’re not fazed by it, the more they are?

  10. Oops! Sorry Miss smack, I meant gossipgirl.

  11. K. You got lost in your haste. The point was more made for bad name (ie ‘gossipgirl’, ‘k’, ‘lily ryder’) and her attempt at publicity (as pondered by ‘nobody’). Ofcourse thats not the only publication she and others would freelance for to supplement.

  12. Nobody, you are thinking EXACTLY what I have been thinking all along!

  13. Saw Mia’s peice and couldn’t believe it either! (I actually thought she handled it pretty well, that and the work experience topic.)

  14. My friend works at ACP, doesn’t live in the city and keeps her personal life separate from her career.
    She has quite a ‘glamourous’ job but is the most down-to-earth girl I know, but I can tell you that Amy Sinclair is by far the most bitchiest editor there is! And considering she started at Picture magazine (yes, the porn title) she is the rudest woman at ACP. God knows why, have you seen what she wears but thinks she is of a higher status to ‘death-stare’ every single younger, better looking woman who walks past her!

  15. Can someone please post the link to Mia’s article if possible?

  16. Fersoh,

    I know this is a great forum for airing our different opinions about people in the fashion industry, but really, isn’t your comment about Catherine Rodwell a little unnecessary? I’m the first to say that being involved with a married man is the wrong thing…..but if the person you’re involved with is a ‘nobody’ what does it matter? And a nobody by who’s standards? Yours? The Who’s Who of Australia? Cosmo/Cleo and other fasion magazines? I have no affiliation with IMG or Catherine Rodwell, but come one let’s keep it out of the bedroom.


    PS. Yes to pre-empt any response….I’m very happily married to a nobody and wouldn’t want it any other way.

  17. Karen – Could you please explain the ‘S’ article – which publication? Do you have a link?

  18. Leah, ‘S’ is an entertainment lift-out that is in the Sydney ‘Sunday Herald’ paper every week. Mia Freedman (once upon a time ago the editor of ‘Cosmo’, and most recently, former editor-in-chief of ‘Shop Til You Drop’, ‘Dolly’, ‘Cosmo’ and ‘Cleo’) writes a column in it weekly, and this week, her column discussed an article about this website that was printed in the Sunday Telegraph paper a week ago. The article that was originally printed in the Sunday Telegraph can be found here:,23599,23567071-2,00.html

    The article that Mia Freedman wrote in response that was in her column in ‘S’ yesterday can be found here:

  19. here’s a link to the S article you refer to…

    Mia also copies them on her website

  20. Nobody and Laura – my theory was the Zoe Foster book launch too! Think we’re on to something here!
    In saying this I don’t care the reason – I’m loving MagHag – keep it up.

  21. Mia’s column was pretty right – a banana is pretty lame but I think it was more the way the request was delivered from memory. I can’t believe someone was asked to wash an editor’s dog! Let me guess – would that have been Nene King? She used to be quite demanding apparently…

    I have heard she was overwhelmingly generous too though – even gave staff $1000 cash (in a sneaky envelope) when they went on holidays.

  22. she didn’t wash someone’s car she said she would have done so …. to get ahead!

  23. Question is, how much integrity does a girl have if she is willing to be a slave for some power hungry editor/mag girl?? It’s one thing to file her files, do some research for her and photocopy, but it’s another thing to feed their kids and wash their pets.

    It’s a fine line baby.

  24. hear hear.

    Getting a BANANA is stepping over that line.

  25. I love MagHag, but I just don’t ‘get’ the latest post – it sort of sounds like you’re trying to avoid commenting on whether or not you do have anything to do with Zoe Foster or her new book.. which I think you do 🙂

  26. Getting a BANANA will somehoe erode your professional ethic or ahem, “integrity”? Give me a break. There are plenty of things in the day to day life of a mag-hag that will do that -(advertorial disguised as the editor’s opinion, badmouthing stablemates, blaming your c*ckups on some ephemeral “production problem” ad nauseum) but anyone thinking that the fetching of fruit, coffee or even Buscopan (as I once did for a desperate boss) “compromises” them, takes themselves a wee bit too seriously.
    Anyways, Lovelovelove the blog – judging by how many non-industry people are talking about it, you’ve definitely hit a HUGE nerve 😉

  27. Disgruntled Mag Man

    A Guy: it was People, not Picture. Get your facts straight.

  28. Gay
    You guys are homos

  29. this blog is for kiddy fiddlers only

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